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List you're favorite charaters from fighting games you like.

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These are my favorite.
SSFIV3D: Dan Hibiki, Cody, Zangief, Ryu.
MvC3:FOTW: Deadpool, Wesker, Arthur.
MK9: Stryker, Reptile, Nightwolf.
SSBB: All of them!
TvC: Frank West, Tekka-Man Blade, Ryu.

Please tell me and other Basiler about yo're favorite Fighting Game charaters.
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MegaZord Level 81 Mardia Blaze Wizard 3 Justaway Guild
MK1: subzero / liu-kang / scorpion
UMK3: smoke / kitana / kung lao
MvC: stryder / wolverine / gambit
MvC2: bulleta
SFA3: sakura / rolento
SSB: fox / ness
SSBM: shiek / fox
SSBB: shiek / fox
JUS: sanji / rurouni kenshin / girl from d.gray man / ichigo (8 panel)
Jun 28 2011
GGXX Reload: Slayer, Sol Badguy, Justice, Robo Ky
Infinity Blade: God King xD
Jun 28 2011
ShadeCombo Level 200 Khaini Mihile 4
Tekken Series: Marshall Law, King, Heihachi and Jin
SSBB: Meta Knight, Luigi, Pokemon Trainer and Kirby
SSFVI (For PS3): Dan, Ryu, Ken, Guille
Jun 28 2011
HolyDragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
SSBB: Kirby, Yoshi, Ness
Jun 28 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
[url=]Definitely Fox.[/url]
Jun 28 2011
imtwocats Level 110 Windia I/L Mage
MvC3: Amaterasu, Felicia, and Haggar. The sun goddess of Japan, the fastest and cutest nun/dancer/singer/fighter/catgirl, and the mayor of Earth. Can't beat that.
SSBB: Pikachu and Fox.
Jun 28 2011
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