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Blaze Wizard Guide - SP, AP, training sp

Now with 100% more Tempest!
Thanks to a few amazingly helpful Basilers, this guide is complete, as for now. Thanks for everyone's help!

This guide has been timely updated for Tempest as of 5/12/13.

Alliance Eternal is a pretty great patch for us. Immediately, you'll notice the new beginner skill, Enhanced Spirit Power, which gives us +10 m. att and +20 spirit duration at levels 30, 50, 70, and 120. That's a startling high +50 m.att boost at level 120, in addition to increasing your 1st job Spirit's duration by 100 seconds (too bad it doesn't stack). Funding? Who needs funding when you get so much m.att over everyone else? You could run a bloody full luk build and still be stronger than any other mage up until 120 (I don't recommend trying though). After doing some extra quests, the Empress' Blessing now gives all your other characters on your account +30 (m)att, 6 more than before, and considering they made levelling a CK 2x easier, there is now even less of a reason not to have one on every one of your accounts. Flame Gear takes 10 less SP to max but, once again, isn't buffed. We also get High Wisdom and Teleport Mastery, both of which are pretty amazing moves.

So yeah, Blaze Wizards just got about 20% cooler.


Do you want to harness the power of Fire to destroy your enemies? Do you want to have the earliest ultimate in the game? Do you want to be unKSable? And most importantly, do you want a UA without being a Dawn Warrior like everyone else? Then Blaze Wizards are the perfect class for you!

  • One of Fastest levellers in the game from 101-120, AKA the "hell levels" for everyone else
  • 10% bonus exp every level (so you only need 90% to level up) on top of that, like the other CKs
  • 3rd job is a breeze with Fire Strike, as well as fire weak mobs (Dual Ghost Pirates anyone?)
  • Skills have amazing animations
  • Flame Gear in large maps like MP3 and DGP makes you unKSable
  • Insane survivability, highest MP in the game up to 120
  • Gives every other character on your account a massive 30 (m)att boost

  • Kind of low 1 vs 1 DPM
  • No party skills besides Meditation
  • Meteor can no longer be spammed
  • Must use insane amounts of Mana pots due to generally high MP costs, only exacerbated by Elemental Amplification
NOTE: This is easily remedied with a Jr Boogie familiar, which takes literally 5 seconds to drop. It continuously restores your 15% of your MP every 10 minutes, meaning you'll never touch an MP pot again!
  • Flame Gear is overshadowed by Poison Mist, which is stronger, lasts for longer, and is better overall
  • As of Tempest, most classes advance to 3rd job at level 60, and 4th at 100. Not so with Cygnus Knights, who advance to 3rd at 70, and don't get a 4th job (yet). However, Blaze Wizard's 3rd job is comparable to 4th for other classes.

UPDATE: Added training areas due to semi-popular demand! The guide in this section is pretty outdated (not everything is updated for post BB), so I'm going post a better one. Thanks to Papulatus for the original (I'm going to copy it's format here).
UPDATE 2:Improved training spots format (kinda). Added "at the end" for all jobs.
UPDATE 3: Gobies, anyone? Another old school training area has been added!
UPDATE 4: Tired of MP3 and Pirates? Klocks are fire weak monsters that have decent spawn in the Clock tower!
UDPATE 5: From now on, Papulatus is going to update his stickied guide using my information. So check there, and post comments here.
UPDATE 6: More spots for 100-120. I'm too lazy to do the formatting though.
UPDATE 7: Bringing this back alive! Tons of new content.
UPDATE 8: Nothing to do today, so I'm going to add skill descriptions.
UPDATE 9, 5-18-11: Woot! It finally got stickied! I have no idea how to do this though.
UPDATE 10, 5-25-11: Papulatus, the author of the old guide, is helping me. He did the skill icons. Contributors are still welcome.
UPDATE 11, 5-26-11: Many thanks to LEGENDairy for doing the formatting for my guide. He did the monster links, colors, the content links, and over 9000 other things! If you ever need help, he is a real pro at this (but don't bombard him with requests lol). He basically revamped the entire thing. I wrote the guide, but he made it look like a guide instead of a boring old thread post.
UPDATE 12, 6-29-11: If you're wondering why I haven't updated or been on Basil much, I got banned for another month . Since the Chaos update is going to take another 3 hours, I might as well update for it. Please note that all the final skill values have been updated, but the clickable icons aren't, at least until Mr. Basil updates them.
UPDATE 13, 7/21/11: This update took a while. Anyways, added in some more training spots (as if there already weren't enough) from the comments section
UPDATE 14, 8/10/11: Just a quick numbering fix.
UPDATE 15, 9/24/11: RIP the original Ascension update for this guide. I typed the entire update for Ascension. It took me 2 hours. And what do you know, there was an UNKNOWN ERROR. All my work wasn't saved. So you can thank Basilmarket's terrible servers for delaying the Ascension guide. I rewrote it, but the orginal will always been in my heart .
UPDATE 16, 9/25/11: Never gonna give it up, never going to let it down. Ascension for BWs, here I come again.
UPDATE 17, 9/26/11: Added a section on how to defeat the Black Witch, the other BW
UPDATE 18, 9/29/11: Updated training spots for the new stupid anti-botting system, which reduces exp and drops from monsters more than 4 levels below you.
UPDATE 19, 1/3/12: Optimization of 3rd job skill build. I also updated training spots for ascension, which I should have done last year, but meh, they're up now.
UPDATE 20, 4/11/12: I was just checking the site and I realized there was a huge update tomorrow. Just in time to update then!
UPDATE 21, 4/12/12: Redid the 2nd and 3rd job builds to actually make sense.
UPDATE 22, 4/16/12: Apparently only UA Sprites stack with summons :. Fixed.
UPDATE 23, 9/23/12: Randomly checked the site, and lo and behold, an update for BWs. Probably never going to come back to maple, but I still love the class and hope to yet inspire and guide prospective Blaze Wizards on the path of righteousness.
UPDATE 24: 4/9/13: Well back to Maple for some reason. Updating for Tempest.

