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LaTale vs Maplestory

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Igchan Level 80 Galicia Hunter
What do you think of this game, when compared to maplestory?

I've been playing it for a few days and I got to say, it does have its charm and fixes several of maple's problems.

1 - You can't spam pots. Healers are actually useful and needed
2 - You can't spam the same skills, you need to use several of them
3 - If you fight skillfully, chaining and rising a high combo count, you get more exp and more money!
4 - a lot less cash shop oriented, most stuff is trully ftp

Now for the things that I think Maplestory does better (keep in mind i only played latale a few days, my char is lvl 26)

1 - Maple has a LOT more content
2 - The movements are... stiff and awkward, maple really wins this.
3 - The translations sucks lol. So much engrish, really hard to understand.
4 - The backgrounds arent as pretty and detailed as maple's.
5 - Less classes, less equips.
6 - The plot is... what? I dunno, maybe its because the translation is so bad I can't enjoy it.

Your opinion?
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SupStarx3 Level 118 Broa Buccaneer
I love LaTale but Maplestory always is my favorite because its awesome
Feb 05 2013
Chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art Chema is intoChema
LaTale > Maplestory
NEXON > OGPlanet * 9001

Maplestory + NEXON > Latale + OGPlanet
Feb 05 2013
I've got a 193 character on LT, overall I feel like they do a lot more right in LT. A lot of the cash shop items are tradeable, leveling up to 193 is extremely easy, the combat is a lot more engaging as well. One thing I really like that LT does is they let you lock your equips for free through an NPC. Making money in the game is very straight forward and not really too hard. The only real problem I have with it is the lack of content for higher level players. I would say LT is probably a better game just because the community isn't terrible and it's not infested with hackers, however both maple and LT are mmo's so they're both bad games in the long run.
Feb 05 2013
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