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Battle Mage Skill/Training Guide

Not Updated, Disregard SP Builds
Training guide is still good though, I'll update when I have time.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction- Talks about what a Battle Mage is and why to play one.
  2. AP Guide- Talks about what to AP to raise if your a Regular LUK, Low-LUK, or Lukless Mage.
  3. The SP Guide- Talks about what order, to put your SP in and what to max and not max when leveling a Battle Mage.
  4. Training Guide- Look here for where to train and when, and what its like training there. (Can be used by other classes as well)
  5. Commonly Asked Questions- Look here if you have a question and see if I answered it in this section!


Hello everyone! So, I am guessing you are here because you made the wise desicion on making a Battle Mage, good choice. There are many things about Battle Mages that make them very unique and in some categories superior to The Wild Hunter. However Battle Mages are very flashy, somewhat powerful and very helpful in parties; they level up much slower than Wild Hunters and depending on funding not as strong. Teleport and Booster make us fast along with the amazing Yellow Aura, and we get more and more powerful later on. So far, no crappy little Wild Hunter has been able to ks my Battle Mage. Anyways, in my guide I will be talking about a few particular skill builds that I think are ideal and a detailed training guide. I'll spare you guys the story about the Black Mage crap and get right into it.

AP Guide

Regular LUK

Each Level Raise: 4 INT 1 LUK until you have enough LUK to wear ideal end-game equipment on. Then, when you do, put everything into INT for more damage!

This is the easiest way to go, and the most popular way to go. You just keep on raising 4 INT and 1 LUK until you have enough LUK to put on your final pieces of equipment. Then you just put it into INT.


Each Level Raise: 4 INT 1 LUK until around 50 LUK which is when most funded people tend to cap it. Once you have reached 50 LUK just put everything into INT.

This is probably the most challenging way to go, because most Low-LUK Mages buy LUK equips so that they can wear higher a higher level staff. You need to have lots of funding to do this. Although, in the end these are the most powerful Mages.


Each Level Raise: 5 INT. You just do this forever! No LUK whatsoever!

This is another very powerful choice, yet expensive. The Lukless don't buy LUK equips normally, they just get a godly Lukless Staff (e.x Maple Wisdom Staff) and then get INT equips. It's all about the power this way.

The SP guide

These SP builds are what I think are the most logical builds, that will benefit you the most in terms or either training, pot-saving etc..
Remember, you can change it up if you personally would like to do so!

Resistance skills

Crystal Throw: Throws a piece of Rue at an enemy. (3)

Infiltrate: Allows you to hide and move quickly for a short time. (3)

Potion Mastery: Because of short supply issues, you`ve learned to use the potions more effectively. (3)

Blessing of the Fairy: Grants 1 skill level for every 10 levels your highest level character has. Each skill level grants bonus buffs. If your current character is your highest level character, this skill uses your second highest level character instead. (20)

Level 2: Crystal Throw +1 (1)
Level 3: Crystal Throw +1 (2)
Level 4: Crystal Throw +1 (3)
Level 5: Infiltrate +1 (1)
Level 6: Infiltrate +1 (2)
Level 7: Infiltrate +1 (3)
Level 8: Potion Mastery +1 (1)
Level 9: Potion Mastery +1 (2)
Level 10: Potion Mastery +1 (3)

(In the order they are maxed)
Crystal Throw: 3 (DONE)
Infiltrate: 3 (DONE)
Potion Mastery: 3 (DONE)

You need to max out your attacking move first, and then infiltrate for speed. Afterwards finish off Potion Mastery as it is an AMAZING skill for later levels.

Battle Mage 1st job

Triple Blow: Hit the skill key to attack up to six monsters three times with your staff. (20)

Dark Aura: Hit the skill key to cast an Aura that can give up to 10% extra damage. (20)

The Finisher: Hit the skill key following Triple Blow or any enhanced version to deal a finishing blow to a monster (The Blow gets stronger and bigger as the skill grows better, e.x Triple Blow-Bad, Quad Blow-Decent, Quintuple Blow-Good, Final Blow-Great)

Teleport: Hit the key to teleport a certain distance. (15)

Build 1

Damage First

Level 10: Triple Blow +4 (4) The Finisher +1 (1)
Level 11: Triple Blow +3 (7)
Level 12: Triple Blow +3 (10)
Level 13: Triple Blow +3 (13)
Level 14: Triple Blow +3 (16)
Level 15: Triple Blow +3 (19)
Level 16: Triple Blow +1 (1) (DONE) The Finisher +2 (3) (Get one of everything)
Level 17: The Finisher +3 (6)
Level 18: The Finisher +3 (9)
Level 19: The Finisher +1 (10) (DONE) Dark Aura +2 (2) (Good finishing move, hence the name. Gets even better later on)
Level 20: Dark Aura +3 (5)
Level 21: Dark Aura +3 (8)
Level 22: Dark Aura +3 (11)
Level 23: Dark Aura +3 (14)
Level 24: Dark Aura +3 (17)
Level 25: Dark Aura +3 (20) (DONE)
Level 26: Teleport +3 (3) (Add even more attack onto your Triple Blow and Finisher)
Level 27: Teleport +3 (6)
Level 28: Teleport +3 (9)
Level 29: Teleport +3 (12)
Level 30: Teleport +3 (15) (DONE)

(In the order they are maxed)
Triple Blow: 20 (DONE)
Finishing Blow 10 (DONE)
Dark Aura 20 (DONE)
Teleport 15 (DONE)

The reason for this build is that we want to get our main attack move Triple Blow down right away. Afterwards just get one of each so you can move a little quicker with Teleport. Throw one in Dark Aura just for kicks, then move onto The Finisher. This is a great finishing move (hence the name), and it gets even better later on. Afterwards, max Dark Aura for even more damage on top of all that. Then finally finish off your Teleport to travel more distance, and use less MP while doing it. This build is pretty much what I call a damage first build.