AP Build and Equips guide

As of Tempest, luk requirements have been removed from all mage equips (beside level 164 e staffs, and BW max at 120). Ignore this guide; just get what you can. Equips are cheap now.
[s]There are three ways to go, Lukless, Low Luk, and regular luk.[/s] only go lukless, click AP auto-assign

Lukless means you have 4 LUK, 4 DEX, and 4 STR, and all AP into INT. The advantage of this is that you have more points into int (obviously), making you more powerful, not to mention even more MP over any other class. It doesn't take too much funding with the advent of maple weapons, but still, whether luckless mages have more damage is debatable. You have to wear low levelled mage equips (overall, shoes, etc) for your entire career, and your weapon will have to be scrolled well to catch up to a luk wand.
Still, being a lukless Blaze Wizard isn't too hard. Use the Beginner wand until level 25. Then kill Astaroth a couple times to get his wand or staff (not to hard, since I did it 5 times, and both dropped). You could scroll this really well since it has 10 slots, and use it for longer, or just get a maple staff at 35. At 43 you can buy a Maple Lama Staff, or do Lita Lawless' level 50 quest "Cleaning the Streets" for a free Nocturnal Staff. At level 64, just upgrade to a Maple Shine Wand.
Finally, your end game weapon is a Elemental Wand 1, which works quite well now actually since it gives a 20% bonus to fire type attacks, which are all your moves. But it is rather lacking in the m att department, 85 vs 113 for the Dimon Wand (level 98 luk wand), so scroll it well. If you can't afford an Elemental Wand 1, you could go for a Pyrope wand or Staff, which have more matt, but are actually weaker because they don't have the elemental bonus.
UPDATE: Go for the Tempest Staff and Wand. If not, Pyrope weapons are under 2m, and the Dragon Wand or Staff is your friend.

Weapon guide for Lukless:
Level 8: Wooden Wand
Level 25: Astaroth Wand/Staff
Level 35: Maple Staff
Level 43: Nocturnal Staff or Maple Lama Staff
Level 64: Maple Shine Wand
  • Level 70: Elemental Wand 1
Level 77: Maple Pyrope Staff or Wand
Level 98: Dimon Wand
Level 100: Tempest Wand or Staff
Level 108: Dragon Wand

Equips: Anything. Potential earrings, rings, belts, everything are extremely cheap now. Regular equips are good too. No luk required.

Low luk is IMO the best way to go. This means that you only add luk until you can equip everything. The benefit of this build is that you can equip the same things as a regular luk mage, but be slightly stronger. Most people cap at 50, but I added to 60 because I'm entirely unfunded. A Zhelm is really all you need funding wise, and if you can't afford one from the get go, you can look for cheap equips with potential luk in the FM (I have 7 luk gloves bought for 500k and 6 luk shoes bought for 400k). Recommended for 50 mil+ funding, still a decent option unfunded.

Weapon guide for Low LUK:
Equip whatever wand/staff you can with your luk.
Recommended end game is a Dimon Wand, which is cheap and easy to obtain.

Regular luk is for people who want to be a true (citation needed) mage, getting equipment upgrades every 10 levels, without worrying about having enough luk to equip stuff, or having godly scrolled weapons. Contrary to popular belief, having a regular luk build (I'd say around 80-90 luk) does not make you much weaker than a low luk or lukless. Recommended for unfunded people, or people who want to play maple story the old fashioned way.
  • For now, with the legend shop open, and free and easy to get lukless weapons, this is not a good idea.
Weapon guide:
You can equip everything you want! Yay!
Dimon Wand is again recommended, since the Dragon Wand is expensive, and you can only use the Reverse Wand for 2 levels.

1st Job

1st job skills

  • MP Boost [skill=Blaze-Wizard-1=Improving-Max-MP-Increase]
Level 10: Max MP +20%
This skill, although not as important as pre BB, makes you have even more MP (and thus survivability)
  • Magic Guard [skill=Blaze-Wizard=Magic-Guard]
Level 15: MP Cost: 13, Damage Displaced: 85% of your HP, Duration: 600 sec
A very important skill later on in late 2nd job and beyond. Allows you to take huge amounts of damage into your MP instead of your HP. This is good, because a level 120 Blaze Wizard has around 2k HP, but 14k+ MP, so you don?t die in 1 hit.
Post Alliance Eternal: 5% more displacement is nice to have. I hope you have that Jr. Boogie Familiar up at all times.
  • Magic Armor [skill=Blaze-Wizard-1=Magic-Armor]
Level 15: MP Cost: -16, Weapon DEF: +120, Magic DEF: +225, Duration: 225 sec
Much better than pre BB Magic Armor, as def matters more, and its def buff has been increase by 6x. Still, I would rather want a summon than a defense increase.
Post Chaos: Hmm, the 105 more magic defense seems very nice. Duration drop isn't too bad. I'm tentatively recommending Magic Armor over Flame, but we'll see how it plays out. If you were following my guide before, it's not much of a difference.
Post Alliance Eternal: Since Flame got buffed, I'm not longer recommending maxing this skill.
  • Magic Claw [skill=Blaze-Wizard-1=Magic-Claw]
Level 20: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 120% to 4 enemies
Your only attack in 1st job, hits pretty hard with a fire element as well. Still semi-useful in 2nd job.
Post Ascension: Now hits 3 monsters! Makes training that much faster
Post Champions: An additional target on top of that! Yay.
  • Flame [skill=Blaze-Wizard-1=Flame]
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 120%, Duration: 200 sec
The Blaze Wizard's version of the Cygnus summon. It really doesn't do much, but max it since summons are cool, and it can kill off those stray mobs with a few HP left.
Post Chaos: Only hits one monster now, but it rarely attacked more than one monster before anyway.
Post Alliance Eternal: You get a new skill, Enhanced Spirit Power, that buffs its duration by 20 seconds every 20 or 30 levels. Max it. It gets replaced at level 90 or so, but it's pretty useful for the whole time.

