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Kritia Invasion reward system needs change

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mrxxkim Level 230 Scania Xenon 4 Reconcile Guild
We all know that barely anyone does Kritia invasion. One of the reasons why people do not make an effort to do so is because of the last hitting reward system. You can be the person with the most damage points. You can be the person who did 99% of the damage. However, the effort becomes futile due to the campers who only wait for the last hitting opportunity with the completed quest, killing the player's motivation to do any of the Kritia invasion.

I advocate a change in the system. I say the person who dealt the most points should be getting the highest reward, like the commerci party system. I believe changing the system to most damage point dealt instead of last hit will stimulate the activity of Kritia invasion. Furthermore, everyone will be able to get atleast 1 anti magic stone per invasion due to the increased completion of the Kritia invasion, whereas in the current state, people are lucky to get more than 1 per day (excluding the daily quest).

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mrxxkim Level 230 Scania Xenon 4 Reconcile Guild
So... if yu did 99% of the damage, what are the chances the 1% can actually pull off that last hit?

Doing 99% in the party basically mean you hit caps and have a ton of lines compared to the other people. For that person to hit only 1% trough the whole fight, that basically means he/she has no funding.

So lets say you were a Phantom hitting cap so around 40hits*50milperhit/ sec That is... 2bil per sec.
the newb does prob does 10mil per sec. so basically nothing...

So what is the chance for him to get the last hit when your DMG/hit is still 5x more than his 1 attack? Not to mention he prbably can only throw in 2-5 hits during that 1 sec. Still does nt add up...

So I don't see it really unfair.

If you can't solo like BowlCut, then you either are one of the 3:

1. Weak and part of that 1% you are complaining about.
2. You do around the same damage as the other members so basically even if you do 4x as much... I still consider it to be close.

If you belong in group 1... then you are just one .... You can fill in the rest.
If you belong in choice 2, then you might want to complain but then again, if you do the same amount as you team then everyone has equal chance to get that last hit so don't complain. If you do x amount more than your party members, you might wana complain more but in the end you still do more... The chance for you to get that last hit is a lot higher than your party members...[/quote]

I don't think you understand how kritia invasion damage system works. It's not how much damage you actually do. The damage is done by the things dropped by mobs based on drop rate. Also you can do a quest during an invasion that you can turn in for last hitting points. So try again.
Mar 26 2015
XcoldshadowX Level 22 Windia
The last-hit system is not the main problem, not in the slightest. The problem is doing kritias every 2 hours is very draining. Decrease the number of invasions and increase the rewards.
Mar 27 2015
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