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Level 208 kanna Screen

By ultxliger

ultxliger Level 217 Mardia Kanna 4
Sep 30 2013 Yay I'm 208. I never thought I would get this far. I chose Crimsonwood to level because there was a Battle of Red Cliffs even though the exact location of the battle is unknown. Also there was a 108th Siberian Rifle that had something do with the Red Army and Crimson is red, so yea. Thanks so much for the support, especially Dan<3 again lol.

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Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord

Am confused [/quote]

me also is confoozed.
Oct 02 2013
SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
You really deserve it. Great job.
Oct 03 2013

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