1st job SP Build

  • Level 10: 1 Magic Claw(1)
  • Level 11: 1 Flame (1), 2 Magic Claw (3)
  • Level 12: 3 Magic Claw (6)
  • Level 13: 3 Magic Claw (9)
  • Level 14: 3 Magic Claw (12)
  • Level 15: 3 Magic Claw (15)
  • Level 16: 3 Magic Claw (18)
  • Level 17: 2 Magic Claw (Maxed), 1 MP Boost (1)
  • Level 18: 3 MP Boost (4)
  • Level 19: 3 MP Boost (7)
  • Level 20: 3 MP Boost (10)

  • Level 21: 3 Magic Guard (3)
  • Level 22: 3 Magic Guard (6)
  • Level 23: 3 Magic Guard (9)
  • Level 24: 3 Magic Guard (12)
  • Level 25: 3 Magic Guard (Maxed)
  • Level 26: 3 Flame (4)
  • Level 27: 3 Flame (7)
  • Level 28: 3 Flame (Maxed)
  • Level 29: 3 Magic Armor (3)
  • Level 30: 3 Magic Armor (6)

At the End

20 Magic Claw (Maxed)
10 MP Boost (Maxed)
15 Magic Guard (Maxed)
10 Flame (Maxed)
6 Magic Armor

1st point goes into magic claw for your first attack . Don't make the mistake I did and get MP Boost first, because it's no longer necessary after Big Bang. 1 point into Flame because everyone loves a summon, and then max Magic Claw. MP Boost after so you can have even more massive amounts of MP. Magic Guard isn't that useful until level 40+, so that can be maxed a bit late into 1st job. After Alliance Eternal, max Flame because it continuously gets buffed up until 90, where it is replaced by Ifrit.

2nd Job

2nd Job Skills

  • Spell Mastery [skill=Blaze-Wizard=Spell-Mastery]
Level 20: Magic Mastery: 50%, Magic ATT: +10
Tired of hitting 20k, then 5k? Then get spell mastery! For only 4 payments of 5 SP each, your mastery will go up from 25% to 75%, making it that much more stable. But wait, there?s more! We?ll even throw in 10 free matt! 1-800-MAS-TERY. That?s 1-800-MAS-TERY. Call today!
Yeah dunno why I did that.
  • Meditation [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Meditation]
Level 20: MP Cost: 16, Magic ATT: +30, Duration: 200 sec
Your only party skill, it gives a rather nice boost to your damage.
Post Alliance Eternal: Gives +10 more m. att then before. Helpful.
Post Champions: Cool stacks with other buffs like Bless and Wizard Elixirs.
  • Slow [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Slow]
Level 10: MP -10; enemy's moving speed -40 for 40 sec.
Half as good as an explorer mage's Slow, but 1/2 the SP as well. Pretty useful on bosses like Bigfoot.
  • Fire Arrow [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Fire-Arrow]
Level 20: MP Cost: 32, Damage: 450%
The most useless skill you'll ever get as a Blaze Wizard. Hell, it?s the most useless skill ever programmed into this game. Takes way too much SP, only hits 1 (unlike its F/P counterpart) monster, and much weaker than Fire Strike.
Post Chaos: 10% more damage, still sucks, don't get it.
Post Ascension: Now the animation glows red after level 50! Totally worth the 30 SP!
Post Alliance Eternal: 10 less SP and 1 less MP cost doesn?t make up for its failure as an attack.
  • Teleport [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Teleport]
Level 20: MP Cost: 12, Range: 150
Extremely useful skill, makes you have mobility comparable to thieves. Use in conjunction with attacks for a technique called telecasting.
  • Spell Booster [skill=Blaze-Wizard=Magic-Booster]
Level 20: MP Cost: 20, Duration: 200 sec
Boosts your attacking speed by 3 stages at all levels, which really speeds up attacking.
Post Ascension: Pretty sure it is now -3 stages, which is very nice indeed.
  • Elemental Reset [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Elemental-Reset]
Level 10: MP Cost: 50, Elemental Attributes: -100%, Duration: 300 sec
Turns your attacks to neutral, used to hit fire resistant/immune monsters like Gobies, Alishar, Fire Tusks, etc.
  • Fire Pillar [skill=Blaze-Wizard-2=Fire-Pillar]
Level 20: MP Cost: 42, Damage: 400% on up to 6 monsters
A good mobbing skill, even at level 1. It hits all around you, and will be your main skill in 2nd job, and still useful in 3rd.
Post Chaos: Ooh 25% extra damage, might change some 2HKOs into 1HKOs.
Post Ascension: Ooh 25% more damage, might help somewhat. Also, range increased from 400 pixels to 500 pixels, so less telecasting?
Post Champions: Even moar damage, this time a massive buff of 50%.
  • High Wisdom [skill=Cleric=High-Wisdom]
Level 10: INT +40
About time we got this. I see no reason as to why this doesn't increase LUK like every other class version of this, but +40 INT is a pretty big boost (equivalent to 8 levels worth of AP).

