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Lotus - supersized! Screen

By DrHye

DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
Feb 13 2012 Hey all :I This is a pic of a couple of Windia's Lotus members during our night of Four Corners in the Henesys Pet Park

If you don't know how to play Four Corners, it's actually on Wikipedia xD But we slightly changed it to fit Maple, using four (and later on, five) of the platforms in Henesys Pet Park. Winners got prizes, and a few were surprised with giant potions partway through

Pictured: Daisuke1337, AtomicbonBon, Iitofiremage, HyeBandit, HeIveticas, LeButeur (who finally made it in one guild pic, lol), and BigBottoms!

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kagayakutsuki Level 196 Broa Dark Knight
lol looks like giant me is about to kick your ass david<3
Feb 14 2012
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
I want HeIveticas his hair.. When did you guys get it in GMS?
LF> EMS to add it [/quote]

@kagayakutsuki , answer this man!

automatic accept?[/quote]

Nope, I still gotta submit it like everyone else, wait several hours like everyone else, and still follow all the rules... like some people choose to. xD

Shame i couldn't be in this picture.
Nice pic though [/quote]

We'll plan the official guild pic in super advance, so we all can make it >:I
Feb 14 2012

Hehe this was a super fun night with all our guildies : ) we need to do it again :B
LOL poor Micah is finally in one of them.. .
Feb 15 2012

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