Sad Mask
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Looking for Old items

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latepuberty Level 152 Galicia Beginner See what games, anime & art latepuberty is intoLatePuberty
Lunar gloves
Super stormcaster glove
White Pilfer
Lockewood hat
steel football helmet (small letters)
Lefay jester
Kaiser armor
Sad mask
Angry mask
Blue half maple bandana
Toymaker hammer
Toymaker cape
Premium gold earrings(doesn't matter if godly)
Clover corsage (Green medal)
Steel pipe
Super snowboard
White baseball cap
Muey thai string
Hard hat
Dragon gauntlet
Dark tiger talon
lvl20 beginner tuna
Square shovel
White starry bandana (Full black and star white)

Feel free to message me if you think you may have any other old items in old mules you may find some and make some good money depending what you find, If you have old mules we can meet up just message me.
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decimate Level 210 Renegades Bishop
I have anviled items if you care?
Jan 10 2016
chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
you can make lefay jester with the cwk exchange quests
Jan 10 2016
intjmikey Level 248 Scania Blade Master
i got lefay jester anvils :^)
Jan 13 2016

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