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Knight Screen

By Azwelf

Azwelf Level 160 Cassiopeia Evan 10th Growth
Apr 15 2014 Not enough guys? Not enough fanart? here's a piece to satisfy all your needs! (crappy commercial music)
lol ok on the side note, i didn't knew how to design his armor (cuz of fab colours) and excessive metal which i was not used to painting, please bear with me

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OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
+4 you did what nexon didn't! Finally a male character and it looks beast
Apr 15 2014
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
+2 The shield...look a bit deformed. [/quote]

The boots seems too tight for dem legs

People will always say how easy art is... But no1 will say how hard its is
Apr 15 2014
Azwelf Level 160 Cassiopeia Evan 10th Growth
Can you guys not argue here for my sake?

Also things can get a bit haywired because i rushed the piece so it's understandable that one of them point out about the shield, the leggings are more of a personal problem of how they view the armour to be worn (it's a baggy pants with boots, how do you know it's tight?) , the dude could've skipped legs day and who would even know right?

"your drawing looks like X" - tip101 on communicating with artists, pls don't do this, we don't know how to reply and other artists might get insulted JS. (lol i won't even care, but that makes me never want to reply to anything you say afterwards)

Chillout peeps
Apr 15 2014
juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
+4 the eye face and hair are amazing..

metals tricky to paint since needs a lot of attention to light and reflection - though if it's textured, it will reflect less light - you did a good job on the base color/shading so far on this, it probably just needs an extra layer of higher contrast colors and some highlights to give it that polished look. but the entire painting is somewhat muted in color so it's alright as it is i guess. and armor tends to look better with clearly defined edges but this looks like a speedpaint so whatevs
Apr 15 2014
Ness Level 25 Scania
People will always say how easy art is... But no1 will say how hard its is[/quote]

hurr what is art criticism
Apr 15 2014
leopard16 Level 200 Scania Shadower
@1kevqn: those two noobs whining, like if they could do it any better?[/quote]

They're not whining. They're giving constructional critisism; a thing any artist would prefer over compliments.
Apr 16 2014

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