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Level 200, Questions

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Hey, I just hit level 200. This is my first ever 200, and I have some questions...

a) How do I get my Red Draco mount? I've talked to my 4th job instructor and she has offered me the quest, but it won't let me complete; she just says "Have you really thought about it deeply?"
b) How do I get my level 200 medal?
c) How do I get my Echo of Hero skill?

Thanks in advance!
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EnigmaticBlitz Level 174 Windia Xenon 4
Sorry, I don't know the answers

But I just wanted to say congratulations!
Aug 15 2014
arcrmaster Level 202 Scania Xenon 4
You should have a quest that gives you the 200 medal, and Echo of hero at the same time. Not so sure about the mount though.
Aug 15 2014
Takumurai Level 172 Broa Blade Recruit
^ As stated above, you need the first two "Monster Riding" mounts from Kenta in Aquarium.
Echo of Hero quest can be completed on the 8th floor of orbis tower.
Your job medal should be like "Ultimate ______" depending on your class. It's a quest from dalair the monk.
You should also get a "The Next Legend" medal upon hitting 200.
Aug 15 2014
iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
Takumurai has the correct answer for Explorers. The other two are incorrect
Aug 15 2014
SmashFace Level 191 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
You also have to level up the silver hog a little bit before you can turn it into a red draco. I don't remember what level though,
Aug 16 2014
KyleHeII007 Level 250 Windia Night Lord
getting that mount is such a pain in the a$$ only did it cuz I felt obligated after playing all these years. not even worth it
Aug 16 2014
Thanks guys! I got the stuff.
Aug 16 2014
When I tried getting the hog, I couldn't because KFT was closed.
Did Nexon provide a way to get the level 70 riding hog (so I can get Silver Mane and Red Draco)?
Aug 16 2014

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