Build 2

Mobility and MP Saver build

Level 10: Triple Blow +4 (4) The Finisher +1 (1)
Level 11: Triple Blow +3 (7)
Level 12: Triple Blow +3 (10)
Level 13: Triple Blow +3 (13)
Level 14: Triple Blow +3 (16)
Level 15: Triple Blow +3 (19)
Level 16: Triple Blow +1 (DONE) Teleport +2 (2)
Level 17: Teleport +3 (5)
Level 18: Teleport +3 (8)
Level 19: Teleport +3 (11)
Level 20: Teleport +3 (14)
Level 21: Teleport +1 (15) (DONE) The Finisher +2 (3)
Level 22: The Finisher +3 (6)
Level 23: The Finisher +3 (9)
Level 24: The Finisher +1 (10) (DONE) Dark Aura +2 (2)
Level 25: Dark Aura +3 (5)
Level 26: Dark Aura +3 (8)
Level 27: Dark Aura +3 (11)
Level 28: Dark Aura +3 (14)
Level 29: Dark Aura +3 (17)
Level 30: Dark Aura +3 (20) (DONE)

(In the order they are maxed)
Triple Blow 20 (DONE)
Teleport 15 (DONE)
The Finisher 10 (DONE)
Dark Aura 20 (DONE)

This is my Mobility and MP Saver build. Triple Blow first because of course its like your only good main attacking move at these levels. Second, is Teleport because you want to get places faster and move around faster on maps without draining you whole MP within 30 seconds either. Afterwards, The Finisher because it is a decent finishing skill at this level. Lastly, Dark Aura because it is not great at this level, however later on it will get very good.

Battle Mage 2nd job

Quad Blow: Hit the skill key to strike up to six monsters with your staff four times. (Requirement Triple Blow lvl. 20). (20)

Dark Chains: Hit the skill key to pull up to six monsters closer to you with chains. Has a knock-down effect. (20)

High Wisdom: Permanently increase INT through mental discipline. Passive Skill (10)

Yellow Aura: Hit the skill key to cast an Aura which increases Moving Speed and Attacking Speed. (20)

Blood Drain: This buff allows you to recover a small amount of the damage you deal as HP. (20)

Staff Booster: This buff increases the attacking speed of your staff. (20)

Staff Mastery: Increases the mastery and critical rate AND magic attack of your staff. (20)


Level 30: Quad Blow +1 (1), Yellow Aura +1 (1) Dark Chains +1 (1) Staff Mastery +5 (5) Staff Booster +1 Blood Drain +1 (1) (Dark chains has already done 90% of its job at lvl 1, Yellow Aura for the Attacking speed +1)
Level 31: Staff Booster +3 (4)
Level 32: Staff Booster +2 (6), Staff Mastery +1 (6)
Level 33: Staff Mastery +3 (9)
Level 34: Staff Mastery +3 (12)
Level 35: Staff Mastery +3 (15)
Level 36: Staff Mastery +3 (18)
Level 37: Staff Mastery +2 (20) (DONE) Quad Blow +1 (2) (Staff Mastery adds Crit, Magic attack, and mastery, crucial to max at the start)
Level 38: Quad Blow +3 (5)
Level 39: Quad Blow +3 (8)
Level 40: Quad Blow +3 (11)
Level 41: Quad Blow +3 (14)
Level 42: Quad Blow +3 (17)
Level 43: Quad Blow +3 (20) (DONE)
Level 44: Dark Chains +3 (4)
Level 45: Dark Chains +3 (7)
Level 46: Dark Chains +3 (10)
Level 47: Dark Chains +3 (13)
Level 48: Dark Chains +3 (16)
Level 49: Dark Chains +3 (19)
Level 50: Dark Chains +1 (20) (DONE) Staff Booster +2 (8) (Do more damage with that dark chains!)
Level 51: Staff Booster +3 (11)
Level 52: Staff Booster +1 (12) (Getting two minutes of booster time is quite enough for now) Blood Drain +2 (3)
Level 53: Blood Drain +3 (6)
Level 54: Blood Drain +3 (9)
Level 55: Blood Drain +3 (12)
Level 56: Blood Drain +3 (15)
Level 57: Blood Drain +3 (18)
Level 58: Blood Drain +2 (20) (DONE) High Wisdom +1 (1)
Level 59: High Wisdom +3 (4)
Level 60: High Wisdom +3 (7)
Level 61: High Wisdom +3 (10) (DONE)
Level 62: Yellow Aura +3 (4)
Level 63: Yellow Aura +3 (7)
Level 64: Yellow Aura +3 (10)
Level 65: Yellow Aura +3 (13)
Level 66: Yellow Aura +3 (16)
Level 67: Yellow Aura +3 (19)
Level 68: Yellow Aura +1 (20) (DONE) Staff Booster +2 (14) (Increase speed by maxing Yellow Aura)
Level 69: Staff Booster +3 (17)
Level 70: Staff Booster +3 (20) (DONE) (Finally get that 3min,20sec booster time)

(In the order they are maxed)
Staff Mastery 20 (DONE)
Quad Blow 20 (DONE)
Dark Chains 20 (DONE)
Blood Drain 20 (DONE)
High Wisdom 10 (DONE)
Yellow Aura 20 (DONE)
Staff Booster 20 (DONE)

This build is designed so that Staff Mastery is maxed first because of all its benefits (Critical rate, M.Atk, and mastery). Secondly, Quad Blow for more damage output, afterwards Dark Chains for even MORE damage output. For all you mega-funded BaMs out there who can OHKO with dark chains... After Dark Chains comes Blood Drain so you barely have to use potions. Then High Wisdom for more INT so you can hit EVEN MORE damage. After that Yellow Aura for a huge speed increase and then to top it all off finish off Staff Booster for the three minutes and twenty second time. If you noticed, I threw in points into booster according to how long I take to notice my Staff Booster skill running out. For me personally, 2 minutes of booster is already plenty of enough time for me. So, I put my SP into Blood Drain early so I could get to all my other skills earlier. If you can remember to reuse Staff Booster every two minutes, this build would be optimal for you.

Battle Mage 3rd job

Quintuple Blow: Hit the skill key to attack up to six monsters five times. (Requirement, Quad Blow lvl 20). (20)

Advanced Blue Aura: Absorbs more damage than Blue Aura, and increases the party's defense. (Requirement, Blue Aura lvl 20). (20)

Dark Shock: Hit the skill key to create a field of lightning that damages monsters.(20)

Conversion: Use a large amount of MP to increase your HP. (10)

Body Boost: Summons a buff that enhances the aura in use temporarily. (20)

Summon Reaper Buff: As long as the buff is active, there is a chance that a monster you kill will be revived as a summon and fight for you. (20)

Advanced Dark Chains: A more powerful version of Dark Chains. It has higher damage and a larger range.(Requirement, Dark Chains lvl 20) .(20)

Battle Mastery: Increases damage and Minimum Critical damage. (20)

Teleport Mastery: Increases Teleport range, and causes Teleport to deal damage to monsters, possible stun chance. (10)

Here I have provided the Summon Reaper Buff build, however a lot of people find that the extra 40% damage in Advanced Dark Chains is quite useful. Although, maxing reaper will benefit you the most in training.

