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Lv 200 Bowmaster HT solo Video

By TrEe367

TrEe367 Level 123 Windia Battle Mage 4
Aug 22 2010 This is no way shape or form my video, i just saw on this youtube and i wanted to share this with the rest of basil.

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lol stupid aliens messed up the spawn timing.
is this the first full solo? if so big grats
Aug 23 2010
nice dmg and hp 0.0 i thought this was privet server at the start
Aug 23 2010
dHype Level 170 Windia Night Lord
Oh hey look. Windia
Aug 23 2010
I was wondering how u could overcome the seduce, forgot bout wheels haha. Grats tho,
Aug 23 2010

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