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believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
Can we remove this? It makes life harder for us trying to sell/buy items above max meso... for no good reason
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star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
Or we could you know, not do that. I mean I doubt this is a huge issues that many of us deal with so it's most likely never getting increased or changed.
Feb 04 2016
randyfe Level 188 Reboot Corsair
@xxmcheifxx: Data handling? That's stupid. They could easily make a new coin which you can buy and sell from an NPC for 1b mesos, just to give you an example. And you could pay with those + meso. Also add some taxes if you'd like.

And it would have no negative consequences on market.
Feb 04 2016
qupit Level 224 Broa Dark Knight
+2 @randyfe: I can't wait until dupers dupe them all.
Feb 04 2016
zouyiro Level 211 Renegades Zero Transcendent
What item u want to buy or sell? 15b? 20b? 40B!? You can easyly do something like that trading 10b +up to 900 clean slates so is a lot. Also trading for another godly items works too or even AEE nobooms which make it a lot more than using css.
Is not hard to sell godly items because of the max just harder than cheaper items because less people are rich enough, making higher the meso cap or removing it will affect the economy too much without a good reason.
Feb 04 2016
billgates Level 70 Windia Chief Bandit
+2 Wow complaining about the 10 bill cap? you would never have understood the struggle of 2147483647
Feb 04 2016
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