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Cleric, Priest, Bishop Guide

This guide is updated as of the most recent patch of GMS: Maplestory Attack on Titant Crossover (GMS - v. 159)



Welcome, this is my Bishop guide, I am IsGamer, Bishop main and of course, owner of this guide, I will do my best to help you with your new or returning bishop, so I hope this guide helps a lot!

Class Overview

What is a Bishop?

Bishop is one of the main supports class of the game, able to buff, heal, revive, dispell, ailments, raise EXP, at some point even prevent you from dying! They are available from making an Explorer and job advancing it to a Magician, once you hit Lv. 30, you can choose 3 paths, the Fire/Poison Path (F/P Mage), the Ice/Lightning Path (I/L Mage) and the Cleric Path (Bishop), here is some general information about them:

Class: Explorer/Adventurer.
Equipment Type: Magician.
Main Weapon: Staffs and Wands.
Secondary Equip: Magic Book.
Primary Stat: Intelligence (INT)
Secondary Stat: Luck (LUK)
Attack Distance/Range: Ranged.
Mobility Method: Teleport.
Mobility Distance Medium (Horizontal), Medium-High (Vertical).

Pros and Cons



  • Most mages have excellent training skills, excluding for a few.
  • They also have very good bossing skills, some excell at killing bosses.
  • Very high MP, unlike most other classes.
  • Magic Guard is a known skill among most mages (except for Beast Tamer and Kanna), allows them survive like any other class.


  • Most mages have low HP, besides from Bishop and Battle Mage, they have problems surviving.
  • Average to low defenses, pair this with their low HP and you got another problem (unless funds are involved).
  • Some mages don't own pushing/pulling skills, making their training a bit clunky at times.
  • Mages who own Magic Guard NEED it settled unless you want to get one-hit by everything in the late levels.



  • Excellent survivability, unlike almost every other mage.
  • Excellent supporting skills, one of the most wanted supports in the game.
  • They help a lot on bosses with status ailments and high damage, due to their Dispell, Resurrection, among other things.
  • This class makes training a lot easier, specially in the late levels.
  • Very good damage output in the late levels

  • Sadly, some Bishops are used as buffing mules, for all the reasons mentioned above.
  • Our mobility is not that good compared to other teleporting/flash jump skills.
  • Opposite to our mage counterparts (I/L and F/P) we don't have Elemental Reset. makes us fairly uneasy at bossing.

Magician AP Build

Magicians use INT(intelligence) as main stat and LUK(Luck) as substat, they don't use STR(Strength) or DEX(Dexterity)

Put all your AP into INT, unless you want some sort of useless special mage, there's no stat limit now so every AP goes into INT without a second thought.

Magician Skills

Magic Guard: Damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0 your HP will take all the damage.
Magic Armor: Condenses magic into armor for a period of time to increase DEF. (Requires Magic Guard over Lv. 3)
Energy Bolt: Consumes MP to attack one enemy.
MP Boost: Permanently increases your Max MP.
Teleport: Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys

Magician - 1st Job SP Build

Level and Skill Points

10: +2 Energy Bolt (2); +2 Teleport (2); +1 Magic Guard (1)
11: +3 Teleport (Maxed)
12: +3 Magic Guard (4)
13: +3 Magic Guard (7)
14: +2 Magic Guard (Maxed)
15: +1 Magic Armor (1); +2 Energy Bolt (4)
16: +3 Magic Armor (4)
17: +3 Magic Armor (7)
18: +3 Magic Armor (Maxed)
19: +3 Energy Bolt (7)
20: +3 Energy Bolt (10)
21: +3 Energy Bolt (13)
22: +3 Energy Bolt (16)
23: +3 Energy Bolt (19)
24: +1 Energy Bolt (Maxed); +2 MP Boost (2)
25: +3 MP Boost (5)
26: +3 MP Boost (8)
27: +3 MP Boost (11)
28: +3 MP Boost (14)
29: +3 MP Boost (17)
30: +3 MP Boost (Maxed)

End Results:

Magic Guard: Maxed
Magic Armor: Maxed
Energy Bolt: Maxed
MP Boost: Maxed
Teleport: Maxed

Explanation: First we add SP in our main attack for this job, Teleport for mobility and Magic Guard because this is the first buff you get, and is necessary if you want to survive, we max Teleport right away to get a good teleport distance without too much MP problems and then Magic Guard to protect yourself with your high MP, after that we max Magic Armor, it's a fairly good passive for high defenses, then put SP in Energy Bolt to max it, we leave the rest to MP boost to get an incredible MP boost per level and high MP overall.