2nd Job SP Build

  • Level 30: 1 Fire Pillar (1)
  • Level 31: 1 Teleport (1), 2 Spell Mastery (2)
  • Level 32: 3 Spell Mastery (5)
  • Level 33: 3 Spell Mastery (8)
  • Level 34: 3 Spell Mastery (11)
  • Level 35: 3 Spell Mastery (14)
  • Level 36: 3 Spell Mastery (17)
  • Level 37: 3 Spell Mastery (Maxed)
  • Level 38: 3 High Wisdom (3)
  • Level 39: 3 High Wisdom (6)
  • Level 40: 3 High Wisdom (9)

  • Level 41: 1 High Wisdom (Maxed), 2 Spell Booster (2)
  • Level 42: 3 Spell Booster (5)
  • Level 43: 1 Spell Booster (6), 2 Fire Pillar (3)
  • Level 44: 3 Fire Pillar (6)
  • Level 45: 3 Fire Pillar (9)
  • Level 46: 3 Fire Pillar (12)
  • Level 47: 3 Fire Pillar (15)
  • Level 48: 3 Fire Pillar (18)
  • Level 49: 2 Fire Pillar (Maxed), 1 Teleport (2)
  • Level 50: 3 Teleport (5)

  • Level 51: 3 Teleport (8)
  • Level 52: 3 Teleport (11)
  • Level 53: 3 Teleport (14)
  • Level 54: 3 Teleport (17)
  • Level 55: 3 Teleport (Maxed)
  • Level 56: 3 Meditation (3)
  • Level 57: 3 Meditation (6)
  • Level 58: 3 Meditation (9)
  • Level 59: 3 Meditation (12)
  • Level 60: 3 Meditation (15)

  • Level 61: 3 Meditation (18)
  • Level 62: 2 Meditation (Maxed), 1 Slow (1)
  • Level 63: 3 Spell Booster (9)
  • Level 64: 3 Spell Booster (12)
  • Level 65: 3 Spell Booster (15)
  • Level 66: 3 Spell Booster (18)
  • Level 67: 2 Spell Booster (Maxed), 1 Elemental Reset (1)
  • Level 68: 3 Elemental Reset (4)
  • Level 69: 3 Elemental Reset (7)
  • Level 70: 3 Elemental Reset (Maxed)

At the End

20 Spell Mastery (Maxed)
10 High Wisdom (Maxed)
20 Fire Pillar (Maxed)
20 Teleport (Maxed)
20 Meditation (Maxed)
20 Spell Booster (Maxed)
10 Elemental Reset (Maxed)
20 Magic Booster (Maxed)
1 Slow
0 Fire Arrow

1st point into Fire Pillar for mobbing. Next point into Teleport for mobility and then max Spell Mastery for stable damage and 10 more Magic attack. High Wisdom next for more INT, as well as increasing MP gain per level. Put 6 into Spell Booster for faster attacking, and then max Fire Pillar for more damage.
Finish up Teleport to use less MP, and then max meditation for your first and only party skill. Add a point into Slow at 62 because it's fun. Max Spell Booster and put it on a macro with Meditation, and finally, finish up by maxing Elemental Reset to hit those fire-resistant and immune monsters.

Alternative Builds:
  • You could max Meditation before Teleport to be stronger earlier on, at the price of mobility and MP.
  • You could max Slow and leave Fire Pillar at 9, and Fire Arrow at 2. You do lose out on a bit of damage, but this helps with Flame Gear in 3rd job.

3rd Job

3rd Job Skills

  • Critical Magic
Level 20: Critical Rate +30%, Minimum Critical Damage +25%
Much better than Elemental Resistance, and it gives all your moves a chance to do an extra 50% damage. A++
Element Amplification [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Element-Amplication]
Level 20: MP Cost: 150%, Magic Attack: 150%
Think of this as a passive Shadow Partner. Boosts all your moves by a lot, and the increased MP cost doesn't affect you much. Doesn't show up in your range though.
Post Ascension: 10% less MP cost, save on pots!
  • Seal [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Seal]
Level 20: MP Cost: 20, Seal Duration: 20, Seal Chance: 95%
Would be useful if it worked on bosses, but it does not. You kill normal monsters too fast for it to take much effect.
  • Meteor Shower [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Meteor-Shower]
Level 20: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 1400% to up 15 enemies, Damage Over Time: 170% damage every 1 sec for 10 sec, Cooldown: 30 sec
What once was the earliest ultimate in the game is now the earliest "ultimate" with a 30 second cooldown. Majorly nerfed, but the DoT and range is still nice.
Post Chaos: 100% damge isn't going to help much for a move that usually 1HKOs everything, but I guess it's fun to hit such high numbers.
Post Alliance Eternal: You get this at 100 instead of 110.
  • Ifrit [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Ifrit]
Level 20: MP Cost: 90, Duration: 130 sec, Damage: 340% to up to 3 enemies, Elemental Resistance +30%
The summon to replace Flame. Hits much harder, looks 10x cooler, and lasts for 70 seconds shorter. Oh well.
Post Ascension: Elemental Resistance was merged into Ifrit. Nice to have I guess.
Post Alliance Eternal: You get this at level 90 instead of 100.
  • Flame Gear [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Flame-Gear]
Level 20: MP Cost: 60, Damage: 280%, Duration: 40 sec, Damage Over Time: 100% damage every 1 sec for 7 sec
Perhaps the coolest looking DoT skill. Much worse than poison mist, which does 60% more DoT, has a 8 second longer effect, can overlap, and to top it off, takes 10 SP less to max. Get this anyway, as it makes you unKSable at larger maps like Dual Ghost Pirates.
Post Chaos: The extra initial damage means nothing, because you use this move for DoT (hopefully).
Post Alliance Eternal: 10 less SP, which makes perfect sense, but why is it still so weak?
Post Champions: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS BUFFED. Still weaker than Poison Mist, but a 40% increase in DoT is still quite nice and should help a lot.
  • Fire Strike [skill=Blaze-Wizard-3=Fire-Strike]
Level 30: MP Cost: 34, Damage: 690% (230%x3) on up to 6 monsters
Has a very long range in one direction, but bad vertical range. Your end-all move in 3rd job (Flame Pillar has uses for its AoE), used for training and bossing.
Post Chaos: A 120% damage boost? Definitely a needed boost for one of the weakest 3rd job moves. A pretty epic buff, and I'm sure it will speed up training by a lot.
Post Ascension: I don't see why they buffed this by another 80% and split it up (Blaze Wizards can't even get close to the damage cap) into 3 hits. I'm not complaining, it solidifies BWs as one of the best mobbers in 3rd job, but I?d rather have a buff to Flame Gear than this.
Post Champions: Aaaand 60% of free damage.
  • Teleport Mastery [skill=Priest=Teleport-Mastery]
Level 1: Teleport range +20, deals 300% damage to up to six enemies with an 80% stun rate. Stun lasts for 4 seconds.
We definitely needed this. Very helpful in all respects. NOTE: You get this skill by doing a quest for Oz at level 110. Same effect as level 10 Teleport Mastery for other classes.
  • Echo of Hero
Level 1: Consumes MP 30 and increases Weapon & Magic Attack by 4% for 40 Minutes.
Cygnus Knights get this skill at 120, while explorers get it at 200. Affects everyone on the map, and is glitched to last forever. 4% is more than you'd think.
  • Empress's Shout
Level 1: MaxHP and MaxMP +20%
  • Empress's Prayer
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Weapon and Magic ATT +4%
You get these skills after advancing to a Captain Knight. Would be useful earlier on, since you'll be on your UA after getting to 120 on your Blaze Wizard, but extra HP and MP never hurts. Prayer is like a self-Echo, but has the interesting effect of ignoring the accuracy formula. Meaning you can hit Horntail now. Now sure why someone would pick a level 120 CK over a 160+ other class, plus it has a 24 hours of play time cooldown. Use it once, never again skill.

