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Lost mesos?

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mariiaaaolsson Level 200 Angelic Buster 4
Yesterday I was grinding in Omega Sector in Ludi, and had 10 mil when I started the game. After grinding I had 14,1 mil. I went to buy potions in Ludi and bought 100 "pet food" from the pet store merchant and then went to the potion store where I bought 200 "very special sunday". As soon as I entered the potion store it said I only had 7 mil, and I know that I haven't spent my money on anything else.

I'm not sure whether I was being hacked or if could've been caused by Maplestory's new update.
Anyways it's super frustrating as I was going to use the money to enhance my items before reaching lvl 200
Has anyone had the same problem? Did you get your money back?
I've sent a ticket to the support team, but my experience from them is not very good...

Thx in advance.
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perfectsight Level 31 Scania Spearman Exalted Guild See what games, anime & art perfectsight is intoPerfectSight
Hi, sorry this happened to you I have no idea how to get the mesos back, but you already sent a ticket so I guess that has a possibility to help. and I think it never happened to me.
Also I recommend to only buy potions and food that give % HP/MP as they are cheaper and recover a lot more. And maybe you don't even need to buy them if they drop.

edit: 30 nov. or maybe you used mesos in another way that that didn't know
Nov 21 2020
loraket Level 133 Khaini Mechanic 4
I'm fairly certain you forgot to take into account something.
If you were revealing item potentials of pensalir equipment, that costs ~300k per reveal. Cubing also has a meso cost associated with it.
Nov 29 2020

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