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Life as the Dark Knight - 19x Video Video

By rushed

rushed Level 200 Bera Dark Knight EvoLovE Guild
Jan 13 2013 My 19x Video is here! I don't really like this video, and my 200 video will be a lot better! I put some clips in this that I have recorded from 190-200. I just got lazy and didn't do that much with it. I'm waiting on Hyper Skills for Dark Knights for my 200 video.

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iCodykins Level 150 Zenith Night Walker 4
The editing is really entry level (when I say really it's an understatement, it's actually really bad editing). A lot of the screenshots are irrelevant and pointless, the zooming is bad, the panning is worse, and I just had to stop watching halfway through the video (I don't know how I even made it that far).
Jan 14 2013

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