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Lighting the way Screen

By halloweentown

halloweentown Level 157 Scania Beginner
Jul 24 2014 This was mainly my contribution to the Basil Brigade but i added a little more to make it something final. Character: Dadevilslay3

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ladyvuitton Level 175 Mardia F/P Arch Mage
Cant get anything FP'ed no matter how hard i try oh well....[/quote]Try harder! You will get there eventually. The FP is pretty subjective since Mr.Basil is the only person that can approve/reject it.
Jul 26 2014
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
@ladyvuitton: Its ok! I'll always try harder but idc about front page, if i think its good then its good FP means nothing anymore so ill continue making art and if it gets FPed then good and if not oh well. Thank you I hope everyone continues their art and not let Front Page get to them.
Jul 26 2014

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