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Let's go swimming! Screen

By thenvs

thenvs Level 182 Bera Shadower
Jun 10 2013 Another realistic one. Never really felt like making one after trying to do Root Abyss and failing at it, but after seeing RadecHyuga's picture called Deadpaladin, it inspired me enough to try to quit being lazy, even though they are nowhere near related, haha.

Aqua Road because I felt like it, and I kinda want to go swimming but haven't gotten the chance to yet. I figured, "Why not have the Aquarium be something big like a city..Atlantis?" I then got to work and started to think of ideas of what it would look like. This is the result. No story this time though. The Silhouette doesn't really have any distinctions either, so it can be you...the person who's lookin at my art.

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Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Legitimately looks like a new awesome Aqua Road area, such a good idea...a huge underwater castle.
Jun 10 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
+17 If I were to see this pic randomly on google images or something, aqua road wouldn't come to mind AT ALL
Jun 10 2013
PolarZero Level 161 Galicia Cannoneer 4
+2 That shadow... is it the one on Muse's Absolution album?
Jun 10 2013
CarlosNLN Level 202 Windia Demon Slayer 4
+5 Just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming
Jun 10 2013
izama Level 202 Bera Corsair
+1 Doesn't look drawn at all. Looks like you just took pictures of underwater and put them all together. I think you got the castle from The Little Mermaid and the random shadow of a random man looks way out of place and not real at all. It's literally solid black. A shadow isn't solid black. It's just a darker color of wherever the shadow is. It looks way out of place and I see no maple resemblance at all. The random shadow of a man isn't even maple styled. Looks like a real normal man.[/quote]

He doesn't draw these types of pics. He does manipulate photos and he said so in a previous lifestyle pic. It's not a crime.
OT: I love water themed things just because I love water, so I like the top where it looks like you are just submerging under water but something seems odd about the photo. The shadows seem strange, especially the man, and the colors are vibrant and bright as if shallow water. It's strange given the perspective of just submerging into the water while other parts of it looks like its deep water.

It also looks nothing like aqua road. It feels like its missing something.

I'm also no artist, so sorry if I sound like I'm babbling xD
Jun 10 2013
lesty40 Level 181 Mardia Kanna 4
The way the light goes into the water and the surface on the top suggests the surface is like...a wedge? And yeah..the shadow. Otherwise, good job I guess? I like the col ours C:
Jun 10 2013
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
+5 @izama: I never said it was a (lol?) crime
also, i shouldnt have to have previous knowledge of someone to know how they make their pictures. The description is there for a reason, missy.[/quote]

the way you type implies the negativity. Now you can go lol.
true the description is there as an option, didn't seem like u've read it during ur first nor second comment.

"shouldn't have previous knowledge of someone to know how the make their pictures"
da hell you spouting?
it's like saying you need to who cooked your mcDonalds because you don't know whether they are a certified 5star gourmet chef or a part-time cook pressing buttons.

maybe taking a deep breath and clicking on the man's basilID and checking out his past screens before typing might reduce the arrogance levels around here.
some self research does the trick.
Now accept the shame.
Jun 10 2013
Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
+4 Pantheon under the sea?
Jun 10 2013

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