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Luckstory chapter 17 Screen

By dajnmonkey

dajnmonkey Level 64 Kradia Aran 2
Jun 27 2011 Toby's final match against Jack, and the aftermath of the tournament.
This is the end of act 2, and might mark the end of the series, too.
I'd like to thank everybody who's given me any critique, and all the people who at least enjoyed the comic.

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continue please
Jun 28 2011
its so good!
Jun 28 2011
It's a good ending, but I still need to know what's gonna happen to his mom if she's going to die or not. =O
Jun 28 2011
TehDragonKnight Level 178 Elnido Blade Master
Nice I love it more please
Jun 28 2011
Jack ftw.
Toby needs to learn to play. He's gonna end up gambling his mom.
Jun 28 2011

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