You end maxing everything anyway, so do as you wish.

Cleric's Pros and Cons


  • Holy Arrow is a pretty decent attack for a Cleric, unlike how uneasy Energy Bolt can get.
  • Heal can leave a "debuff" to undead and devil monsters to deal additional damage to them when casting other skills.
  • Our Special Skill is pretty great when you're in parties, you benefit much more from supporting people on Party Quests or Party Play maps.
  • Inmunize is pretty good, the damage reduction properties help with survivability a lot, specially in the late levels and is something that almost no other mage got.
  • Bless is your very first "supporting" skill, it unlocks Advanced Bless for 4th Job (which is an upgraded version of this skill).


  • MP Eater is almost (if not COMPLETELY) useless, the amount of MP you get healed from monsters is petty, you go better by drinking potions.
  • Holy Arrow has a decent damage and range, but it has horrible delay and it hits a petty amount of 4 monsters, training will sure be slow.
  • The heal skill is an attack too, but only attacks undead or devil monsters, also, the debuff acts once, you need to cast Heal again if you want to keep these monsters debuffed. Also, a few skills in later jobs heal with more efficience, which makes this skill almost useless (this skill is still very important on 2nd Job and 3rd Job).

Cleric Skills

Blessing Ensemble: For each party member you have buffed, increase your damage by 3%. In addition, for each Cleric/Priest/Bishop in your party, increase your experience gained by 20% (up to maximum of 3)
MP Eater: Absorbs the enemy MP when attacking with magic skills until the enemy's MP reaches 0. (Requires Spell Mastery Lv. 5)
Heal: Restores the HP of all nearby party members. Undead monsters in the area take damage from this skill.
Invincible: Temporarily decreases all damage received.
Bless: Increases Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, and Avoidability of all nearby team members for a set amount of time. Can be stacked with other buff skills. (Requires Invincible Lv. 5)
Holy Arrow: Attacks multiple monsters by firing Holy Arrows. Very effective against the Undead and Devil monsters.
Spell Mastery: Increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack.
High Wisdom: Permanently increases INT trough mental discipline.
Magic Booster: Consumes MP to increase Magic Attack Speed by two steps for set duration.

Cleric - 2nd Job SP Build

30: +2 Heal (2); +1 Holy Arrow (1); +1 Spell Mastery (1); +1 Blessing Ensemble (Maxed)
31: +3 Spell Mastery (4)
32: +3 Spell Mastery (7)
33: +3 Spell Mastery (Maxed)
34: +2 High Wisdom (2); +1 Invincible (1)
35: +3 High Wisdom (Maxed)
36: +3 Invincible (4)
37: +3 Invincible (7)
38: +2 Invincible (Maxed)
39: +3 Heal (5)
40: +3 Heal (8)
41: +3 Heal (11)
42: +3 Heal (14)
43: +3 Heal (17)
44: +3 Heal (Maxed)
45: +1 Bless (1); +1 Magic Booster (1); +1 MP Eater (1)
46: +3 Bless (4)
47: +3 Bless (7)
48: +3 Bless (Maxed)
49: +3 Magic Booster (4)
50: +3 Magic Booster (7)
51: +3 Magic Booster (Maxed)
52: +3 MP Eater (4)
53: +3 MP Eater (7)
54: +3 MP Eater (Maxed)
55: +3 Holy Arrow (4)
56: +3 Holy Arrow (7)
57: +3 Holy Arrow (10)
58: +3 Holy Arrow (13)
59: +3 Holy Arrow (16)
60: +3 Holy Arrow (19)

End Results:

Blessing Ensemble: Maxed (from the start)
MP Eater: Maxed
Heal: Maxed
Invincible: Maxed
Bless: Maxed
Holy Arrow: 19
Spell Mastery: Maxed
High Wisdom: Maxed
Magic Booster: Maxed

Explaining: This job is your introduction to your support role, we start off with Holy Arrow, the main attack of this job, Heal, to make you tanky by healing your HP, Blessing Ensemble adds automatically actually (and can't be reset), we also add an SP to Spell Mastery and max it to have a higher damage base from the start of the job, next, max High Wisdom for the stat boost and later on Inmunize for the damage reduction, after that we finally max Heal and then Bless to start boosting your party members when doing some party quests. Magic Booster is a necessary skill to ast all of your skills faster, specially on 4th Job, Holy Arrow is so slow that it almosts pleads for this buff right now.

