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Level 110 Mech solos Zak. Video

By twinkes3

twinkes3 Level 121 Nova Blade Recruit
Feb 08 2011 This is not mind just found it on youtube. The Drk is just recording the Mech solo. In the description it says it took 1:10.

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DarkDreamz Level 88 Scania Aran 3
I though Zakum was level 110, why is he missing on the arms?
Feb 09 2011
twinkes3 Level 121 Nova Blade Recruit
this beats csengery's DK solo at 119 with no 4th job or BB (it took him close to 10hrs)[/quote]

Yeah his was epic and will never be forgotten.
Feb 09 2011
CIeavage Level 150 Windia Dark Knight
This has been posted before =.=
Feb 10 2011

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