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Kradian thanksgiving ks war! Screen

By Phong128992

Phong128992 Level 200 Kradia I/L Arch Mage
Nov 25 2011 Who knew Kradia had so much people lol. Someone stole someones channel after 2x and now this has been going on for 4 hours straight.
We Kradians decided to do this every year on Thanksgiving now lol.

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MazeNinjas Level 165 Khaini Shadower
I'm just gonna say it.... Looks like an average day in Scania....
Nov 25 2011
Nina841 Level 200 Scania Demon Slayer 4
I like how the guy with blue hair's IGN is NowItsOn
Nov 26 2011
sirvesa Level 97 Windia Sniper
u dont do this every year

ur just copying scania's idea
silly billys
Nov 26 2011
I laughed at chatbox.
Nov 27 2011
Aophex Level 130 Kradia F/P Arch Mage
Is that everyone in the whole Kradia world perhaps?
Nov 27 2011

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