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Lv 124 mercedes key settings Screen

By xXjarakudaXx

xXjarakudaXx Level 226 Broa Hero Nimbus Guild
Dec 21 2011 I'm not using to having soo many keys to press, but im getting used to the controls.

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IamDeamy Level 200 Windia Buccaneer
You should use nlc pots...
Dec 22 2011
IDKsoMuch Level 174 Khaini Hero
Only skill that we're gonna have in common is when i get to 4th job and put ishtar ring on my Z button ^_^
Dec 22 2011
ducky418 Level 10 Khaini Battle Mage 1
i always use alt as jump, couldnt use ctrl.
also pure waters are a [i]pure[/i] ripoff
Dec 22 2011
MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
You should use nlc pots...[/quote]
Potion stacking is more convenient. Holding 300 pots > Holding 150
Dec 22 2011
Holy crap. 124? I'm still not 100 on my CS...
Dec 22 2011
destruct1 Level 122 Bera Thunder Breaker 3
Tip, put your attack somewhere. When you're doing cwkpq you need to use attacks to break boxes.
Dec 23 2011

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