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List of Asian snacks and junk food

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staplemory Level 20 Yellonde Battle Mage 1
-Prawn crackers from nong shim or oishi (onion rings, too)
-Lays chips from China (the best kinda chips to exist)
-Chinese/Japanese Cheetos
-Calbee potato chips
-Lonely God (my childhood snack; took me forever to find this online)
-Soy eggs might not be everyone's favourite. But I certainly like them a lot.
-Korepab is for lil kiddies but I can't stop eating them (cuz the MSG)
-Garlic peas and wasabi peas from Taiwan
-savoury Chinese thin crackers
-rice crackers from Wang Wang
-Yakult/banana ooyoo
-cider in glass bottle (Sprite, Chilsung; the nostalgia...)
-Bean paste jelly (taste like heaven)
-Taiyaki, too. Bean paste filling.
-Bean paste moon cakes omg
-M0AR bean paste snacks I'll take em all
-egg tarts (I heard they're popular in the south)
-Can't finish the list without mochi!

List some more snacks if you like, or talk about your experiences with the snacks. That's that whole point of this thread.
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lexustm Level 31 Khaini Mercedes 2
Aug 28 2015
herosgate Level 143 Windia Buccaneer
Shrimp chips. [url=]Shrimp chips[/url]
Dried shredded pork, I usually ate this with "Jook" or rice porridge. [url=]Dried shredded pork[/url]
Cha Siu Bao (Pork bun) [url=]Cha Siu Bao[/url]
Can't forget about the Chinese sausages (Lahp Cheng) [url=]Chinese sausage[/url]
Aug 28 2015
pocky/yan yan/other dipped sticks
koala's march/hello panda
beef/pork jerky
roasted seaweed

will update more later
Aug 28 2015
shalow40 Level 205 Scania Buccaneer
Aug 28 2015
i love me some mochi
taiyaki is good, too..!
Aug 28 2015
bluemistar Level 170 Windia ShadowerSheriff
roasted seaweed snack
steamed custard bun
dorayaki & taiyaki
egg tarts
jackfruit chips (mit say kho)
steamed layered cake (banh da lon)
shrimp crackers
rice crackers (omg my childhood was full of my mom buying these, along with the shrimp crackers)
kit kat / pocky / hello panda / caplico assorted sticks

all i can think of atm
Aug 28 2015
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