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Level 120 level-up Screen

By TrEe367

TrEe367 Level 123 Windia Battle Mage 4
Feb 02 2011 This is my 3rd 4th jobber, and proud to say the first one without leeching. I just thought this was a nice level-up and decided to share it with you, the Basil community.
Note: Look at the reaper ;p

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lol is it just me or did the flashing of the light bulb about to appear along with the blue clocks on the map look like fireworks?
Feb 02 2011
MagykFist Level 200 Scania Paladin
Just wondering, is the glitch for the Hanbok thing still going on? I just came back from Vacation so pardon me.
Feb 05 2011
chris71495 Level 122 Windia Shadower
Oh what a noob. Ahah jk but dang how many freakin 4th jobs do you have
May 20 2011

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