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Lucky, got pb pet in few tries Screen

By ooohOKAYsir

Oct 13 2010 So I brought 11 cs surprises for fun & got a PB pet in the 7th try. >.<

Got really lucky 'cause I thought it was impossible to get it.

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iamfull Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
Wow, you even have a Dragon Pendent from the chocolate event! D:

The rewards from the CS box doesnt seem that bad this time.
Oct 14 2010
Fryman Level 107 Windia Chief Bandit
Lol i used over 200 boxes last time pb's were out for a cs surprise event. 2b wasted on nx -.-
Oct 14 2010
MiKKu Level 54 Scania Hunter
pink bow is for girls only T_T?
Oct 14 2010
lol i got it on my 6th try when they used to only be 500nx (the first surprise ones not premium)
too bad its on my adventurer account i never play on adventurers
Oct 14 2010
hyperfreak Level 93 Windia Chief Bandit
but still gratz
15k nx leftover,whatchu spend it on?
Oct 15 2010

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