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Lvl128WH vs Female boss Video

By SuperMaoMao

SuperMaoMao Level 236 Scania Kaiser 4
Mar 04 2011 i randomly find this so didnt prepare a music for it

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ichordx3 Level 166 Scania Blade Recruit
7 mins of chu chu chu chu chu @w@
Mar 04 2011
ZombieZerps Level 143 Arcania Demon Slayer 4
That is by far the coolest attack I have ever flipping seen!
Mar 05 2011
SuperMaoMao Level 236 Scania Kaiser 4
Gratz she's nothing like she used to be I miss the 18k b slaps =([/quote]

lol i kr, back then i get 13k each hit lolz
Mar 05 2011

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