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Lets make an HPS/DPS list once and for all

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funkyflame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
Right, ever since Reboot when the new Dojo and Battle analysis hit, we're actually able to see what classes output the most damage to a stationary dummy! Might be quite fun to see who does the best? Let's do it!

Would you like to participate in making this list? Here's how and the "rules"!

-You must be capping to be able to participate in this test
-You may use whatever summons and skills you have, EXCLUDING SOUL WEAPONS
-You may use Epic Adventure skills for the time being
-Look up how your class outputs the most damage if you're unsure, it takes a while before the dummy expires so you can have a few gos!
-You may use whatever buffs you can come across to be able to cap, this isn't to see who has the most funded character, it's what class outputs the most damage.
-Make sure you add what speed boosters you were using excluding your regular "skills". (DSI/SI/IA/Green pot etc)
-If your class utilizes skills/hyper skills that boost your damage a lot for a set amount of time, Please do a 4 minute test AND a 1 minute test. I'll calculate the end result so we get a more accurate "real world" time. I will add both to the list. Example: A Luminous using Equilibrium to spam ender.

How to:
Step 1: Obtain at least 3,500 Dojo points by doing Dojo.
Step 2: Purchase a training dummy from the shop and summon it at your prefered map, set it to the lowest level possible. (I chose the one on the far bottom, I think that's the one to go for)
Step 3: Start Battle Analysis (click Menu > Battle Analysis)
Step 4: Prepare yourself and buff up as much as possible!
Step 5: Click "Start"
Step 6: Output as much DPS as you possibly can, make sure to use the skills that favor hits per second
Step 7: Once the timer reaches 1 minute, click end analysis
Step 8: If you think this is the best (or close to) what your class can output, screenshot it and post it in the comments! Try to stay as close to the 1 minute mark as you can.

Let's do this! I'll add the screens and names of your character once you've posted, I will also rank them. I recommend using imgur for the screenshots!

Regular font means the class did two runs to show different results, the bold one shows the more accurate result.

  • edit* This is now changed to damage/sec
Classes - Name - Average damage /sec - Link to screen

1. Wild Hunter - 2.220b/s -
2. Shadower - 2.067b/s -
3. Kaiser - 1.918b/s - (Ryudes)
4. Bowmaster - 1.834b/s -
5. Mercedes - 1.668b/s -
6. Night Walker - 1.575b/s -
7. Phantom - 1.530b/s -
8. Dual Blade - 1.459b/s -
9. Mechanic - 1.444b/s - (self buffed dSI, dSE)
10. Demon Slayer - 1.426b/s -
11. Dawn Warrior - 1.353b/s - (DSi, green pot)
12. Angelic Buster - 1.335b/s -
13. Kinesis - 1.316b/s -
-. Luminous - 1.302b/s - (Ender, Spectral Light *1 Minute test, see other time for more accurate result)
14. Thunder Breaker - 1.202b/s -
15. Demon Avenger - 1.167b/s - (-3 sec cooldown + merc card)
16. Night Lord - 1.110b/s -
-. Xenon - 1.069b/s - (Beam Dance+Hypogram Field+Pinpoint Salvo, DSI+Green Pot)
17. Battle Mage - 981m/s - (DSi+Green)
18. Xenon - 974m/s - (DSI+Green Pot)
19. Dark Knight - 968m/s -
20. Kanna - 956m/s -
21. Shade - 937m/s - (si+green pot, no split)
22. I/L Arch Mage - 934m/s -
23. Aran - 930m/s - (Green Pot) V.172 PATCH, PRE- ARAN REVAMP
24. Corsair - 926m/s -
25. Hero - 925m/s - (dsi, green pot, +1 attack speed inner pot, 1h sword Speed:0)
26. Luminous - 920m/s - (*4 minute test / 4, Ender, spectral & Apocalypse)
27. Paladin - 917m/s - (green pot+1h sword)
28. Blaze Wizard - 910m/s -
29. Mihile - 887m/s - (dsi+green)
30. Buccaneer - 876m/s - (green pot)
31. Marksman - 848m/s - (+1 IA, Green pot, DSI)
32. Bishop - 801m/s - (Using DSI + green MPE potion, With VoA turned on.)
33. Evan - 791m/s - & h (DSI+GreenPot)
34. Zero - 742m/s -
35. Jett - 635m/s -
Check the comments for more information and screens, some have uploaded multiple attempts and different used skills!

