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Liberated Kaiserium Screen

By multiskills

multiskills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
Feb 26 2015 It's not a very good sword now-a-days, but it's still rare, right?

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DuaIkid Level 212 Galicia Blade Master
Its the first time i see this one, yeah its hella rare. lol
Feb 26 2015
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
I've only seen 2 and this is the 3rd one I've seen.... Soooo pretty damn rare unless OP people want to make it again (most likely not) so Yep rare
Feb 27 2015
Verkins Level 220 Reboot Kaiser 4 SacredSword Guild
It's cool for it's rarity thought, especially if you love Kaiser.
Feb 27 2015
MultiSkills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
@HalloweenTown - OP People don't want to make this awesome thing
@Verkins - Kaiser isn't that bad, I prefer Hero or Paladin though, if I had this sword on Kaiser it'd be better though!
Feb 27 2015
Alesanah Level 221 Khaini Shade 4
Well, it's a really rare item.
. fyi I anviled a beater medal to azalea corsage and I sold it @ 25k NX service. I made over 150k NX like that, BY FAR. (25k nx for beater 10k nx for lucky guy)
Feb 27 2015

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