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Bishop Guide

##Bishop's Guide

This guide is not totally comprehensive, it assumes some amount of background maple experience, but that is not to smite the noobs. I try to give information that helps the most people, but if you have a question on a specific issue, comment or PM me and I will be glad to help.

The Role of a Bishop

RED has made us bossers. The dynamic of the game has changed, and it is largely solo till higher levels, and bishops are one of the most difficult classes to get to those high levels, but you are rewarded. We have become extremely useful bossers, and HoH and Golems are still party play. You can do whatever you want as a bishop, but we have a lot of things that suggest that they should be used to boss.

Guide Updates

Last Update: 12/04/2013

Once the servers are up and I get some time, I can fine tune.


How much LUK?

  1. You don't need LUK anymore. Enjoy it. You'll never accidentally unequip something and not be able to attack for another 3 hours until you could make a LUK potion.

The Best Possible Equips

Terminus Staff

Scroll with event scrolls to get +70 to +90 then enhance. Can break 350 m.att. Cube for %Bossing or %Damage with a Bossing neb. PDR isn't necessary on a Bish weapon, you can reach 100% without it.

Bonus potential on weapons allow you to get the same amount of %Magic as regular potential, so if you have the coin, go for %Boss and %Damage for regular potential, then %magic in the bonus.

The Fafnir set is by no means obsolete, but Terminus has higher base magic, and the %boss from Fafnir can be acquired with the Alien Fragment Set.

Alien Fragment Helmet
50 all stats and 15 slots, if you can get a scroll for armor for magic attack to land, you are golden.

Fafnir hat can be used instead if you would rather get that set.

RA Bottom, RA Top

Regardless of if you use the other two pieces, having a top and bottom as opposed to an overall will always be the better option.

If you are ok with untradable for life, Dimension Gloves are OP, especially for mages. Scrolling for m. att on gloves isn't as easy as regular att, so having a high base is important.

If you want gloves you can eventually trade, DT gloves still work, but Ame-no-Uzume gloves would be better.

Tyrant Gloves will be out soon enough.

Face, Eye

These are silent crusade equips that are potable and chaosable. 3rd tier makes these a better option over something like specs or branch nose, although the Mystic equips are untradable.

These equips are untradable, and while they are very good, I do not recommend spending a lot of money making them good unless you are ABSOLUTELY committed to your character.

Alien Fragment Accessories
Two pendants, the earrings, and the ring will get you 50 magic attack and 30% boss. Individually, the equips are just okay, but the set makes them quite attractive. The elites should get magic att on the pendants then chaos, the ring is unfortunately not potable.

Earrings should be scrolled with scrolls for INT (add 5 magic att)

Tyrant Belt, shoes, Cape

These equips are OP. If you want to be the best, you need to get these three, use one scroll, then enhance. Get an absurd amount of all stats and m.att.

Lightning God Ring
  • Throws up everywhere

White Angelic Blessing

Tempest Ring

Tier 3 potable, chaos and bonus pot it.

Explorer's Magical Ring

Available from an event over a year ago, if you have it on another char and can xfer it still, DO IT!

Only 5 m. att, but it has 5% crit and 20% crit damage. Bishops have a base of 75% crit, with Hypers and Phantom Link and this ring, 100% crit rate means this ring give 20% damage

Black Tink Shoulder

OP shoulder part of an OP set with Black Tinker Belt, might be worth it instead of tyrant. Best solo shoulder, either way.


Scroll for as much m.att as possible then cube for PDR or %Boss based on what you need. Shield are sub weapons now.

Do not go for %INT anymore

You can use the White Gold Book as well, but you can get much more m. att on a shield.

Go for over level 100, equips below that don't get as much boss damage.

General Equips

HELP! I don't know which equips are easily accessible, if you do, let me know.

Its honestly preference at this point, but I like Edelstein. Its good exp and only 5 minute blimp ride.

  • Lvl 30- lvl50
Mushking Castle->CDs->Chryse, or if you just want to straight grind then scarecrows

  • Lvl 50- Lv100

I do random Magatia monsters, there may be better alternatives, but if you have played the game you should have your own preferences.

  • Lvl 100-lvl165
LHC party play was nerfed, Evo World is the way to go.
  • Lvl 165+
Stronghold. Party play was nerfed, but training in solitude as a bishop isn't recommended.

  • Lv180-200

HoH, the last map in SH. Party play isn't nerfed, thankfully.

  • Lv200+
Golems. You need strength and a keen pot reflex, though. They are strong.


Angel Ray Runners

Angel Ray is your main attacking skill, get it ASAP! RED may have made it available without having to get the book, but until I can confirm that, here is the list of Angel Ray Runners. Ask them if you need help!

BasilIDWorldIGN 1IGN 2

Righteously Indignant

Vengeance of Angel in KMS, or VoA for short. Much cooler name so it is the one that I use.

