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Looking for a Level 150 Paladin in Scania

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aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
Hello guys! I am trying to get "steal" the paladin's hyper skill for my MP Phantom (a phantom where all his AP goes into MP).

I tried lurking around Henesys and a few other places, but I can't seem to find any paladins.

If you mainly use a paladin (that I am looking for), let me know and I'll try to just stalk you via "/find" function.
If you have said paladin but you don't use it anymore, leave me your in-game character name and I'll try whispering you and we will do stuff ...

Thanks guys! I appreciate it a lot!
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


mybadfurday Level 101 Scania Paladin
Just curious, what are the benefits of a phantom with all AP into MP? You can whisper me in game anytime, ign- Quality.
Jul 17 2016
mybadfurday Level 101 Scania Paladin
ahh I see lol.
Jul 17 2016
aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
To make my story short, I'm essentially tried all the jobs and I'm trying jobs with custom AP builds. (and potentially making a guide on it)

Typically a unfunded normal Phantom are fragile without their avoidability (Hence they are in the thief class)
An MP Phantom using magic guard essentially becomes tanky, especially when using a Jr.Boogie Familiar (this is without avoidability).
Currently, my phantom has 10~13k HP and 37k MP when fully buffed. (Comparable to that of a regular mage/bishop)

Much to people's awareness, while their damage is not top tier, these custom builds only take a few more hits (like 3x~5x) to kill something compared to an unfunded normal phantom.

Also you are now on my watchlist Mr.Quality ^^
Jul 17 2016

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