3rd Job SP Build (Tempest)

  • Level 70: 1 Fire Strike (1)
  • Level 71: 1 Magic Critical (1), 2 Element Amplification (2)
  • Level 72: 3 Element Amplification (5)
  • Level 73: 3 Element Amplification (8)
  • Level 74: 3 Element Amplification (11)
  • Level 75: 3 Element Amplification (14)
  • Level 76: 3 Element Amplification (17)
  • Level 77: 3 Element Amplification (Maxed)
  • Level 78: 3 Flame Gear (3)
  • Level 79: 3 Flame Gear (6)
  • Level 80: 3 Flame Gear (9)

  • Level 81: 2 Flame Gear (11), 1 Fire Strike (2)
  • Level 82: 3 Fire Strike (5)
  • Level 83: 3 Fire Strike (8)
  • Level 84: 3 Fire Strike (11)
  • Level 85: 3 Fire Strike (14)
  • Level 86: 3 Fire Strike (17)
  • Level 87: 3 Fire Strike (20)
  • Level 88: 3 Fire Strike (23)
  • Level 89: 3 Fire Strike (26)
  • Level 90: 2 Fire Strike (28), 1 Ifrit (1)

  • Level 91: 2 Fire Strike (Maxed), 1 Ifrit (2)
  • Level 92: 3 Ifrit (5)
  • Level 93: 3 Ifrit (8)
  • Level 94: 3 Ifrit (11)
  • Level 95: 3 Ifrit (14)
  • Level 96: 3 Ifrit (17)
  • Level 97: 3 Ifrit (Maxed)
  • Level 98: 3 Magic Critical (4)
  • Level 99: 3 Magic Critical (7)
  • Level 100: 2 Magic Critical (9), 1 Meteor Shower (1)

  • Level 101: 3 Magic Critical (12)
  • Level 102: 3 Magic Critical (15)
  • Level 103: 3 Magic Critical (18)
  • Level 104: 2 Magic Critical (Maxed), 1 Meteor Shower (2)
  • Level 105: 3 Meteor Shower (5)
  • Level 106: 3 Meteor Shower (8)
  • Level 107: 3 Meteor Shower (11)
  • Level 108: 3 Meteor Shower (14)
  • Level 109: 3 Meteor Shower (17)
  • Level 110: 3 Meteor Shower (Maxed), 1 Teleport Mastery (Maxed) from quest

  • Level 111: 3 Flame Gear (14)
  • Level 112: 3 Flame Gear (17)
  • Level 113: 3 Flame Gear (Maxed)
  • Level 114: 3 Slow (3)
  • Level 115: 3 Slow (6)
  • Level 116: 3 Slow (9)
  • Level 117: 1 Slow (Maxed), 2 Seal (2)
  • Level 118: 3 Seal (5)
  • Level 119: 3 Seal (8)
  • Level 120: 3 Seal (11)
  • Captain Knight Reward: 3 Seal (14)
  • Captain Knight Additional Quests: 5 Seal (19)

At the End

20 Element Amplification (Maxed)
30 Fire Strike (Maxed)
20 Ifrit (Maxed)
20 Magic Critical (Maxed)
20 Meteor Shower (Maxed)
1 Teleport Mastery (Maxed)
20 Flame Gear (Maxed)
10 Slow (Maxed)
19 Seal

Start out with 1 Fire Strike to instantly replace Flame Pillar and even (gasp) Fire Arrow. 1 Magic Critical instantly increases your critical rate by 11%, and now it's time for Element Amplification, because it's pretty much an invisible Shadow Partner infused into every hit. Calculations on why you max this first are available here. 11 Flame Gear keeps you from being KSed at MP3.

