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Level 200 CannonShooter vs Zakum Video

By Glaicus 200CannonShooterZakum

Glaicus Level 100 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Sep 04 2011 Credits go to the original uploader. Not enough love for Cannon Shooters. If you don't like the song turn down the volume.

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A little slow for bossing.
Sep 06 2011
what song is this?
Sep 06 2011
I enjoyed the music for than the video.
Sep 06 2011
Mageklan Level 166 Broa Evan 10th Growth
I waaaaant them to come outttttt now.
Sep 06 2011
what song is this?[/quote]

T-ara - Roly Poly
Sep 06 2011
looniemunki Level 211 Scania Kaiser 4
Hmm, I don't read Korean or W/E that is, but where does it say that he's 200?[/quote]

lol... srsly man? i didn't realize 200 in america looks different than 200 in korea...
Sep 06 2011

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