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Kuze Jett bossing Videos

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lexmagicxdit Level 202 Broa Mercedes 4
Ooo im interested in this Kuzeeeee
Aug 30 2014
Athetosis Level 171 Broa Hero
Try a different browser[/quote]

Try clearing cookies too.
Aug 31 2014
Kuze Level 229 Broa Mechanic 4
TS is the strongest Jett in GMS atm? [/quote]

I should be top in Broa, and I think top 5 in GMS, not sure about other servers
Sep 02 2014
bobhouse1 Level 136 Khaini Bishop
awesome! dont we just spam rapid fire and dodge tho ;_;[/quote]

depending on the boss
I spam hyper in between rapid fire and some people go planet buster
Sep 03 2014

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