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MMV Face Down Video

By YuisMine

YuisMine Level 201 Chaos Phantom 4
May 12 2011 OMG i love this xD
This video belongs to omgPockii

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Mageklan Level 166 Broa Evan 10th Growth
I like this song for a really long time, but dam, I find maple mmw`s pretty stupid, no matter how good they`re done :>
May 12 2011
Xchippzanuff Level 120 Scania Blaze Wizard 3
a few things about this mmv

1. ewww pockki i keep dying alot by her effects. it is seizure
2. reposted
3. use your own mmv instead someone else to gain some views/likes and a medal
4. the story line is ew
5. love the song but hate people use it as a break song/emo
6. i'm done. -goes get someone to eat-
May 12 2011
SlyBeing Level 144 Scania Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art SlyBeing is intoSlyBeing
Love the song and the video with it.
May 12 2011
*punches screen* Pockii, WHYYY?[/quote]

*punches sammi*
"Do you feel better now,she falls to the ground"
Why yes,I do feel better,thank you for asking. >:
May 12 2011

There's still some people that haven't seen it...
this is a must see MMV. People gotta stop hatin'
May 12 2011

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