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Lgr From Gachapon

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masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
*Uses 100+ gach tickets that were bought 11 for 1.5k NX each*
*Still feels ripped off*

Was for the medal!
Sep 02 2015
besel Level 167 Scania Beginner
yeah they're really rare, congrats
Sep 02 2015
lilpyro991 Level 205 Bera Wild Hunter 4

When you think you're the only one who got one. gj ken inb4 delete.
Sep 02 2015
k3nny321 Level 250 Bera Wind Archer 4
You ready for the rollback I am
Sep 02 2015
sorlilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art sorlilly is intoSorLilly
WHAT ! there LGR in gach also I DID NOT KNOW THIS >.< oww I should buy a bunch but it's late now so I hope they still here for a while
Sep 02 2015
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