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MS Dead? Just returned

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cowlover Level 180 Broa Bishop
Hey everyone, I just recently came back to MS to find that it is dead. I'm from Broa and there are a few people that are online, but none of them play. Are any other worlds more populated than Broa. I really don't want to change worlds but I might have to. Also are there any places to train now?
Posted: September 2017 Permalink


helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I know that at the moment the most populated worlds are Scania, Windia, and Reboot (I fear that even the mighty Bera is starting to die off).

If you don't mind starting over and trying out a new playstyle I suggest trying out Reboot. But if you want to completely move over your characters and stuff, I suggest that you try either Scania or Windia.

As for where to level, I'm sure that there are a bunch of updated training guides. Just have to look on YouTube.
Sep 14 2017
oakland Level 215 Khaini Xenon 1
It's pretty dead that I decided to start in Reboot during the Burning event.
Sep 14 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
@helpingly: Well, as a reminder, this current world change event does not allow for characters to be moved to Scania or Windia from other servers.

So that leaves only Bera as the world that is more populated than Khroa and that OP can move characters to - even though Bera is not that much better off than Broa/Khaini. Of course, you can start all over and make new characters in Scania and Windia - leveling is crazy fast and even a level 200 can be acquired in virtually almost no time at all now.

An up-to-date training guide can be found here.
Sep 15 2017
schokoshake Level 122 Bera Dark Knight
I recently came back, too, and started playing on Bera. However, I did notice that Scania and Reboot were the largest servers. Reboot doesn't let you trade with anybody, but you get tons of items with potential and money so I guess that makes up for it??

Either way, it's nice to see some other folk coming back to the game! It's definitely a faster paced game for the lower levels, as far as I've noticed.
Sep 15 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
@helpingly: Yeah, even though Windia isn't quite that populated. The real mistake for Nexon was putting out all those different worlds, as if the game was ever continually expanding enough to fill up the supply of those servers - even though the reality was that those worlds would just remain dead after some time from their initial hype.
Sep 15 2017
angels41 Level 58 Scania Luminous 2
Yeah, it's quite dead to be honest.
Sep 17 2017
sunsetchaos Level 105 Mardia Bishop
@readers I think they only put new worlds back when there were a lot of players and maybe increasing population. They've obviously stopped years ago, except for Reboot which is different. Since the population is decreasing, they're just merging the worlds now.
Sep 18 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
@sunsetchaos: Yeah, that is what they did, but the problem was that there can only be a certain demand for new worlds. After the initial hype of being a new world, I don't ever recall worlds like Kradia, or Chaos, or etc. ever being that populated, in comparison to many of the older, more established worlds like Scania, Windia, or even Khaini and so forth.
Sep 18 2017

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