Level 70: Quintuple Blow +1 (1) Battle Mastery +1 (1) Advanced Dark Chains +1 (1)
Level 71: Teleport Mastery +1 (1) Dark Shock +1 (1) Battle Mastery +1 (2)
Level 72: Battle Mastery +3 (5)
Level 73: Battle Mastery +3 (8)
Level 74: Battle Mastery +3 (11)
Level 75: Battle Mastery +3 (14)
Level 76: Battle Mastery +3 (17)
Level 77: Battle Mastery +3 (20) (DONE)
Level 78: Quintuple Blow +3 (4)
Level 79: Quintuple Blow+3 (7)
Level 80: Quintuple Blow +3 (10)
Level 81: Quintuple Blow +3 (13)
Level 82: Quintuple Blow +3 (16)
Level 83: Quintuple Blow +3 (19)
Level 84: Quintuple Blow +1 (20) (DONE) Body Boost +2 (2)
Level 85: Body Boost +3 (5)
Level 86: Body Boost +3 (8)
Level 87: Body Boost +3 (11)
Level 88: Body Boost +3 (14)
Level 89: Body Boost +3 (17)
Level 90: Body Boost +3 (20) (DONE)
Level 91: Teleport Mastery +3 (4)
Level 92: Teleport Mastery +3 (7)
Level 93: Teleport Mastery +3 (10) (DONE)
Level 94: Conversion +3 (3)
Level 95: Conversion +3 (6)
Level 96: Conversion +3 (9)
Level 97: Conversion +1 (10) (DONE (20) (DONE) Dark Shock +2 (3)
Level 98: Dark Shock +3 (6)
Level 99: Dark Shock +3 (9)
Level 100: Dark Shock +3 (12)
Level 101: Dark Shock +3 (15)
Level 102: Dark Shock +3 (18)
Level 103: Dark Shock +2 (20) (DONE) Summon Reaper Buff +1 (1)
Level 104: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (4)
Level 105: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (7)
Level 106: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (10)
Level 107: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (13)
Level 108: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (16)
Level 109: Summon Reaper Buff +3 (19)
Level 110: Summon Reaper Buff +1 (20) (DONE) Advanced Dark Chains +2 (3)
Level 111: Advanced Dark Chains +3 (6)
Level 112: Advanced Dark Chains +3 (9)
Level 113: Advanced Dark Chains +3 (12)
Level 114: Advanced Dark Chains +1 (13) (Cap it here) Advanced Blue Aura +2 (2)
Level 115: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (5)
Level 116: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (8)
Level 117: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (11)
Level 118: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (14)
Level 119: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (17)
Level 120: Advanced Blue Aura +3 (20) (DONE)

(In the order that they are maxed)
Battle Mastery 20 (DONE)
Quintuple Blow 20 (DONE)
Body Boost 20 (DONE)
Teleport Mastery 10 (DONE)
Conversion 10 (DONE)
Dark Shock 20 (DONE)
Summon Reaper Buff 20 (DONE)
Advanced Dark Chains 13 (Cap it here)
Advanced Blue Aura 20 (DONE)

The reason for this build is that you want to get all three of your main third job attack moves to level 1 early so you can try them all out. Also, right away one point in Battle Mastery as it increases damage by 11% Then, I recently noticed it is very important to get 1 skill point into Teleport Mastery, as using a single Teleport has a chance to stun/do damage on nearby monsters. After one in Teleport Mastery, Battle Mastery is maxed right away to increase your overall damage and critical rate. Second, you want to max Quintuple Blow first because its a great, powerful mobbing skill and it is your main mobbing skill at this Job. Then afterwards Body Boost is maxed because the effect is has on the Auras is pretty much godly. Afterwards, this is the time to max Teleport Mastery as it adds on some nice damage and a more possible chance of stunning! Nearing the end of third job you want to max Conversion as it is quite useful, when its maxed, it doubles your HP for a short time! This is quite useful for training/bossing. Then following Conversion is Dark Shock. People say that this is useless however, I strongly disagree. Especially for nice small maps, its a good either starting move or finishing move. When maxed the Cooldown of 5 seconds doesn't even matter anymore. If you remember to use it, it will be of great use to you. Following Dark Shock I suggest maxing Summon Reaper Buff which adds on extra time/strength and %chance of reaper spawn on the skill. After the chaos patch it gets a nice boost which makes it the ideal skill to max instead of Advanced Dark Chains. Anyways, after you have maxed that you want to get Advanced Dark Chains. It adds on damage to the attack and nothing else. Its just valuable for its ability to pull monsters closer to you, however at this point, it's better than Advanced Blue Aura since you really aren't using Blue Aura at all yet.

Battle Mage 4th job

Finishing Blow: Hit the skill key to strike up to six monsters six times with you staff.(Requirement, Death Blow lvl 20). (30)

Advanced Dark Aura: Increases damage by 10% more than regular Dark Aura.(Requirement, Dark Aura lvl 20). (30)

Advanced Yellow Aura: Doubles the moving speed and attacking speed of Yellow Aura and reduces monster speed.(Requirement, Yellow Aura lvl 20). (30)

Dark Genesis: The Dark version of the Bishops Genesis. Only thing that changes is the colour of the beam. Has a cooldown, just like every other ultimate now. Affects 15 monsters and does a large percentage of damage. (30)

Twister Spin: Hit the skill key to turn into a tornado for a short period of time. While in this form, you deal damage by running into monsters. You can move left and right, and teleport, but you cannot jump. (30)

Party Shield: Hit the skill key to create a shelter which prevents your party from taking damage for a short period of time. (20)

Stance: Hit the skill key to give yourself a buff increasing your chance of not being knocked back when attacked. (30)

Energize: You become Energized and your MaxHP becomes +20% and your Defences become +150%. (10)

