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Looking for Guild Windia.

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rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
I'm currently looking to join a decently populated guild, with friendly people. Hoping to be able to actually be apart of the guild, rather than just be in it. I'm also looking for new buddies to add, since I came from Bera during the world leap event.
Ign: LoneRonin
I'm active everyday, and am very talkative if there's a conversation.
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


appall Level 210 Windia Marksman
You can join our guild, "Resolve" . We are a small close guild, we have all been friends for like 3+ years now and we do daily bossing together. We are level 25 guild so we have all perks, and were (not sure if now) top 10 in windia. We typically have 8-10 people online (low at the moment for us due to exams and our leaders being busy), and are currently looking for other active guilds to join our alliance. Just whisper Loyal or Asso(leader) to join!
Dec 01 2015
ihuntbooty Level 145 Windia Night Lord
you can join L U S T F U L! everyone is welcome just search mrspadfoot in guld lead. it has an L but censored
Dec 01 2015

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