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Legendary or bust

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lilblkkid Level 210 Scania Aran 4 Brutal Guild
Got multiple characters at lvl 100+
Time to see if I can get a legendary inner ability on either of them and feel regret for skipping interesting unique abilities.
Posted: June 2014 Permalink


Anify Level 201 Windia Bow Master
let us know if you managed to get Legendary xD
Jun 26 2014
chandoso Level 212 Bera Paladin
If you want a comparison, a friend of mine was at unique before this, and he had 83k honor exp to use because of this patch, took him almost all of it to get to legendary, so 830 resets lol
Jun 26 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
900+ resets and only around 7 resets resulted in or kept unique inner ability. never got legendary. It spent most of the time flickering between rare and epic
Jun 26 2014
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Then when you realize it takes 10k Honor to lock Legendary, it suddenly becomes 100% not worth it.
Jun 26 2014
derpinDrk Level 152 Windia Buccaneer
I got legendary, but then it dropped back down to unique because I didn't lock it T^T
Jun 26 2014
Nizbaa Level 182 Kradia Paladin
I got legendary, but then it dropped back down to unique because I didn't lock it T^T[/quote]

Omg man same here...I had 75K Honor EXP and got it after like 50 resets. Forgot to lock and used the rest of my EXP....didn't get it back...
Jun 26 2014
Zephorax Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
got to legendary after like 5 rolls..
thought it was easy to get legendary
oh how wrong i was
goodbye 20% boss damage, 18% item drop
Jun 26 2014

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