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Level 200 Equipment Set?

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dlord44 Level 159 Bera Battle Mage 4
Any more information on this? Or is there an upgrade option from our current equips...cause I'm not recubing and rescrolling all my stuff
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natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
+1 The only way people will upgrade to this level 200 gear is if it's pants+top.
A combination of 2 equips is a lot better than a single overall.

THE ONLY WAY I can imagine people upgrading to this level 200 set with an overall, is if it's SIGNIFICANTLY better than CRA. I am talking about masses of stats that make up for the loss of a whole piece of equipment.
People would rather stick to top + bottom because they get to have another 6 lines of potential, another nebulite, and another 10+ Star-Force.

An overall could overcome this problem if it has a set effect of about 30% stat to make up for the lost equip, or if the overall has some sort of a bonus effect, better than CRA. It would be hard, but nexon is too lazy to make something too good.

Also, keep in mind that nearly every set that isn't CRA/Gollux includes Cape/Shoes/Belt/Glove - and these pieces are ALWAYS going to be inferior to the tyrants. Again, this can easily be fixed if nexon make these pieces REALLY overpowered, to the degree it can surpass a tyrant on it's own.

Level 200 set only *SOUNDS* good, but on paper it seems like it can only be useful if it's INCREDIBLY good. The expectation bar has to be REALLY high, to the point I don't think nexon can deliver, not unless they want to make it the next generation of equipment, and end-game gear.
Jun 27 2016
javirocks Level 200 Kradia Aran 4
@sanjupm it's on the comments where he confirmed there's no info about it
Jun 28 2016
misterpang Level 210 Scania Phantom 4
Pretty much @natty2 sums it up. The purple lvl 200 set does look awfully like overalls. The only thing that may be worth replacing is the weapon. We will lose 30% boss damage from the root abyss set effect, but the higher potential tier / base attack of the lvl 200 weapon will make up for it. Most of other gears are here to stay (i.e. gollux, shoulders, tyrants, emblems / secondaries, etc.) unless they come up with much better gears.
Jun 28 2016
genkai Level 209 Windia Kaiser 4
+1 @natty2: In the interview he implied that every other equipment set in this game will be overshadowed by the level 200 set.

Nexon's method was always to introduce new sets in increments of 10 with each set being "10 levels worth of bonus and stats stronger". They're skipping from 160 to 200. A 15-star absolab set with legendary potential (+bonus) is just below a perfect Tyrant + CRA set. Now imagine a +40 level set....

You can bet your bottom dollar that level 200 set will be more powerful than anything we have ever seen. The weapons alone will be better than anything we have.
Jul 03 2016
lolitstom Level 141 Scania Xenon 4
@genkai: What I would like to see is if the set's power is directly affected by the number of V-cores applied to your character. And with a particular number of V-cores unlocked they have a selectable potential line which you will always keep but will need to cube the remaining two lines. That way its kind of semi-p2advance rather than absolutely pay2advance
Jul 04 2016
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