Only 2 skills are left, which are MP Eater and Holy Arrow, we max MP Eater first because, even if it IS useless, Holy Arrow gets instantly replaced on 3rd job, so MP Eater wins for that fact, after we max MP Eater the leftover SP goes to Holy Arrow and we leave it at 19.

Priest Pros and Cons


  • Holy Symbol is what most Bishops are wanted for, and for a good reason, the EXP boost is too good to ignore.
  • Holy Magic Shield is a pretty good defensive boost, it works wonders on certain bosses.
  • Dispell is incredibly usefull for boss runs, erasing every status ailment known in the game comes in handy (except for Stun but that's affordable with status resistance).
  • Divine Protection allows you to block an ailment once and has a cooldown reduction with every ailment you dispell.
  • Mystic Door is your free ticket to travel between the town and map you currently were at instantly, it allows a faster travel, or just a faster journey to town.
  • Shining Ray instantly replaces Holy Arrow, it's thousand times better than it and it''s a great training skill overall.


  • You literally babysit people from now on with your supporting skills when training.
  • Holy Fountain has limited utilities, even more on 4th Job, same goes for Shining Ray (sadly).
  • Teleport Mastery is not usefull at all except for the teleport range increase, which is good for your mobility.

Priest Skills

Dispell: Nullifies all enemy magic effects within the targeted area while removing all abnormal conditions suffered by nearby party members.
Mystic Door: Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. All members of the party can use it multiple times until the portal disappears. Press the Up arrow key to move. (Requires Dispell Lv. 3)
Holy Symbol: Temporarily allows all nearby party members to gain additional EXP while hunting. (Requires Dispell Lv. 3)
Shining Ray: Attacks multiple enemies at once with a ray of holy light. Deals massive damage to the Undead and Devil-type monsters.
Teleport Mastery: When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also, permanently increases teleport distance. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key. (Requires Teleport Lv. 5)
Holy Focus: Permanently increases all magic attacks, Heal magic Critical Rate, Accuracy, and Magic Mastery. (Requires Spell Mastery Lv. 10)
Holy Magic Shield: Upon using skill, ally's HP is restored by 100%, and for a duration the holy shield will absorb all damage multiple times depending on skill level. The shield can be maintained up to 20 seconds, and when it's activated once, it will not be reactivated for a set duration even when a different character uses Holy Magic Shell. Cooldown 90 seconds.
Arcane Overdrive: Permanently increases Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage.
Divine Protection: Create a shield of holy energy that protects you from one status effect. There is a cooldown of 180 seconds. Passive effect: increase your resistance to statuses and elements by 40%. When you use Dispel, depending on the number of people in your party, the cooldown for this skill will be decreased.
Holy Fountain: Summon a holy fountain for 60 seconds which heals 40% of someone's HP if they press "Up" on it (maximum of 20 heals before it disappears). This heal can be used while Zombify is active. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Priest - 3rd Job SP Build

60: +1 Shining Ray (1); Dispell (3)
61: +2 Holy Symbol (2); +1 Shining Ray (2)
62: +3 Holy Symbol (5)
63: +3 Holy Symbol (8)
64: +3 Holy Symbol (11)
65: +3 Holy Symbol (14)
66: +3 Holy Symbol (17)
67: +3 Holy Symbol (Maxed)
68: +1 Holy Focus (1); +1 Arcane Overdrive (1); +1 Mystic Door (1)
69: +3 Holy Focus (4)
70: +3 Holy Focus (7)
71: +3 Holy Focus (Maxed)
72: +3 Arcane Overdrive (4)
73: +3 Arcane Overdrive (7)
74: +3 Arcane Overdrive (Maxed)
75: +3 Shining Ray (5)
76: +3 Shining Ray (8)
77: +3 Shining Ray (11)
78: +3 Shining Ray (14)
79: +3 Mystic Door (4)
80: +3 Mystic Door (7)
81: +3 Mystic Door (Maxed)
82: +1 Teleport Mastery (1); +2 Holy Magic Shield (2)
83: +3 Teleport Mastery (4)
84: +3 Teleport Mastery (7)
85: +3 Teleport Mastery (Maxed)
86: +3 Holy Magic Shield (5)
87: +3 Holy Magic Shield (8)
88: +3 Holy Magic Shield (11)
89: +3 Holy Magic Shield (14)
90: +3 Holy Magic Shield (17)
91: +3 Holy Magic Shield (Maxed)
92: +1 Divine Protection (1); +1 Dispell (4); +1 Holy Fountain (1)
93: +3 Dispell (7)
94: +3 Dispell (Maxed)
95: +3 Divine Protection (4)
96: +3 Divine Protection (7)
97: +3 Divine Protection (Maxed)
98: +3 Holy Fountain (4)
99: +3 Holy Fountain (7)
100: +3 Holy Fountain (Maxed)