Maple Warrior: Increases all stats by a certain percentage. (30)

Hero's Will: Cures seduce (has a cooldown). (5)

Level 120: Dark Genesis +1 (1) Advanced Dark Aura +1 (1) Finishing Blow +1 (1)
Level 121: Twister Spin +1 (1) Party Shield +1 (1) Advanced Dark Aura +1 (2)
Level 122: Advanced Yellow Aura +1 (1) Advanced Dark Aura +2 (4) (Advanced Yellow Aura has 1 point for the passive effect [dodge])
Level 123: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (7)
Level 124: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (10)
Level 125: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (13)
Level 126: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (16)
Level 127: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (19)
Level 128: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (22)
Level 129: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (25)
Level 130: Advanced Dark Aura +3 (28)
Level 131: Advanced Dark Aura +2 (30) (DONE) Finishing Blow +1 (2)
Level 132: Finishing Blow +3 (5)
Level 133: Finishing Blow +3 (8)
Level 134: Finishing Blow +3 (11)
Level 135: Finishing Blow +3 (14)
Level 136: Finishing Blow +3 (17)
Level 137: Finishing Blow +3 (20)
Level 138: Finishing Blow +3 (23)
Level 139: Finishing Blow +3 (26)
Level 140: Finishing Blow +3 (29)
Level 141: Finishing Blow +1 (30) (DONE) Energize +2 (2)
Level 142: Energize +3 (5)
Level 143: Energize +3 (8)
Level 144: Energize +2 (10) (DONE) Stance +1 (1)
Level 145: Stance +3 (4)
Level 146: Stance +3 (7)
Level 147: Stance +3 (10)
Level 148: Stance +3 (13)
Level 149: Stance +3 (16)
Level 150: Stance +3 (19)
Level 151: Stance +3 (22)
Level 152: Stance +3 (25)
Level 153: Stance +3 (28)
Level 154: Stance +2 (30) (DONE) Maple Warrior +1 (1)
Level 155: Maple Warrior +3 (4)
Level 156: Maple Warrior +3 (7)
Level 157: Maple Warrior +3 (10)
Level 158: Maple Warrior +3 (13)
Level 159: Maple Warrior +3 (16)
Level 160: Maple Warrior +3 (19)
Level 161: Maple Warrior +3 (22)
Level 162: Maple Warrior +3 (25)
Level 163: Maple Warrior +3 (28)
Level 164: Maple Warrior +1 (29) Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +2 (3) (Cap MW here) (This is assuming you have money for MW30, if not at least get 20)
Level 165: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (6)
Level 166: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (9)
Level 167: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (12)
Level 168: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (15)
Level 169: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (18)
Level 170: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (21)
Level 171: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (24)
Level 172: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (27)
Level 173: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (30) (DONE)
Level 174: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (4)
Level 175: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (7)
Level 176: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (10)
Level 177: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (13)
Level 178: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (16)
Level 179: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (19)
Level 180: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (22)
Level 181: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (25)
Level 182: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +3 (28)
Level 183: Twister Spin/Dark Genesis +2 (30) (DONE) Advanced Yellow Aura +1 (2)
Level 184: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (5)
Level 185: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (8)
Level 186: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (11)
Level 187: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (14)
Level 188: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (17)
Level 189: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (20)
Level 190: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (23)
Level 191: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (26)
Level 192: Advanced Yellow Aura +3 (29) (Cap it here)
Level 193: Party Shield +3 (4)
Level 194: Party Shield +3 (7)
Level 195: Party Shield +3 (10)
Level 196: Party Shield +3 (13)
Level 197: Party Shield +3 (16)
Level 198: Party Shield +3 (19)
Level 199: Party Shield +1 (20) (DONE) Hero's Will +2 (2)
Level 200: Hero's Will +3 (5) (DONE)

(In the order they are maxed)
Advanced Dark Aura: 30 (DONE)
Finishing Blow: 30 (DONE)
Energize: 10 (DONE)
Stance: 30 (DONE
Maple Warrior: 29 (Cap it here)
Twister Spin/Dark Genesis: 30 (DONE)
Twister Spin/Dark Genesis: 30 (DONE)
Advanced Yellow Aura: 29 (Cap it here)
Party Shield: 20 (DONE)
Hero's Will: 5 (Nothing Left)

(In the order they are maxed)

My reasoning behind this build is that you first put one into almost everything to try it out (and for certain skills to get the passive effects). Then, max out ADA first for the extra +30 MA, and the 10% extra overall damage. Next, is FB since it will be your main attacking move for the rest of your BaM career. Afterwards, I chose to max Energize because I found training much easier with the extra 20% MaxHP and the big defence boost. Between that and Drain, I barely touch my HP. After Energize, I chose Stance for bossing. It makes my DPM much more effective when i can just sit there and spam my attack move without being knocked back. Maple Warrior is next because it adds on a lot of damage (especially if you're well funded). The reason why you don't max this earlier is because your party members will most likely already have it. Afterwards you can choose between TS or DG. Either one is fine, both are not used very often. Next AYA is put to 29 for the passive effect (dodge chance). The reason it does not go to 30, is because at Advanced Yellow Aura level 29 and 30, the dodge chance for both is 20%. After you finish AYA you move on to Party Shield, as it is a nice extra defence move when bossing. Lastly Hero's Will because there is simply nothing left.


X- Exp rate
O- Spawn
Z- Popularity
<1-5>- What I recommend doing (Higher the number, the more recommended)

1-10: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Map name

  • Just do the edelstein quests people, its so easy. XXX Z <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edelstein
  • Potted Sprout (Lvl.5) XXX OO Z <2.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Park I
  • Potted Morning Glory (Lvl.6) XXX OO Z <3>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Park II
  • Grape Juice Bottle (Lvl.8) XXX OO Z <3.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Park III

My experiences with these levels was like a walk in the park. Just do the quests with the occasional killing of a few monsters in the maps I mentioned above. Its so very easy, and you will be level 10 in a matter of no time! Potted sprouts are the early levels, then you may advance to Potted Morning Glory, and finally as you approach level 10 do Grape Juice Bottle, assuming you grind a little bit in between the quests.


