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makingwavez Level 127 Bera Shadower
I took the time to get a sad thunder breaker to level 120, then spend about 8 hours collecting 10 peridots, to 'prestige' (I forget the technical term) into a knight-of-cygnus and start my bucc at lvl 50 and have that cool orange medal under my name 😁
Who else did this for their adventurer?
Posted: January 2018 Permalink


tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
Never bothered, although I rolled a Buccaneer before they were a thing(Thunder Breakers were my Cygnus Knight of choice, though). Sharkwave wasn't that great as a skill unless you were incredibly funded and one-shotting(Once Buccaneer Blast rolled around, this was less of an issue; it mainly sped up Marauder training), in which case it was mainly useful for its speed, along with its mid-air ability(Something Shockwave, Dragon Strike and such lacked).

I always figured it was the 'cheap' way to make an Adventurer too; Cygnus Knights were basically built to be overpowered for their level with a handicap at that time, so having an Ultimate Adventurer just seemed like someone playing easy-mode to me. Definitely effective for the long-term, but lazy when it came to dedication in some ways.
Jan 26 2018
lordanubis Level 221 Scania Paladin
me, my main is an ultimate adventurer, so yeah it was great, with the cygnus update u cant do it anymore, well goods old times...
Jan 31 2018

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