I realize this thread might not be perfectly accurate when it comes to which class is the "strongest" many many factors come into play as always, there isn't a single accurate list out there that takes everything into account, this is no different. I for one prefer looking at this rather than an HPS/DPS list. Even though you may disapprove of this list(like A LOT of you have done already) some might enjoy looking through it, get some chill and let's see who does best.

@DelusionDash: Inspired me to make this thread, check out his video here!
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helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
Several things:

1. I think that someone posted a thread about this topic a while ago, and a link was provided that ranked all the classes in terms of DPS and stuff. Can't find it atm though. (Also, since it was from a KMS site, the information went all the way up to the current Blaster update)

2. I have yet to find a Buccaneer that can cap on octopunch

3. What're you gonna do about all the dead classes? (Jett/Mihile)
Jan 20 2016
whoamomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Let's not give a damn crap about these DPS crap. And play the god damn game.
This is by far one of the most pointless crap in existence of MS. WHO CARES.

Regardless of this working or not. There are still going to be dumb asses coming to ask what class should they play.
Jan 20 2016
niten Level 188 Broa Night Lord
@helpingly There is slatymate he OP OP jett xD
Jan 20 2016
zentihe Level 220 Demethos Blade Master

Yes it might be pointless, but i think it is still interesting to see
Jan 20 2016
silverfoxr Level 200 Bera Hero
Once and for all... hahaha... right when we're close to having an update to Aran and Evan (which will come with more class tweaks) and another new class on the horizon. Sure.

This is one of the biggest inheirant problems with trying to determine the "best" class (in terms of 1v1 damage output at least) - it changes ALL THE TIME. All your "hard work" can become outright meaningless the moment a patch drops. And that doesn't even take into consideration that the human element isn't being properly factored in. Not everyone has "perfect control", so asking 100 people to maximize their damage output, then have 100 different people do the same thing will very likely give different results. Then we have the issue that you're specifically looking for people who have overfunded their characters to the point of max damage, so we're looking entierly on how much you spent on your character rather than anything else... and this is all simply based on 1 vs 1 damage against bosses! Luminous is not a very powerful bossing class, but they can absolutely wreck a map when training... but you make another stupid DPS/DPM chart and nobody cares about that. All they know is that X class outdamages Y class in bossing situations, so X class is "better". Also, you're comparing this list solely for Reboot? The existing, non-Reboot list still applies! They didn't change the damage output of the classes... they upped the stats of the monsters! If you're capping either way, the list is going to give nearly identical results in Reboot or the normal servers! The only difference then is that one class is more likely to die during the fight, which is irrelevant... SINCE YOU'RE ONLY COMPARING DPS/DPM!

The only thing that actually matters here is play style. Play what you want, not what's "best". There's no point in playing a class you hate, just because they're currently top-tier in an extremely narrow, poorly-tested facet of the game at a level you'd have to invest way too much time (or money) in obtaining to be viable... especially since it can change in a heartbeat, making all of that invested time/money completely wasted in your eyes.
Jan 20 2016
yiffyfurry Level 217 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild See what games, anime & art yiffyfurry is intoyiffyfurry
Well, I'm 90% sure there is not one beast tamer who could hit cap
Also, i don't have the points in dojo yet for a scarecrow so i can't give my 2 cents lol and there are stronger beast tamers in bera (which i find surprising, i have a 400k range lol. It's kinda low but no one funds a beast tamer)
Jan 20 2016
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