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Knights of Cyngus Get Hyper Skills

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ItzATrapp Level 203 Bera Blade Master
"The rest of the Adventurers: archers, pirates, and thieves, have received their Hyper Skills! This includes Dual Blades, but for some reason excludes Cannon Shooter, haha. Nothing goes his way... first Mercedes, now this? The patch notes say that Cannon Shooter, the Resistance, AND the Knights of Cygnus will receive their Hyper Skills in a later update. Wait... Cygnus? But Hyper Skills are for level 140 or higher..."


I guess my cyngus may yet have a use?
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lansh Level 150 Arcania Buccaneer
Maybe it's foreshadowing more Cygnus Instructor classes [/quote]

Holy crap, that'd be awesome. I really want to see Irena class or eckhart class.
Oct 18 2012
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
It makes sense.
Cygnus Knights basically serve as a "tutorial" mode for the classes, with the bonus of supplying a nice 24 attack pot. They're suppose to also have that extra "oomph" until the other classes reach 4th job. This is shown through the extra AP, bonus experience, and early 4th job skills(as well as a psuedo-rebirth option). By all extents and purposes, they were meant to be starter classes to get the player familiar with the game. Hyper Skills are a big addition and will drastically improve/change things. I am really not surprised.[/quote]
But the only problem with that is that they're not the tutorial class anymore. Key word is anymore. Originally, yes, they were the "tutorial" or easy-mode class. However, virtually every class in the game can do the same thing they can, and just as easily now. I don't really care that they're getting Hyper Skills, but at the same time, it's a little bit silly.
Oct 18 2012
iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
L>hyper skill to buff noble mind to give more att
Oct 18 2012
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