This is the buff that makes Angel Ray much stronger, unlocked in the hyper skill window at level 150. RED has changed the use of this hyper. When it is deactivated, all attacks get a 40% boost. Activated, it is almost like the Hero skill Enrage, we lose the 40% damage buff, but Angel Ray goes from 4 to 8 hits, but only on one target. You can now buff with it on.

What skills to use/ not to use

This was more relevant before RED, when we had skills that were rather useless. Nonetheless, I'll explain the new dynamic for the class.

For mobbing, our best bet now is to use Genesis, then while that is on cool down, use Big Bang, which does full damage without requiring charging, and can be jump casted while Genesis is on cool down. Once you can use genesis again, use it, then continue with Big Bang. VoA should remain inactive.

While bossing, turn on VoA and use Angel Ray. 8 hits. Yum-yum.


We have been given many offensive tools, but we have become OP healers as well. Angel Ray heals party members, ignoring zombify, and we can summon a healing fountain that party members can stand in front of to heal themselves.

We can dispel all statuses now, and each time we do, part of the CD on divine protection, the skill that keeps us protected from a single status ailment, is reset. The ideal situation is you use divine protection, everyone else gets afflicted, you dispel them, resetting the Cooldown so you can be protected again.

Angelic Blessing gives 10% boss damage to the party now, don't be afraid to use that as incentive to get involved with some runs.


Does it deserve its own category? I'd say so.


If you have the NX, get a pet and a MP pouch. It's so nice not having to worry about potting, especially when a boss 1/1s you.


In case you didn't know, NLC has the best potions in the game. Instead of being a set amount, which is far too low for bishop MP, it goes based of %. I highly recommend putting a secondary character in NLC to buy potions. Ginger ales are the best (recover 75% hp/mp) and only cost 3800 mesos.

Potion Pot

The greatest thing ever for 700nx. You fill it with potions and you put it on a key or on a pet pouch and it fully restores HP and MP in any scenario (including seduce and boss potion cancel). As a bishop, you can keep everyone else alive as long as you don't die yourself. While these potion pots do make our healing abilities to those that have them obsolete, if we have them ourselves, we can increase our survivability for those that don't.

For a more in depth guide on what specific techniques you should use while bossing, check out @WeatherProof's guide here:

Satan's Skill Build

Once the servers are up and I can mess around, I'll update this with RED skills.


This shouldn't take more than an hour so I'm just gonna say what you should have at the end.
[skill=Magician=Magic-Guard] - Magic Guard- MAX
[skill=Magician=Magic-Armor] - Magic Armor-MAX
[skill=Magician=MP-Boost] - MP boost-MAX
Then choose which ever attack you want to max, my recommendation is Magic Claw


Lv 301 Holy ArrowThis is better than Magician attacks and will help you train until you go to Jesters and use heal, but is useless after
Lv 312 Heal, 1 TeleportHeal, heals you and is a prereq skill, so add 2 into that, Teleport is for mobility
Lv 323 Heal (5)Meeting the prereq
Lv 333 InvincibleAfter you have 5 in heal, you can add to invincible which reduces damage taken, and is also a prereq
Lv 342 Invincible (5), 1 BlessMeeting the prereq for Bless, then a point to Bless. Bless is a party attack buff
Lv 35-3914 Bless (MAX), 1 Spell MasteryMaxing Bless, then adding Spell Mastery, which passively adds Magic Attack and raises the lower part of your range
Lv 40-429 Spell Mastery (MAX)Max SM
Lv 43-4715 Heal (MAX)Max Heal so it is stronger
Lv 48-495 High Wisdom (MAX), 1 Teleport (2)max High Wisdom because it increases your INT and therefore your range
Lv 503 Teleport (MAX)Max Tele
Lv 51-5820 MP Eater (MAX), 1 Invinvible (6)Restores MP as you attack, obvious choice
Lv 59-606 Invincible (12)Decreases damage received.

The results should be:

[skill=Cleric=MP-Eater] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=Teleport] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=Heal] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=Invincible] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=Bless] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=Holy-Arrow] - 1/20
[skill=Cleric=Spell-Mastery] - MAX
[skill=Cleric=High-Wisdom] - MAX

You should go back and max Invincible once you are 15X, and if you have any reason for HA that is when you would max it as well.


Lv 601 Shining RayThis is your main attack now
Lv613 DispelThis isn't needed if you stick to mainstream training, but is a prereq
Lv62-68Holy Symbol 20(MAX), 1 Teleport MasteryHoly Symbol. Duh. Do it now so you can level faster and share maps easier. TM is for extra damage
Lv69-78Holy Focus 10, Shining Ray 10 (11), Spell Booster 10Holy Focus passively makes you awesome, Shining Ray is your attack, SB increases speed.
Lv79-81Shining Ray 9 (MAX)Finish SR, Mystic lets you go to the nearest town and return
Lv82-84Teleport Mastery 9 (MAX)Max for the damage and the distance
Lv85-88Arcane Overdrive 10 (MAX), Door 2Passively increases Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Max it.
Lv89-91Mystic Door 8 (MAX), Doom 1Lasts longer, Max it
Lv92-98Holy Magic Shell 20 (MAX), Dispel 1 (4)Only useful for bossing really, but you need it nonetheless
Lv99-100Dispel 6 (MAX)Gets rid of most abnormal conditions, unnecessary for training usually, MAX now

The results should be:

[skill=Priest=Dispel] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Mystic-Door] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Holy-Symbol] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Shining-Ray] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Doom] - 4/10
[skill=Priest=Magic-Booster] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Teleport-Mastery] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Holy-Focus] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Holy-Magic-Shell] - MAX
[skill=Priest=Arcane-Overdrive] - MAX

Like the second job skills, you can go back and max Doom later.


