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Battlemage PvP Guide

##Updated Post Union


Hello everyone. I would like to start off this thread by introducing myself to everyone. My name is Justin, and I am trying to make my Battlemage my main character because of their epic PvP skills. I am definitely not the best at PvP, but I have a lot of experience and I am consecutively getting better by the minute. I made this guide because I have seen many threads on the Battlemage section of Basilmarket asking questions of how to "get better". I would also like to say that I couldn't have made this guide what it is without all of the help from many of the comments below.

Lets get started

Battlemages are known as one of the best classes at PvP because of their multiple invincibility skills{Advanced Blue Aura/Blue Aura+Body Booster(3rd Job), Twister Spin(4th Job), and Party Shield(4th Job). Not only do they have great invincibility skills, but their main attack(Quadruple/Quintuple/Fnal Blow) has no delay and great strength.


1)When you see a fist drop, HURRY! Don't let anyone get to it before you. This will help you do A LOT more damage and get many more kills.
2)Just because the fist is the most important drop, don't be afraid to go after those other drops when you need them(Hp/Mp, shield, mystery boxes)
3)Many people say that Teleport Mastery should not ever be used during PvP and that it is useless, well this is wrong. In most cases, you do not want Teleport Mastery on because it slows you down, but it is a great skill to use while in twister spin since the lag does not take effect while in your little purple tornado. Once you get out of Twister Spin, then you will want to uncast Teleport Mastery. (I don't know if this is only me or if it is a glitch so I don't feel like I should take this tip down just yet, but it doesn't seem like you can use teleport while in Twister Spin. If this is not a glitch and I am not just one misfortunate player, than Tip#3 is obsolete.
4)There are some skills that may penetrate your invincibility such as guard/counter and DOT skills so don't get TOO out of control when invincible. If you have very low hp left, take the advantage of your invincibility and run, search for hp drops, defense shields and mystery boxes.

PvP 30+

I do not recommend playing PvP between levels 30-69. The reason for this is because you are not much better than any other class with no invincibility skills or other strong attacks such as Dark Shock and Dark Genesis. I would train to about level 80 until you start PvP which I will why explain later(This is just my suggestion, it is completely up to you whether or not you want to wait til 70+ or not before you start PvP.

PvP 70+

At level 70+ you finally get your first invincibility skill(Advanced Blue Aura+Body Booster for 10 seconds of invincibility)!
Before I start helping you with techniques to easily defeat your opponent, I would like to say that you should max Body booster and have at least 1 skill point on every one of your skills before you start PvP. I may be wrong, but I believe that Advanced Blue Aura+Body Booster does not give 10 seconds of invincibility until max level(20).
1) I hear many Battlemages claim that Demon Slayers are always hard too beat with their Carrion Breath and Soul eater. Well, I have recently found an easy way to avoid that. When you use Advanced Dark Chains(ADC) or Dark Chains(DC) on a Demon Slayer when they are using either one of these skills, it will be automatically canceled out and they will be stunned for about 3 seconds giving you the chance to take the offensive.
2) Take advantage of invincibility, it lasts for a total of 10 seconds which gives you a decent amount of time to attack with absolutely no worries of your health.
3) Try not to use Hyper Dark Chains when the enemy is jumping, for it will have no affect and although only a 5 second cooldown may not sound like a lot, you may need it sooner than that. You your skills wisely.
4) When you can see someone with low heath, use Dark Shock as soon as possible so that no one steals your kill. Dark Shock will do about 1/5 of your opponent's health and has a great range with a low, 5 second cooldown, take advantage of that

PvP 120+

This is where PvP really gets fun for us Battlemages, with 3 invincibility skills, 120+ is our time to shine.
1)I like to start with ABA+Body Booster as soon as I get in the game. With those quick 10 seconds of invincibility, you can get a good K.O or 2 within the first few seconds of your reincarnation.
2)When I see a big mob of people, I like to cast Twister Spin right in the middle of the group(Don't forget to cast Teleport Mastery right before twister for about 2x the damage). You should get a few kills from that and loose nearly no health. When Twister Spin is over, don't forget to uncast Teleport Mastery because the lag can be quite a bother.
3)by [s=/user/BurningBladeIV]BurningBladeIV[/s]
I like to share a basic combo here, its a life saver sometimes.
ADV dark chain > Finishing blow (Dont use the Finsher yet) > Dark chain > Finishing Blow > The Finsher > Dark Shock > dark gene if their running away.
I use this combo all the time and tooked out 80% of my enemy's HP (Without the dark gene).
And i recommend you BaMs to teleport AWAY from any Poison mist and stuff. Sometimes, poison can get u at the very last moment. or atleast u can chain the F/P out of the mist so then the F/P wont be able to Mist Explosion, this is how u fight a F/P. ill post more on how a BaM fights other class

What Aura Should I Use?

This question should no longer be a problem. Since the Union Update, we can now stack auras. I would also like to point out that since the Auras have a delay when casting them one after the other. So I have figured out a solution to this problem. If you use ADA, then macro(Booster+Drain), then AYA, then macro(Conversion+Stance), then finally, ending with ABA, it will get rid of the delay saving about 5 seconds of valuable PvP time.

Skill Damage/Cooldown

I am sure most of you know that the damage and cool down of most skills are different in PvP. The list below shows the Damage and Cool down of most of the changed Battle Mage skills. Credits to Mystelteinn
by Mystelteinn

Here's a list i made from a site (HS) for the skills we mostly use in PvP :

Hyper Dark Chains
Level 20: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 250%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Knock Down Duration: 1 sec

Blood Drain
Only up to 10% of your Max HP can be recovered with each attack.
Level 20: MP Cost: 75, Duration: 120 sec, recovers HP equivalent to 40% of the damage you do

Dark Shock
Level 20: MP Cost: 85, Damage: 607% Max Monsters Hit: 4, Additional Critical Hit Rate: 50%, Cooldown: 5 sec

Level 10: MP Cost: 100, MaxHP +30%, Duration: 120 sec

ABA (Advanced Blue Aura)
Level 20: Active Effects - MP Cost: 62, absorbs 10% of the distributed damage, Defense: +60%. Passive Effects - Abnormal Status Resistance: +20%, Elemental Resistance: +20%

Finishing Blow
Level 30: MP Cost: 60, Damage: 117%, Max Attacks: 6, Max Monsters Hit: 4

Twister Spin
Level 30: MP Cost: 170, Damage: 583%, Duration: 8 sec, Cooldown: 60 sec

Dark Genesis
Level 30: Active Effects - MP Cost: 400, Damage: 1077%, Max Monsters Hit: 15, Stun Chance: 15%, Stun Duration: 1 seconds, Cooldown: 30 seconds. Passive Effects - Dark Shock Damage: +60%

ADA (Advanced Dark Aura)
Level 30: Active Effects - MP Cost: 60, +15%, continuously deals 60% per sec to nearby enemies when using Dark Aura. Passive Effects - Magic Attack: +30.

AYA (Advanced Yellow Aura)
Level 30: Active Effects - MP Cost: 50, Movement Speed: +35, Attack Speed: +1 step, Dodge Chance: 20% chance, Enemy Movement Speed: 30. Passive Effects - Dodge Chance: +20%

Party Shield
Level 20: MP Cost: 150, Duration: 7 sec

Level 30: MP Cost: 90, Knock-back Resist Chance: 90%, Duration: 300 sec

Maple Warrior
Level 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

More Coming Soon

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