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Laptop Request

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xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
So I need a new laptop to bring to school that has atleast 3hours of battery life with light usage. Budget is $1000, hoping to get one discounted to $1000 during blackfriday. Going to mostly use it for school and CAD programs/rendering.
What country/state do you live in?

Would you like to save money or do you want to spend as much of your budget as possible?
$1500 or less (Thinking of getting it at a good discount this coming BlackFriday)

How much hard drive space do you want?
RAM: 16GB. For SSD need more than 256GB. (Not sure which one is more important for CAD, or rendering).

What games do you play or want to play?
Need more towards Programs like SolidWorks. While having other programs opened (Photoshop, pdf files).

Do you have a preferred laptop weight?
Less than 5.5 lb, but prefer below 5 lb. (Going to be carring this on my back, while walking to school)

Do you have a preferred screen size?
Anything from 12-15 inch wide and 7-10 inch high.

Is battery life important?
Probably not, since it seems that they all die eventually. Just need one that can run atleast 3hours with light usage(Browsing, reading pdfs).

Why do you need a laptop? To where and how often will it be moved?
Need this for school/club with a focus on solidwork usage. Will be moved very often, so durable will be needed (probably be bringing it with me 3times per week).
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burning Level 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
What does CA, LA refer to? It can mean Canada or California.

I'm going to target a fully Intel laptop. No Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon. Those are not certified for SolidWorks.

What I may find is not guaranteed to go on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. That's just how it is.
Nov 08 2017
xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
Sorry, Ca is California.

And yeah I'll just be targeting it or use it as comparison to others.

Thank you.

Also, what is the price range for my need of specs?
Nov 09 2017
burning Level 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
Lenovo P51 Mobile Workstation

If you want the best laptop in your price range specifically for SolidWorks, then you have the Lenovo ThinkPad P51. It is a workstation laptop with a true quad-core CPU and Nvidia Quadro GPU. The Quadro GPU is ass at playing games because it comes with a driver optimized specifically for CAD and SolidWorks. Since so much of the product's focus is on the specialized Nvidia Quadro GPU, there isn't much in HDD/SSD storage.

Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop

If you can't justify the Quadro GPU, but you still want the true quad-core CPU along with the higher HDD space for stuff like Photoshop, then you can look within Lenovo's gaming laptop family, the Y-series. These laptops go on sale very frequently and are basically guaranteed to have discounted configurations during Black Friday. The GeForce GPU does nothing for SolidWorks, but the integrated Intel integrated graphics is certified to work with SolidWorks. Being the high-performance laptop it is, the battery and cooling system bring the weight of these laptops to the 5-6 lbs range.
Nov 10 2017
xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
Thank you!

Will keep an eye on these laptops.
Nov 11 2017

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