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Liver Drop Rate Reduced in v.177?

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lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
Any other Shades feeling like the rate at which livers drop has been reduced in the last patch?

I used to be able to maintain Spirit Bond max almost indefinitely while training or throughout dojo. After the v.177 patch I've been having a lot more issues maintaining it. Livers seem to be either dropping less frequently, or the duration it extends it by has been reduced some. Anyways just making this thread to see if any other Shades are getting similar symptoms.

Some things that changed in v.177 that could've caused this:

1) We now have the buff duration counter in seconds when a buff is under a minute. Maybe this is somehow the reason for it?

2) Fox Spirits orbs now change their path target to another monster if the monster it was originally going to dies.

Maybe this is just me being crazy, but I noticed whenever shades first got the change to spirit bond max and livers started dropping to extend its duration that without fox spirits toggled on, liver drops seemed noticeably less. If that was actually the case, maybe the change to fox spirits path finding change messed it up in some way?

Made a thread on Nexon's forums in the bug reporting section:
Posted: November 2016 Permalink


originspecs Level 220 Bera Shade 4 See what games, anime & art originspecs is intoOriginSpecs
Yea, my friend and I also feel the same way. We both clear dojo in a pretty decent time and we used to have Spirit Bond Max the entire duration of dojo but now we run out here and there. Even while farming with Bomb Punch it still doesn't help either.
Nov 05 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
yea i noticed too. normally its some what easy to never run out in dojo and keep 1min going entire run. i run out now
Nov 06 2016

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