  • Continue doing the quests XX Z <4>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edelstein
  • Blue Ribbon Pig (Lvl. 13) XXXX OOO ZZZ <5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beach: Blue Ribbon Beach
  • Patrol Robot (Lvl. 14) XX OO Z <2.5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Strolling Path I
  • Strange Signs (Lvl. 16) XX OO Z <2.5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Strolling Path II
  • Serpents (Lvl. 18) XX OO Z <2.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Serpent Path
  • Water Thief Monsters (Lvl. 20) XXX OO Z <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Edelstein Strolling Path III

For levels 11-20, I continued to do the quests, however, if I managed to stumble across a monster that actually gives decent exp, I stayed there and grinded for 15 minutes or so, and that put me ahead of everyone else! I have heard a lot about these Blue Ribbon Pigs, so I wen't and tried them out. If you hate quests, come here because it is such easy training. Patrol robots are decent exp in the early level 10's, once you feel you have surpassed that you may move to Strange Signs. Serpents are after the Signs because they are a little bit stronger, and finally I found that Water Thief monsters were a great grinding monster in the mid 20's to higher 20's. Very nice exp for the level and low HP.


  • Edelstein quests XX Z <3>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edelstein
  • Construction Site Party Quest (Level 25~30) XXX OOO Z <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Abandoned Subway Station
  • Streetlights (Lvl. 25) XXX OO Z <3.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Concrete Road: Streetlight Row
  • Mixed Golems (Lvl. 26) XXXX OOO Z <5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 4
  • Patrol Robot S (Lvl. 28) XX OO Z <3.5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dry Road: Road to The Mine I
  • Safety First (Lvl. 31)XX O Z <3>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dry Road: Road to The Mine II

This is where the actual need for training starts. The quests get slow, and so you need to pick up your level a bit so you can meet the level requirement for some of the higher level quests. Honestly, if your not too lazy to go to Victoria Island then do so. Mixed Golems are an amazing source of experience and I personally think they blow away anything low-leveled in Edelstein. However if you are lazy and want to take that extra bit of time, Streetlight are a great place to grind in the early 20's, very good exp and you can even do a quest for them to! Its like bonus exp people, its amazing. Now Patrol Robot S is for the mid 20's, missing is alright occasionally but if you start them to low it will get annoying. Safety First are more for the higher level 20's as they are a little stronger and have a little more hp/power. It will start to get a little bit slow nearing level 30, but I guarantee you that will change soon enough.


  • MCPQ! XXXX OOO ZZ <5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spiegelmans Office
  • Mushroom Kingdom Quests XXX ZZ <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mushroom Kingdom
  • Baby Boulder Muncher (Lvl. 33) XX OO Z <2>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dry Road: Rocky Road
  • Big Boulder Muncher (Lvl. 35) XX OO Z <2.5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dry Road: Ore Trail
  • Bubble Teas (Lvl. 32,33,34) XXX OO ZZ <4>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kerning Square: 1st Floor 2nd Floor
  • Mannequins (Lvl. 38,39,40) XXX OOO ZZ <5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kerning Square: 5th Floor 6th Floor
  • Kerning square quests. XX Z <3.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kerning Square

My personal experiences with MCPQ are boredom, boredom, boredom. However, if you are a patient person and realize that this is the best option most of the time, go to MCPQ. It is most of the time the best decision as the spawn inside the PQ is amazing and the monsters give very good exp. You can do it all the way to 50! The Mushroom Kingdom quests tend to be a popular place for these levels. You can level to 40 in no time, and if I do say so myself, its kinda fun. Baby Boulder Munchers are pretty good exp as well for the early level 30's, you can also complete the quest for them as you grind here. Big boulder Munchers are a little bit stronger than the babies. You can come here in the early 30's just like the Baby Boulder Muncher. Or, you can head straight to Kerning Square as this is an ideal training place for level 30-50. The Bubble Tea monsters are great exp for the early level 30's probably a little faster than the Boulders. Then, approaching the mid level 30's I suggest Mannequins on the 5th and 6th Floor or Kerning Square. They are very, very good exp, and also you can complete the Kerning Square quests will grinding your way up the Floors in Kerning square.

41- 50:

  • MCPQ! XXX OOO ZZ <4>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spiegelmans Office
  • Cheap Amplifier (Lvl. 43) XXX OOO Z <4>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area B, C
  • Latest Hits Compilation, Greatest Oldies (CD's) (Lvl. 41,45) XXX OO ZZZ <4.5>---------------------------------------------------Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A
  • Retz (Lvl 46.) XXXX OOO Z <5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Helios Tower <100th Floor>
  • Grupin, Cellion, Lioner (Lvl. 46) XXXX OOOO ZZ <10!>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stairway to the Sky I
  • Brown Teddy (Lvl. 49) XXX OO Z <3>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Terrace Hall

Again, I say MCPQ is amazing especially now as you get even stronger. It will get VERY boring. I cant stand MCPQ so I went to CD's for levels 38-44. I stopped missing around level 41 or 42. It is great exp! Very good spawn very, very good map! Only problem is, its mega crowded. Although if you don't want to deal with the CD crowds, then you can go to Retz if you want. They are much better than CD's in exp and the map is pretty big. However! Over everything here, my prime suggestion is the following. I heard about this other spot, people said its amazing! I level every ten, fifteen minutes there! So i tried it out. Grupins, Cellions, and Lioners at Stairway to the Sky I and thats when I almost peed myself. It is actually the best thing you can do from level 43 or 44, to about 51 or 52. Another good thing about this is, it is virtually empty. DO THIS WHEN YOUR THIS LEVEL! Or... of course, you can go to Teddies, however, at this level there are far better things you can do. Although, if for some reason everything else is crowded you may come here.