[s][startrant] Why did Nexon not buff Flame Gear? Poison Mist is 160% for less SP, and 400% in 4th job. Cygnus Knights are supposed to be overpowered until level 120, so why keep Flame Gear as the worst DoT move? The strategy of covering the entire map with Flame Gear is no longer as good when Fire Strike has been buffed by a total of 200%, not to mention criticals. The strategy still works, but it's not as important to max anymore. [/endrant][/s]
Above rant has been made partially obsolete by the Champions patch, which has increased Flame Gear's DoT to a more respectable 140%.

Now finish up Fire Strike, and be sure to do Oz's quest at 90 to unlock Ifrit. Max it because summons are cool. Get 9 in Magic Critical. Go do Oz's quest at level 100 to unlock earliest ultimate in the game- METEOR! Put a point in there so you can unleash ultimate destruction every minute or so, finish up Magic Critical, then Max Meteor for a shorter cooldown and more damage. Now return to Oz again at 110 and do her quest to automatically max Teleport Mastery which lets you damage mobs you land on while teleporting, in addition to stunning them. A useful skill indeed. Max Flame Gear, then go back to your 2nd job tab and max Slow to help at bosses as well as Flame Gear. Finally, dump the 19 left over points into Seal (which sucks).

Then after you finish the Captain Knight quests, defeat the Black Witch, hunt for 5 (half the amount as before!) Peridots from Harps and Blood Harps, which will take a good 5+ hours, you can finally make your UA!

Alternative Builds:
  • You could max Magic Critical before Ifrit. Completely viable if you'd want more damage earlier on.
  • You could max Flame Gear before Fire Strike if you can just about 1HKO everything.
  • If you maxed Slow in 2nd job, throw the extra points into Fire Pillar after you max Seal.
  • You could max Fire Arrow instead of Seal. Stupid, but Seal isn't much better than Fire Arrow. I don't recommend it, but it doesn't matter which one you put points into.

##Training Spots
Here's my recommendation for where I trained and got decent EXP. Thanks to jitterbug118 for the formatting.
Format:#/5 for overall rating, @/5 for crowdedness, $/5 for pot burn

1st job

@ $

1-30 Job quests
It takes forever walking back and forth between maps, but you'll be glad when you're off, 4 levels ahead of everyone else. You can keep on doing these until 2nd job. Funnish.

@@ $

10-20 Blue Ribbon Pigs
Blue Ribbon Pig, Level 13, HP 200, EXP 23
A good long map with huge spawn. No pot burn at all because these drop pots every kill. Remember to get a Jr Boogie familiar for here as well, in the map right of Perion.

@@@ $$

18-30 Rotting Skeletons
Rotting Skeleton, Level 20, HP 850, EXP 74
These are very crowded for low levelled monsters, but for a good reason. They give 74 exp each, more than most level 30 monsters, and that amounts a few % per kill at level 20. Spawn is kind of low though.

@@ $$$

20-30 Golems
Stone Golem, Level 20, HP 375, EXP 35
Dark Stone Golem, Level 23, HP 465, EXP 40
Mixed Golem, Level 26, HP 580, EXP 47
Flaming Mixed Golem
Icy Mixed Golem
Magic claw's high vertical range helps you KO 2 platforms at a time at the various maps. Try not to get hit that much, because they do heavy touch damage. Probably the best 1st job spot, if relatively slow.

@ $$

25-30 Jellyfish
Cool Jellyfish
To the right of Nautilus. An alternative to Golems if you don't like taking a ton of damage.

2nd job

30-69 PQs

@@ $

30-69 PQs
Ludibrium PQ
Kerning PQ
Henesys PQ
Ascension made PQs the place to go for levelling quickly, so much that they had to implement a 10 PQ a day limit. These are simply much much faster than grinding, all the way up to 3rd job, where you get new PQs. For optimal exp, at least do 10 ludi PQs a day.
NOTE: Seems like no one does these anymore. Still good if you can find a party.

@@@ $

30-40 Mushroom Kingdom quests
Ah yes, back to fast levelling doing quests. The monsters are awesome exp and spawn, and you get good rewards from doing them all, like a +2 all medal, and 2 matt gloves. You can also just grind on the monsters after doing the quests.

@@ $$

CDs: ### @@@ $$
35-50 Kerning Square quests
Not quite as good as Mushroom Kingdom, but doing quests is grinding+extra exp combined, and not as boring. You get +1 all earrings from doing all the quests after killing a boss. At 35 or so you can start grinding on CDs at the top level, which have great spawn, on a completely flat map.
Post Tempest: Map was changed, and exp got a bit worse.

# @@ $$

40-100 Monster Park Extreme
This is ungodly exp. You can practically level every 4-5 minutes soloing, and more with the party exp bonus. No KSing at all, and beats everything up until level 101 when you can't go in anymore. You also get a ton of free level 60 armor in here. They come epic on reveal, which is really nice. Hope for 4% int (or more).

@@@ $$

35-50 Scarecrows
Dead Scarecrow, Level 50, HP 3300, EXP 220
Back to the Haunted Mansion again. Like Rotting Skeletons, these things have more exp than monsters 10 levels above them. The map layout is the same, so it should be familiar training. This is the first taste of KSing you might get, because it is so crowded. Try to get your own map for optimal exp. Thankfully, Haunted Mansion monsters aren't affected by the exp reduction system Nexon put in place in Ascension.
NOTE: I wouldn't really recommend these anymore.

@@ $$

50-55 Drakes
Copper Drake, Level 50, HP 3000,EXP 130
Drake, Level 52, HP 3400, EXP 141
Back to grinding it is. The maps are enormous, just like the spawn.

@ $

50-65 Korean Folk Town quests
Let's admit it, grinding gets boring at times. So why not do quests for exp, items, and a story line? You can come here in your 50s. Do the quests you can, and when you've done all you can, go to Moon Bunnies (below). Every few levels, you'll unlock some new quests, and you'll get through them all by level 60.

