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Looking for some fashion tips

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ramoscu Level 163 Demethos Zero Transcendent
Hey everyone!
I'd like to hear from you some fashion tips in order to become a bit stylish.
Thanks ^_^
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srai7 Level 202 Scania Zero Alpha See what games, anime & art srai7 is intoSRai7
Hello ! Here's my tips , what I believe , we'll call it Kevin's tips :
1. Do some research into all the possible items or looks that you may like ! (Inspiration)
2. Look at the items that are available in the fm / royals (current/ or wait) etc (Reality)
3. Buy what feels the most right for you , I can't explain it but you'll know if you really like something at the first glance .(Being unique can also be considered as "Stylish" however this is my opinion)
Good luck ! (:
May 12 2016

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