  • Dead Scarecrows (Lvl.50) XXXX OO ZZZ <5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Scarecrow
  • Drakes (Lvl. 52) XXX OO ZZ <3>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drake Cave: Sunless Area
  • Dark Fissions, Oly Oly (Lvl. 52,56) XXX OO ZZ <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malaysia: Muddy Banks 1
  • Bloctopus, King Bloctopus (Lvl. 54, 58) XX OO Z <3.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eos Tower 33rd Floor
  • White Fang (Lvl. 55) XXX OO Z <4>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------El Nath: Cold Field II
  • Moon Bunny (Lvl. 55) XXX OO Z <4>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Korean Folk Town: Entrance to Black Mountain
  • Toy Trojan (Lvl. 57) XX OO Z <3>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Sky Terrace <5>

Now, for levels 51-60 I had some difficulty finding a good fast spot. My friend had mentioned Dark Fissions and Oly Oly's at Muddy Banks 1 so I tried it out. It is actually a great training spot for level 51-56 or 57. However, the only reason I did Fissions is because Dead Scarecrows is hell. Sure its amazing exp, but its very hard to find a ch, and if you ever do find a ch, its hard to keep a ch without being ksed. Drakes is also another option its also great exp, but I prefer Dark Fission map better. I have also heard many good things about White Fangs. The experience is really good, the map is a little big though, but the spawn is also great! You can try these out if Scarecrows or Fissions are full. Moon Bunnies are similiar experience to White Fangs however I prefer this map much more. You can check this out if you don't like the White Fang map. Finally Toy Trojans in Ludibrium are also pretty decent exp. Usually not popular and can be a nice chilled out training spot. You can pretty much do anyone of these training spots at any level between 51-60.


  • Pirate Party Quest (Lvl. 60+) XXX OOO ZZ <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dimensional Portal
  • Ghost Ship Part Quest (Lvl 60+) XXX OOO ZZ <4.5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dimensional Portal
  • Voodoo/Hoodoo (Lvl. 60) XX OO Z <3>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sophia's Bedroom
  • Robo (Lvl. 61) XX OO Z <3.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Toy Factory
  • Master Robo (Lvl. 63) XX OO Z <4>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium Toy Factory Zone 3
  • Rowdy Puppets (Lvl.66) XX OO Z <5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Francis's Room (This is a quest, dont hand it in! Req. lvl 66)
  • Bernard Gray, Zeta Gray (Lvl. 65, 67) XXX OO Z <3.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Omega Sector: Kulan Field II
  • Guard Robot (Lvl. 67) XXX OO Z <3.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verne Mine: Shaft Entrance 1
  • Plateon (Lvl. 69) XXXX OOO Z <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Omega Sector: Boswell Field III
  • Twisted Jesters (Lvl. 70) XXX OO ZZZ <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown

Levels 61-70 are pretty fast actually. You can PQ your way to 70 by doing either PPQ or Ghost Ship PQ which are both good exp. Or what I did was Master Robos in Ludibrium starting at level 59 I think. I missed a lot but as I leveled it got easier and easier. Zeta Gray's are great exp at mid level 60's, its just a pain to get there, but it is usually not crowded so thats good. Rowdy Puppets are godly exp at this level. Very, very fast however you can only enter for ten minutes. From what I've heard, all you need to do is not hand in the quest and you can enter as many times as you like. You need to be at least Level 66 to do this quest and have the opportunity to enter the Rowdy Puppet hideout (Check Commonly Asked Questions if you want a more detailed explanation on Rowdy Puppets). Plateons are amazing exp, I highly, highly recommend starting these at around 64/65. They are great exp, have great spawn and the map is quite nice and easy going aswell. You can use the luring to a side then Quad Blowing everything technique (it works well on 1 floor maps). Plateons are a great way to pick up the speed as these levels are somewhat slow. Otherwise, if you don't like Plateons (nearly impossible) head to TJ's! TJ's are a really really great training spot, you can start at around 65. Although, keep in mind TJ's are super populated, if you manage to get a spot in the first place at TJ's you will a lot of the time be ksed. Its even worse if your at a much lower level, because then you are even more vulnerable.


  • Pirate Party Quest (Lvl. 60+) XXX OOO ZZ <4>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dimensional Portal
  • Twisted Jesters (Lvl. 70) XXX OO ZZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown
  • Big Spider (Lvl. 72) XX OO Z <3.5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verne Mine: Shaft II
  • Mecateon (Lvl. 71) XX OO Z <4>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Omega Sector) Hidden Street: Mecateon Field
  • Master Chronos (Lvl. 75) XXX OO Z <3>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Lost Time <2>
  • Sand Rats, Scorpions (Lvl. 77,81) XXX OOO ZZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunset Road: Sahel 2
  • Straw Target Dummies (Lvl. 82) XX OOO Z <3>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mu Lung: Practice Field: Beginner

For levels 71-80, you can of course continue doing PPQ, or Big Spiders are a very good choice. They are great exp for an average amount of HP and the spawn/map is perfect. I suggest staying here in the late 60's or early 70's. Or of course, you can continue to TJ which is still great exp at this level. Master Chronos is also an ideal training spot for some classes. The map is quite big though, but the amount of exp given is very nice. The HP is pretty average to on it. You can come here early to mid 70's. Next is Scorpion! Yes, the weak scorpions we all remember. However Big Bang completely changed them. They are an amazing training spot for mobbers like the Battle Mage and the exp is just perfect. I suggest coming here if Big Spiders is getting slow or if TJ's are packed. Its great training for late 70's. Straw Target Dummies are decent exp, if you cant find a spot anywhere else, you might want to come here. The map is flat and the spawn is good, the exp on the other hand is decent.


Iron Mutae (Lvl. 83) XXX OOO ZZZ <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area B-3
Reinforced Iron Mutae (Lvl. 84) XXX OO ZZ <4.5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area A-3
Mithril Mutae (Lvl. 86) XXXX OO ZZ <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area B-1
Vikerola (Lvl. 87) XXXX OOO ZZZ <4.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3
Grizzly, Panada (Lvl. 85, 89) XXX OOO Z <4.5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mu Lung: Wild Bear Area 2
Roid (Lvl. 88) XXXX OOO ZZZ <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1
Neo Huroid (Lvl. 89) XXXX OOO ZZZ <5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2

Levels 81-90, wow your pretty far! Well, at the begging of these levels I suggest heading off to Iron Mutae because the map that I have provided above is flat, the exp is good, and the spawn is just so great. It is definitely one of the best training spots in the early to mid 80's. If you feel you are getting a little to strong for Iron Mutae you can travel a 2 minute distance to Reinforced Iron Mutae which is very similar to Iron Mutae except a little bit stronger, meaning a little more exp! However, the Reinforced Iron Mutae map may be different from the regular Iron Mutae map so you might wanna stay at the regular Iron Mutae if you feel you can kill faster here. Once your sick of those, I highly recommend switching to Mithirl Mutaes as they do give more exp, spawn is very good, and the map is quite small and easy to get around for BaMs. For mid-80's Vikerolas are a great place to train. The exp is godly and the spawn is decent, I just don't really like the awkward map. What I'm doing, is I will go right to Iron Mutae at level 80, grind there until around 85, 86 then I am travelling to Roids which is right by Iron Mutae. This is what I recommend you do as Roids are a fantastic source of experience and the map is very flat and easy going. Although, if you feel you are starting to surpass roids, you can move a couple maps to Neo Huroid which is just a little bit stronger meaning a little bit more experience. However, there is an alternative, Grizzlys and Pandas are very, very good experience and the spawn is very good too. The map is rather big though, but a really good thing about this spot to is that barely anyone knows about it! These are some of my favorite easy levels.