@ $$

45-60 Moon Bunnies
Moon Bunny, Level 55, HP 4000, EXP 156
The first fire weak spot I would recommend for training. Go to the map right of Korean Folk Town, and there will be a map with a small hill and bunnies everywhere. Yes, these are the same ones as the one in Henesys PQ. A good place to use Fire Pillar is on the diagonals of the hill, where you can hit bunnies below you and around you at the same time.

@@ $$

50-63 White Fangs
White Fang, Level 58, HP 4900, EXP 179
Oh yeah, these things are also fire weak, and are a good alternative to bunnies, maybe even better. It's slightly crowded though, and I find killing bunnies more relaxing than wolves.

# @@@@@ $

55-80 Jesters
Twisted Jester, Level 70, HP 50000, EXP 1325
This is the most crowded map nexon has ever created (not so anymore). Good luck getting a channel here. If you can get one to solo, or share with 1 other person, say hello to super fast levelling. They have massive HP for their level, and also massive exp. They're like mini-bosses. A good thing about them is that they are super weak, doing only few points of touch damage. You can even come here at level 50 if you're in a smaller server.
There's another map for Jesters, the Toy Room, which is much less crowded, but only spawns 4 of them.

@@@ $$

55-65 Water Goblins
Water Goblin, Level 60, HP 5500, EXP 194
Samiho, Level 62, HP 6300, EXP 213
Yay for fire weakness! Samihos can curse you for 1/2 exp, so either kill them quickly, or bring lots of Holy Waters. Flat map, decentish spawn.

@@ $

55-75 Omega Sector
Barnard Gray, Level 65, HP 5500, EXP 241
Mateon, Level 66, HP 8000, EXP 252
Zeta Gray, Level 67, HP 8500, EXP 263
Plateon, Level 69, HP 9500, EXP 285
Omega Sector is amazing exp for late 2nd job. Barnards have a small map, easily navigable with teleport. Mateons have two maps, Boswell Field I and II, both with great spawn. Be sure to get 20 tentacles for 3rd job advance. Zeta Grays at Kulan Field III are the perfect map for Blaze Wizards, and you can come straight here, skipping everything else. They cluster around the top left platforms, and Flame Pillar's AoE is perfect for getting them all. Plateons at Plateon Field are also an option. Flame Pillar isn't good here, but do you know what is? Fire Strike in 3rd job. The other monsters here are also decent exp.

@@ $$

60-71 Rowdy Puppets
Rowdy Puppet, Level 66, HP 16000, EXP 354
Go here if you have decent damage, because these give more exp than Zeta Grays, but have nearly twice the HP. Smallish map, easy to navigate.

3rd job

# @@@ $

70-120 PQs
Romeo and Juliet PQ
Pirate PQ
Orbis PQ
Once again, PQs will take you all the way up to your next job, or to max, since you're a cygnus and all. They're that good. Romeo and Juliet is probably the godliest PQ ever, it's fast, has a great amulet as a reward (+9 all!), is pretty fun, and you can grinding on Neo Huroids, which give double the exp per kill of everything else at your level. The other ones are great too, Pirate is simple- kill everything, and you get up to a +12 all hat. Orbis is has more stuff to do, but still, better than jesters, so why not?
Small mention goes out to Ellin Forest PQ, also 70-120. It's much slower, and the rewards aren't great, but you can try it out if you're bored.

# @@ $$

40-100 Monster Park Extreme
Exp is still godly. Way faster than Jesters, and you don't have to go around hunting for a channel. Do this 5 times a day, every day. Party if you can.

# @ $$$

100-120 Evolution System
Right after you're done with MPE come here. No Ksing at all since you get your own map. You can customize it with music, background, monsters, and stuff too if you're into that. Be sure to get the HP boost and population increase cores from the store (something like 150k total). Link 3 is definitely the best one; when the generator thing activates, set off a Meteor and kill everything that clusters in the middle with Fire Strike.

# @@@@@ $

55-80 Jesters
Twisted Jester, Level 70, HP 50000, EXP 1325
This is the most crowded map nexon has ever created (not so anymore). Good luck getting a channel here. If you can get one to solo, or share with 1 other person, say hello to super fast levelling. They have massive HP for their level, and also massive exp. They're like mini-bosses. A good thing about them is that they are super weak, doing only few points of touch damage.
There's another map for Jesters, the Toy Room, which is much less crowded, but only spawns 4 of them.

@@@ $$

70-105 Nihal Desert (Ariant & Magatia)
Jr.Cactus, Level 70, HP 10000, EXP 296
Cactus, Level 73, HP 13000, EXP 361
Royal Cactus, Level 76, HP 17000, EXP 446
Sand Rat, Level 77, HP 19000, EXP 487
Scorpion, Level 81, HP 27000, EXP 650
Iron Mutae, Level 83, HP 31000, EXP 729
Reinforced Iron Mutae, Level 84, HP 33000, EXP 767
Roid, Level 88, HP 41000, EXP 917
Neo Huroid, Level 89, HP 43000, EXP 954
Homunculus, Level 98, HP 61000, EXP 1268
I'm getting lazy of typing descriptions, so here's a giant area where you can train. Start at cacti because they're fire weak, and so you don't have to move around that much for the next 30 levels like I did. At level 75 you can start doing Ariant quests, which give you tons of exp and fame. Sand Rats and Scorpions left of Magatia have long maps, good for Fire Strike. Mutates in Alcadno labs decent (Mithril ones suck though), and Roids provide a good mini-dungeon. Homunculuses are a decent place to train after Roids.
EDIT: Best ones here are Sand Rats, Scorpions, Iron Mutaes, Roids, and Neo Huroids.