Your SP build depends on your play style, if you plan on buffing more than attacking, you're not gonna level the same skills as a bishop who attacks more than buffs. I'm making one for a bishop that would be attacking, but if you a just a mule you obviously want to just max buffs not attacks.

Lv100: Angel Ray 1, Genesis 1, Advanced Blessing 1
Lv101: Buff Mastery 1, Big Bang 1, Bahamut 1
Lv102-110: Angel Ray 9 (10), Advanced Blessing 9 (10), Buff Mastery 9 (MAX)
Lv111-115: Angel Ray 5 (15), Advanced Blessing 5 (15), Resurrection 5 (MAX)
Lv116-120: Angel Ray 5 (20), Advanced Blessing 5 (20), Hero's Will 5 (MAX)
Lv121-130: Angel Ray 10 (MAX), Advanced Blessing 10 (MAX), Maple Warrior 10

Ok so at this point, you have all the skills you really need maxed, and are at a high enough level to be useful bossing, but moving on...

Lv131-150: Arcane Aim 30 (MAX), Infinity 30 (MAX)

Now is all preference. I personally party with people with good MW all the time so I don't need it. It really is unfortunate that Bishop's are expected to have MW because we have the least amount of useless skills. Bahamut wins in a Bahamut vs Genesis battle, because Bahamut is continuosly doing damage and adds status resistance. Big bang is useful in PVP and is good for a first hit on bosses, and for super funded people may be useful as an attack because of capping on Angel Ray. Genesis, while awesome, has limited practical use because of the slow cast time.

Hyper Skills
These were updated in RED, I'll update it when I can get on.

How the system works is by level 200, you have 6 stat enhancing passives (SP), 5 skill enhancing passives (PP), and 3 active skills (AP). You can reset these by paying mesos, but the more you do it, the more expensive it is (up to a max of 10mil after 5 resets).

For the stat enhancing passives, I would recommend Crit Rate 10%, MAX HP/MP 15%, INT +50, Speed plus 20, Jump plus 10. If your crit rate is already 100%, or don't care about speed or jump, then get LUK+50.

For the skill enhancing passives, I recommend CD reduce for shell, HS EXP*, HS DROP*, HS IMBUE BODY*, AB DAMAGE, and AB Extra Point.
  • Choose EXP and DROP when training, DROP and Imbue Body when bossing. If you are bossing at the point where Imbue body is necessary, you should be able to afford the switch, if not I would drop the AB extra point.

For the active skills, you get one point for each of them so it doesn't matter anyways.

Non-equip Improvements

Over the last year or so, Nexon has added a lot of different things that can make you better in addition to simply upgrading equips.

Aswan Inner Ability

I'm sure most of you have at least tried Aswan or Hilla by now, but if not, you can access it through the dimensional mirror.

You don't even need to Aswan anymore, they are unlocked at character levels, not honor levels.

The circulators found in game can bring the potential down a tier, so be wary! The cash ones don't, and can bring the tier to legendary, so if you are going hard, that is your best bet.

The abilities themselves are preference for the most part, but I'm going to make a few suggestions, keeping in mind that you are not likely to get more than 2 lines of something that you want:

Attack Speed: +2

This gets us to max attack speed, always a nice thing.

Increased Buff Duration

More infinity!

Damage increase of your choice

This last one you can adjust to your needs based on your other equips.

Link Skills

Every new character since Mercedes, Cannoneer, and Demon Slayer have had link skills. Here is a list with the more important ones being at the top:

Phantom: 10% Crit Rate

Part of the reason why bishops do not suck anymore is because of our high crit rate, if you can get it to 100%, then you can get crit damage gloves or hopefully get another event ring that gives it.

Kanna: 10% damage


Demon Slayer 10% Boss Damage


Angelic Burster: Damage Buff with CD

This is what you are gonna use when you kill all of zakums arms with one Heaven's Door

Demon Avenger 10% Boss

Xenon 10% all stat

Will of the Alliance

This is a buff that you get from becoming a member of the maple alliance: [skill=Beginner=Will-of-the-Alliance]

You start the quest by clicking the lightbulb on the left side of the screen, then talking to the Pirate Instructor, followed by Athena Pierce, the Bowman instructor, and it ends in Ereve talking to Cygnus.


This is all information that has come from conversing on forums and playing the game. Beyond whatever copyrights Basil may claim to the guide, I don't care who uses what. This is for you guys, not for me.