Selkie Jr, Slimy (Lvl. 90,93) XXX OOOO ZZZ <4.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Singapore: Mysterious Path 3
AF Android (Lvl. 93) XXX OO Z <4>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gelimer Research Lab: Android Research Lab
Gallopera (Lvl. 94) XXX OOOO ZZZ <4>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malaysia: Entrance to the Spooky World
Dreamy Ghost (Himes) (Lvl. 100) XX OOO Z <2>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha
Mr. Anchor (Lvl. 98) XXX OOO Z <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Singapore: Ghost Ship 6
Homunscullo, Homunculus (Lvl. 98,100) XXX OOO ZZ <4>----------------------------------------------------------------------------Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - Unit 202

Wow! You are fast approaching level 100. In order to get there, I suggest either starting out at Selkies and Slimys at the very early 90's as the spawn is REALLY, REALLY good, and the map is big. The only thing that is just decent is the amount of exp one Selkie/Slimy gives. Your other option is going to Gallopera which even though were nerfed, the spawn is still the same great spawn as well as the easy-going map. Dreamy Ghost (Himes) are not the greatest option at this level since they got nerfed.. Come to think of it they weren't the best source of exp before BB either. However, if all other maps are taken you can come here. Also around 95 you can start training at Mr. Anchor, the experience is great, the spawn is great and the map is nice and small. Its even uncrowded to! I recommend checking this out to see how you like it. Lastly, for this level range are Homunscullo and Homunculus. These are very, very good exp, and a nice flat map, as well as some great spawn. I definitely encourage you to come here at either mid or late 90's.


Selkie Jr, Slimy (Lvl. 90, 93) XXX OOOO ZZZ <4>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Singapore: Mysterious Path 3
Gallopera (Lvl. 94) XXX OOOO ZZZ <3.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malaysia: Entrance to the Spooky World
Klock, Dark Klock (Lvl. 102, 105) XXX OO Z <3.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time <2>
Kru, Captain (Lvl 103, 105) XXX OO Z <4.5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 1, 2, 3
Ghost Pirate (Lvl. 110) XXX OOO ZZ <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time <3>
Death Teddy (Lvl. 112) XXX OO Z <4.5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time <3>
Dual Ghost Pirate (Lvl. 114) XXXX OOO ZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time
Master Death Teddy (Lvl. 116) XXXX OOO Z <4.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Lost Time
Crocky The Gatekeeper (Lvl. 115) XXXXX O ZZZ <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1
Yeti (Lvl. 117) XXX OO Z <3>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------El Nath: Ice Valley I, II
Black Kentaurus (lvl. 118) XXX OOO ZZ <4>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leafre: The Area of Black Kentaurus
Spirit Viking (Lvl. 119) XXXX OOO ZZ <4.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time <4>
Phantom Watch (Lvl. 121) XXXX OOO ZZ <4.5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time <4>
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Lvl. 122) XXXX OOO Z <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Twisted Time

There are tons of possible training spots for levels 101-120, some of course, better than others. FIRST, I must mention to you that these levels tend to be some of the slowest in the entire game! Just be patient and at 120 it will start to get a little faster. Anyways, Selkies and Slimys at MP3 are still very good exp, even at this level. However, it will definitely get slow fast from here on. You can do it until maybe 105 if you really wanted to. Galloperas are also still good at this level, however I think MP3 at this point is better. If you don't feel like Mp3ing any more/your tired of it you can try out Klocks and Dark Klocks. I've heard a lot of good stuff about these, you can try coming here late 90's or early 100's. Kru and Captain are a decent source of exp, they might be alright to try around early level 100's as well. Ghost Pirates are very good, I highly recommend to start these around mid 100's. Death Teddy's are pretty good to. You can try to see which one you like the best out of Ghost Pirates and Death Teddys. Think about Map and HP, because the spawn is about the same and Death Teddy's give a little more exp. Then once you have it figured out, grind there until around 109 then you can head off to Dual Ghost Pirates. These are fantastic from what I have heard, great exp, great spawn, big map. It might be a little crowded though but still try these ones out until they get slow for you. Master Death Teddys are also great exp. This is sorta like regular Ghost Pirates and regular Death Teddy's, try to find out which map you like better. The Dual Ghost Pirates, or the Master Death Teddy's. Once you have that figured out, grind on either one of them until about 115. At this point, if you wanted to try Yeti's you can, but I don't REALLY recommend it that much... Its decent exp, spawns is alright, map is a little bit awkward. Black Kentaurus are probably better than Yetis. You can come here if you want, it would probably be some pretty decent experience around level 114/115. What I REALLY recommend though, is Spirit Vikings at level 114/115. These are great exp, great spawn, but a little bit of an awkward map for some, but try this out see how you like it. If you don't like that, you can start Phantom Watch's at 115/116, these are also supposed to be very good experience at this level. Again pick whichever one you like out of Spirit Vikings or Phantom Watch's and stay there until about 118/119. At which point you can head off to Gigantic Spirit Vikings which is a little more experience than regular Spirit Viking's or Phantom Watch's. I recommend coming here right before fourth job. Overall, this is where LHC becomes the most efficient. Just go there at level 115.


