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Little something that makes me smile... Screen

By xxskyexx guild meeting

Jul 20 2011 This is what happened on one of our guild meetings...makes me smile/laugh whenever i think of it (been a week since...)

So funny that I have to make a comic, using Bannedstory4 and Photoshop CS3
kourt's char is so hard to recreate T T

At first i made the background too big, resulting to having gigantic pictures on each box, so my whole comic is massive as well. Can't shrink it a lot on Photoshop since it will get really blurry. Hey this is my first attempt on making a comic, give the noob a break plz >=O

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thebloodyone Level 205 Bera Dark Knight
lol they are completely clueless that you didnt really go afk lmfao
Jul 21 2011
what is that >=D lol im back from my long maple break
Dec 21 2011

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