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LvL128 WHvsPaP Video

By SuperMaoMao

SuperMaoMao Level 236 Scania Kaiser 4
Mar 03 2011 kind fail... but improved time by around 2min, keeping funding, hf with the first song lolz

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Isn't the first song the Leek-spin song played faster/higher pitched?

OT: Nice =P
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Mar 03 2011
ichordx3 Level 166 Scania Blade Recruit
+1 like for leven polka ^^
Mar 03 2011
YourPirateGuy Level 187 Broa Phantom 4
How did you have 2 cracks in one slot?
I'm pretty sure they're one of a kind...
Mar 04 2011
How is that VIP nice? >.> My Timeless is 174.. if you want a screen I can't post screens yet unless one of you would happily post for me.[/quote]

reverse=piece of sh33t cant even trade it =/
How much is your worth? like 500k mesos to the npc
He can sell his for 6-8b atleast lol
Mar 04 2011

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