Crocky The Gatekeeper (Lvl. 115) XXXXX O ZZZ <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1
Bearwolf (Lvl. 122) XXXX O ZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 4,5
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Lvl. 122) XXX OOO Z <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Twisted Time
Phantom Watch (Lvl. 122) XXX OOO Z <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time <4>
Grim Phantom Watch (Lvl. 124) XXX OOO Z <4.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Forbidden Time
Werewolves, Lycanthrope (Lvl. 127, 129) XXX OOO ZZ <5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------El Nath: Wolf Territory III
Rexton (Lvl. 131) XXX OOO Z <4.5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leafre: Dragon Forest II
Coolie Zombies (Lvl. 132) XX O ZZ <3.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees I, II, III, IV
Brexton (Lvl. 133) XXX OOO Z <4.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leafre: Dragon Forest III
Bain (Lvl. 136) XXXX OOO ZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zipangu: Armory
Green Cornian (Lvl. 136) XXX OOO Z <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leafre: The Burning Forest
Blue Wyvern (Lvl. 137) XX OO Z <3>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden Street: Blue Wyvern's Nest
Memory Monk (Lvl. 142) XXX OO Z <3.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Memory Lane1
Memory Guardian (Lvl. 145) XXX OOO ZZ <5>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Memory Lane3

Ever since Lionheart Castle, its the best place to train. If you hate Lionheart Castle then read the following wall of text. Also you could try Bearvolves at around 130. Levels 121-140, the experience starts to pick up a little bit. Early 120's, you can try Grim Phantom Watch, they are great experience at this time and the spawn is good. Pick whichever one you like better out of Gigantic Spirit Vikings or Grim Phantom Watch since they are both VERY similar. It is just a matter of whichever map you feel more comfortable in so you can kill monsters the fastest. Once your about 126/127, you can start killing Collie Zombies. Yes they got changed in Big Bang, and now they are an alright 12x/13x training spot! Good experience, not great spawn but it has a really nice and flat map. Although, a few maps before Coolies, are Werewolves and Lycanthrope, these are fantastic spawn and experience, I also like the map since there is a teleporter that transfers you up and down. Its very easy to get used to, I strongly recommend coming here at around 127. Rexton/Brexton were next for me at 130, they were great training, the only problem I had was adjusting to the map...Green Cornians are apparently pretty good exp as well. You can try these out if you want around 130/131. At around 134, I wen't to Bains and I loved it. Flat map with a great spawn, I highly recommend coming here. Blue Wyverns are decent experience. I don't HIGHLY recommend coming here however you can try it out around 131/132 if you'd like. Memory Monks are really good exp, and decent spawn, however the map is HUGE. This would be an alright training spot to start around 136/137. I think probably the best thing to start doing around level 139/140 is Memory Guardians. The experience is fantastic, just like the spawn, the map is big here, but this time its alright because there are monsters everywhere! This is highly recommended.


Bearwolf (Lvl. 122) XXXX O ZZ <5>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 4,5
Castle Golems (Lvl. 127) XXXXX O ZZ <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Tall Castle Walls 1, 2
Chief Memory Guardian (Lvl. 148) XXXX OOO ZZ <4.5>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Memory Lane4
Skelegon, Skelosaurus (Lvl. 147, 153) XXXX OOOO Z <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mini Dungeon: The Restoring Memory
Chief Qualm Guardian (Lvl. 157) XXXX OOO Z <4.5>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Road of Regrets4
Chief Oblivion Guardian (Lvl. 166) XXXX OOOO ZZZ <5>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Road to Oblivion4

Once again, if you like lion heart castle, please disregard the following wall of text.
At these levels, experience starts slowing down. But what do you expect? Your in the 140's now! Chief Memory Guardians are a very good thing to do if your funded. Highly recommded if your funded as the exp is great just like the spawn. But they have quite a bit of HP. If your not funded you can go to Skelegons and it will be a little better. The best thing you can pretty much do from about 147-161, is Skelegon/Skelosaurus. Chief Qualm Guardians are good exp, good spawn, but I find the Qualm maps to be a little harder to do well in (might just be me). You can try to start these if you want around 152/153. Lastly, Chief Oblivion Guardians. These are amazing experience. Definitely come here around 163/164. Amazing exp, amazing spawn, and I actually really like this ToT map. Very easy to use effectively and successfully. You can do this for a while and it will still be pretty good.


Chief Oblivion Guardian (Lvl. 166) XXXX OOOO ZZZ <4.5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Lane: Road to Oblivion4
Castle Golems (Lvl. 127) XXXXX O ZZ <5>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lion King's Castle: Tall Castle Walls 1, 2

Levels 171-200. Wow I salute thee. Congratulations, you have made it all the way here. Not really much you can do at these levels. First I suggest Chief Oblivion Guardians as it is still amazing experience as I mentioned above. You can actually do this for a pretty long time, HOWEVER, as soon as Lionheart Castle comes out. Get off Chief Oblivions, and get right on Lionheart Castle. I heard its going to be a great fun spot (possibly party spot?) for levels 170+. You can train on the monsters in here all the way until 200. I will update which specific monsters/maps to do inside Lionheart Castle as soon as it comes out. KEEP IN MIND, TRAINING AT THESE LEVELS WILL BE HELL, JUST KEEP PUSHING!

Commonly asked questions

Can the auras stack/can they be stacked?

The answer to this question is the auras can be stacked from what I've heard. But only if you are in a party with another Battle Mage and both of you are casting a different Aura on eachother. Otherwise, if you are just trying to stack it alone, no it will not work.

If you don't max out Blue Aura in First Job can you still advance to the Fourth Job?

The answer to this is YES! Just because you have leftover SP in the Third Job, does not mean you cannot advance to the Fourth Job. A mistake like this would be catastrophic for Nexon. If you do have leftover SP, it just sits there because you cannot use SP from First Job on Second Job etc..

Can you explain the Rowdy Puppets to me?

The Level 66 quest (Please Help Us Clean Francis's Room) is given to you by the secretary right at the start of the Verne Mine. She gives you the quest and grants you access to a little hidden map to her left. You can go inside the hidden map and kill Rowdy Puppets for ten minutes. Once those ten minutes are up, you will be escorted out. Do not hand in the quest once you have completed it! If you do, you will not be allowed back into the training map. Just go right back in without handing in the quest as many times as you want. (Btw the Rowdys are amazing exp at that level, but the spawn is ok).

  • Thanks to Kyuubi2Master for clarifying this*

Can you use the SP you get from Third Job on Second Job/Fourth Job on Third Job?

The answer to this is no. The SP you get from First Job is only usable on First Job Skills, just like the SP you get from Second Job is only usable on Second Job Skills, etc.

Thank you everybody for all your help!