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Looking for new, active guild mates/friends in Windia

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coldrebirth Level 185 Windia Dark Knight
Hey all!
I just recently returned from an on/off hiatus that I've been pulling for several years now and have stumbled upon the desolate planet that is Windia. Whatever nostalgia I had is now gone, along with my old friends, guilds, and previous goals. The maps are empty, the chats are empty, and worst of all, I can't seem to even get into a party for any boss queues simply because of the sheer lack of people playing. Even when I walked into the FM, desperately searching for gear since mine is incredibly outdated, I found an empty map, except for 4 bots spamming websites where you can purchase mesos. Give about an hour more and I realized that the FM rooms were so unpopulated that I was never going to find my gear (unless it is MAX price)...

This was frustrating of course since I went through the trouble of setting up bootcamp to play on my Mac, just to return to this. I ended up making a Hayato in Scania because of their large population, but you gotta understand, I've been playing in Windia since 7+ years ago. Back in the days when people would use clicker hacks just to get into KPQ or run through LPQ for an entire day just to level up twice. The days where I struggled to level up my Dragon Knight so I could leech Bigfoot for a whopping 2m (unfortunately I reached the proper level as soon as he was hardcore nerfed...). Hell, I even have an I/L mage with 60+ str because when I first started, and Maple was still in its early stages, I assumed that strength = general attack damage. In short, the world means a lot to me, both in sentimental and monetary value. My characters are on here, my mesos, my items, and it seems world transfers are no longer a thing either.

So I came here to ask if there were any fun, social, active guilds out there anymore in Windia that also boss/train together often. I'm looking for friends I can bond and quest with. I am busy with my own life, so I won't be able to play 24/7, but when I'm on I'd love to be around a group of upbeat people that are always doing something. I'm also in the Eastern Time Zone. It'd also be great if someone could help me get back on my feet and understand how the game works nowadays. My main is a level 185 Dark Knight on Windia with a pretty low range.. but I'm looking to improve that as well. This would kind of make/break the game for me, seeing as there is little to no appeal in playing in a world with a population of 1.

If you're willing to accept me into your guild, drop a comment or message TaroSword in-game!
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coldrebirth Level 185 Windia Dark Knight
+1 @friedclams: Thanks for the welcome! I will definitely do a guild search later tonight.
Apr 25 2017
meiguihua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
@vivabasura: Guild headquarters are usually in the root abyss map, mu lung dojo, or the FM reooms. You can find windians in channel one Henesys market or Henesys park.
Apr 26 2017
xfinalsorax Level 202 Windia Shadower
I haven't been on in so long, so I dunno how Windia is now...
Hope you find good active people dude!
Apr 26 2017
zel Level 180 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Hey dude.
I've also returned after a few years hiatus and if you want, you can buddy me. IGN is kizel. I'm mostly AFK or doing events and logging off for the day, but I'd love to help you with some boss runs and whatnot.
I know that MS looks desolated now, that's why you should never bother to invest more than 30-60 min per day. Gone are the days of Papulatus fights and CROG yolos.
Still, welcome back to ye old Windia!
Apr 26 2017

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