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Laptop To Run Maple?

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mikey722 Level 81 Reboot Phantom 3
Hey guys,

Buying a new laptop but I'm looking to spend under $300. I was curious if the following computers are able to run maple?

Please let me know about these three. These are the ones that are available for me to pick up today so let me know please !

Posted: August 2017 Permalink


Technically any of those should be able to do it.

Now, because MapleStory's coding is old, disorganized, and the entire game isn't optimized for a lot of newer computers and their software, whether or not it will run smoothly is a different question altogether. But then again even high-end PCs also have trouble with MS for those reasons.
Aug 13 2017
alienpetplease Level 151 Bera Beginner
I run on i5 3337u, 4Gb ram and im pretty sure on 5400rpm hdd.

Its kinda laggy and takes a long time to connect. I was thinking about getting a ssd but isk if itll fix it much cuz it might be the cpu so idk if i should do so qq
Aug 15 2017
endurance Level 207 Scania Shadower See what games, anime & art endurance is intoEndurance
i'd recommend at least a 3rd gen i5 with intel hd 4000 and 8GB RAM. since you're on a budget, lenovo is the best affordable laptops i'd even go for one of their refurbished models because they're still fairly new

also u would probably get better gaming performance out of windows 7 compared to 10, though the laptop would start much faster with windows 8 ~ 10 due to its fastboot support
Aug 16 2017

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