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Louie-Roid, wth is up

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diabloh Level 243 Windia Phantom 4
Still can't buy the new louie-roid from the reboot coin shop and have more than enough coins. Anyone know wth is up?????
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saipanda Level 60 Bellocan Page
@solate: can you post a link saying that?

maybe it's a glitch
Dec 21 2015
diabloh Level 243 Windia Phantom 4
@solate: Didn't see that posted anything, and how would that be fair considering the medal is only obtainable below level 150 and is untradeable itself.
Dec 21 2015
namesboreme Level 71 Broa Mercedes 3
@helpingly: Not a troll, it is correct. You must complete Sizzling Santa to unlock the Louie roid. She looks like this:
Dec 22 2015
I think the first comment is correct. I saw a person with the Master Santa medal with the Louie-Roid (F).
The right corner of the medal matches with the Master Santa medal.

Person with the Roid:
Master Santa medal:
Dec 22 2015
supmanlol Level 201 Bellocan Night Walker 4
@helpingly: doing quests to buy an android is unreasonable? wdf
Dec 22 2015
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