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Looking at Basilmarket right now makes me so sad

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cultivation Level 250 Scania Demon Slayer 4
It's bringing me back to the happiest years of my life. The years before I went to college were some of the best years I ever had. I remember users named Arianagrande, zombieoverlord, zigen, and some other famous users always being here and posting their lives. I remember how vibrant basilmarket community was. Maplestory was also big back then with inclusion of Aran and Evan. Man it feels surreal thinking about it right now. I was still a freshmen in high school, not caring about how my future will look. Now I'm almost graduating and I'm scared about my future. I can't do what I used to do: enjoy life everyday, involving myself in stupid activities with my friends and games like maplestory. I remember I always used to laugh and have fun time coming here and thinking that life was worth it. Now I'm just sad.
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chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
It is a matter of perspective
You should be grateful you had the opportunity to indulge on such frivolous activity as maple without worrying (at the time) about the future
Now you are about to get a degree, quite the privilege if you ask me.
Life might not be as carefree as back then, but there is absolutely no reason to be sad
Jun 15 2017
themayorofchat Level 139 Reboot Bishop
Time will only move forward so cherish the moments you have!
Jun 15 2017
trueatheist Level 63 Bera Crossbow Man Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art trueatheist is intoTrueAtheist
Well this a depressing thread. Getting older has it's pros and cons, you lose the innocence of having little responsibilities, but you are also able to do a lot more. Go enjoy life with your friends and stop being sad.
Jun 18 2017
kayfabe Level 95 Zenith Hermit See what games, anime & art kayfabe is intokayfabe
i feel nothing but contempt for this website
Jun 18 2017
staplemory Level 20 Yellonde Battle Mage 1
When you're still young, you might not understand this concept, but a life with goals is much more worth it. A life without ambition is actually a meaningless life. Even Buddhist monks are striving to reach zen. Life isn't just about the past and present. As adults we should be capable of considering all three (including the future). To live is to be. Don't forget what makes us living beings, human beings at that.

But ok, this site suck balls now, I can;t deny that.
Jun 18 2017
cultivation Level 250 Scania Demon Slayer 4
@staplemory: that's what I miss about this site. I'm just sad about this site and it's making me sad in other areas of my life lol
Jun 19 2017
blazi4ever Level 204 Scania Marksman See what games, anime & art blazi4ever is intoblazi4ever
I totally get what you mean. I met a huge majority of my online friends from MapleStory who always gave me their support and helped build my confidence/lessen my social anxiety + my negativity significantly upon after I completed HS (I actually just graduated from uni last week, though I've been in it for an extra 2 years + still have another 2 years of schooling at a different school lol).

Unfortunately I've only made one online friend ever since all of us quit 4 years ago -- I find it difficult to makes friends from the internet (let alone meaningful ones) since my Mapling days (E.g. Doing the most random thing gets everyone talking to you/people don't care what you look like IRL as long as you're nice, etc). =[ The friends I've made IRL during my uni years are still wonderful of course, but I'm very socially selective of who I want to be friends with. I'm sad that Maple isn't the same as before, but I'm glad that a number of us matured and improved in our own ways (same said for Basil from the looks of it, but I almost never go on here to know truly).

But I wouldn't let that stop you from having fun. From the looks of it, it seems like you established a lot during your Mapling/Basil days. For me, I still keep in touch with my online friends and just tell them (or show them) what I've been up to these days and tell funny stories lol. And of course, the random inside jokes (E.g. I used to call one of my best friends "Unibrow Caveman" and we'd still joke around about how the Ice Age is coming after him lol) -- only we would understand what they are. Just keep working with your establishments and continue to make them grow.
Jun 20 2017

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