@@ $$$

90-96 Gobies
Exploding Goby House, Level 90, HP 40500, EXP 0
Goby, Level 91, HP 47000, EXP 1026
Ah, pre BB maplestory. I remember back in 2008 when it was pro to train on gobies and dreamy ghosts, and killing pianus was like soloing horntail today. Let me tell you how it works. So you go directly left of the Aquarium into Dea Sea Gorge I. See the cannon rock things? Attack those until they die. Then 6 gobies pop out of it. There are 5 spawn points for houses, and I love getting 30 gobies to follow me around the map as they take DoT from Flame Gear. Elemental Reset and Slow are your friends here. Sadly, Gobies have been nerfed from 1.4k exp for only 17k hp . But where else can you find a mob of 30 that follows you around the map? Aqua Road is super fun to train on if you didn't know, you can infini-jump and attack in mid-water! You have so much mobility in Aqua Road it's not funny. Not the best exp, but it's so fun! Fire underwater!

@@@@ $$$

80-110 Mysterious Path 3
Selkie Jr., Level 90, HP 45000, EXP 1130
Slimy, Level 93, HP 51000, EXP 1260
Did I say Jesters was the most crowded map ever? I meant MP3. Even level 110's train here for the huge mobs. You can put Flame Gear and Fire Strike to good use here, especially on the fire weak Selkie Jrs. KSing? What KSing? Thanks to Flame Gear, you can bring monsters down to 1 HP before the KSer can even get to them!

# @@ to @@@@@ $$$

90-120 Aliens
Alien Cog, EXP 3000
Alien Miner, EXP 3000
Nexon puts all the good monsters in NLC, don't they? Anyways, these are really great. Double the exp of everything else up to level 120 and easy to kill. There are 6 maps of these. The last one is definitely the fastest, but expect 10x the KSing.

@@@ $$$

95-110 Pirates
Kru, Level 103, HP 71000, EXP 1431
Captain, Level 105, HP 75000, EXP 1495
Do not mistake these for the ones in PPQ. These can easily do ~1k damage, meaning pot burn. Decent exp, plus there's a mini-dungeon for those of you in crowded servers.
EDIT: Docked a # because I only got around 50%/hour here at 108. The map isn't well suited for Blaze Wizards. Great for other classes though.

@ $$$

100-110 Klocks
Level 102 and 105
Similar to MP3, this map has fire weak lower levelled monsters, and non fire weak higher levelled ones (same 3 level difference as well). The spawn is large but spread out, and you're going to have to do quite a bit of moving around. The map prepares you for your last few training spots, a nice bonus. Use telecasting to your advantage here.

# @@@ $$$$

105-120 Ghost Pirates
Ghost Pirate, Level 110, HP 85000, EXP 1649
Dual Ghost Pirate, Level 114, HP 93000, EXP 1748
Why are all of the monsters in the Ludi clock tower fire weak? Better for us BW and FPs . As soon as you get meteor, come here. You could go even earlier if you want. After 10 levels of pure torture, you can finally start grinding fast. If you trained at Klocks, think those, but with dense spawns, instead of spread out. Huge map, multiple platforms, 10+ monsters on one of the spawning places at any given point. The difference here is that you have Meteor, which can 1HKO 15 monsters at once with a large area of effect, every 30 seconds! You can even clear 3 platforms if you stand on the bricks correctly. Just remember to pot often, because these have around 1.5k touch damage (nearly a 1HKO without Magic Guard on o.0).

@@@ $$$

110-120 Lion King's Castle
Gatekeeper Crockies
Another Party Play zone like Monster Park Extreme. Get in a group of 6 for optimal exp, but don't expect to find parties that easily. If you do, though, great.

@@@ $$$

115-120 Blue Kentauruses
Blue Kentaurus, Level 118, HP 101000, EXP 1884
As you can tell, these are fire weak as well. The map isn't too good, and the spawn is all spread out. But if you get bored of DGP, this is always another place to go.

How to defeat the Black Witch

It has come to my attention that some people don't know how to kill the Black Witch at the end of the cygnus knight quests. It did take me 15 tries to kill her, so I'm going to provide a strategy on how to win. If you've attempted this before, you know that she has a damage reflect move, which makes her take 1 damage, and you take it all. Directly into your HP. So attacking her straight on until she dies is not the best technique.
Notice that she only uses the damage reflect move when she is around 1/2 HP. So get her HP down to 1/2 with Fire Strike, and then stop attacking. Instead, cover the entire map with Flame Gear, and be sure to cast it away from her, as Flame Gear does have an initial attack, which just might be reflected. When she walks in the flames, she will receive damage. Summon Ifrit here as well, and let it attack her (damage reflect doesn't affect Ifrit). You'll know she does reflect when 3 rings go around her, and then she starts taking 1 damage. Don't be confused with her curse attack which also has the same animation.
After the damage reflect wears out, immediately go for a Meteor, as she can't use it for another minute. Use Fire Strike a few times, then go back to the strategy of Flame Gear+Ifrit. Eventually, you'll wear down her HP to 1, at which point Ifrit can go for the kill. And there, the Black Mage's consort (or so I've heard) has been defeated.
This tactic does take a while, but you have more than enough time to do it, and dying 15 times from attacking takes more time in the long run.


And so ends the journey of a Cygnus Knight. Don't worry, your efforts are not in vain, as you will be able to make a Ultimate Explorer, at least when you get those bloody 10 Peridots. As for me, I've made a UA Marksman, because I really like US and Sniper. My guide is probably the best way to go, because I have optimized the builds for damage, making you level faster and get more SP in the long run. Thank you for reading my guide. And remember, So what are you waiting for, make a Blaze Wizard so you can get the UA you've always dreamed of!