End Results:

Dispell: Maxed
Mystic Door: Maxed
Holy Symbol: Maxed
Shining Ray: 14
Teleport Mastery: Maxed
Holy Focus: Maxed
Holy Magic Shield: Maxed
Arcane Overdrive: Maxed
Divine Protection: Maxed
Holy Fountain: Maxed

Explaining: We start off by putting an SP to our new awesome attack Shining Ray, then some SP until you can unlock Holy Symbol on Dispell, then we max Holy Symbol right away for obvious reasons, then we put an SP on our passives (Holy Focus and Arcane Overdrive), then we max it in the said order for an optimal critical boost and we go for Shining Ray for more damage and faster training, although we leave it at 14, sadly. Mystic Door goes next because the training spots you will be on make this skill useful just in case you need to return to town.

Now we go for Teleport Mastery, use it if you want, but i don't see it necessary, just max it for the teleport distance increase and then max Holy Magic Shield to support yourself and party members further, the skills that are left over are Dispell, Holy Fountain and Divine Protection, go for Dispell, it had some SP on it already so just go ahead and max it, then go for Divine Protection, these previously said skills have way more use in 4th job than in this job to be honest.

All that is left there is Holy Fountain, just put the rest of your SP there, I found no real use to this skill at any point of the job, positioning it is a bit of a chore and you do just as fine with Heal still.

Bishop's Pros and Cons


  • Bishops have quite some fun training methods, going from Genesis to Big Bang to even Angel Ray in some cases, overall your training will be entertaining from now on.
  • Advanced Bless is an efficient party supporting skill and it's an useful buff anywhere, aside from Holy Symbol of course.
  • Resurrection gives a second chance to party members who died, you might not use this skill often because nobody likes dying however...
  • Angel Ray is an excellent bossing skill and pretty safe, it also heals you and the party members, making it even more useful.
  • Arcane Aim skyrockets your damage output and Infinity makes you deal insane damage for a certain amount of time.
  • Maple Warrior is a boost that everyone needs (and every class has), it's effects become more noticeable with the funds you put on the class.


  • Angel Ray's bossing abilities are good, but the skill is slow and it relies a bit on distance, makes you try and find Attack Speed buffs, if you want to boss properly
  • For the previous reason, Bishop is a bit behind it's mage counterparts (I/L and F/P) in terms of bossing, if you're looking for easy high damage on bosses, Bishop is quite a challenge then.

Bishop Skills

Blessing Harmony: Blessing Ensemble's damage boost per party member buffed is increased to 5%.
Maple Warrior: Increases the stats of all party members. Mastery Book is required to master the skill to level 30.
Big Bang: Gathers power to form an energy vortex, culminating in a powerful Holy explosion that damages multiple enemies at once. This skill can reduce the enemy's defenses by 10% 4 times, a counter will appear above them
Infinity: Lets you use skills without spending MP and has a chance to trigger Power Stance on hit. Continually recovers HP and MP, and increases the damage of all attack magic. Enemy attacks will not remove this effect. (Cooldown: 3 Mins)
Angel Ray: Attacks with a holy arrow, dealing tremendous holy damage. Very effective against Undead or Devil type monsters. Party members in the path of the arrow will be healed
Bahamut: Summons Bahamut for a set duration. The Bahumut can attack mulitple monsters at once.
Resurrection: Resurrects a party member using a ray of holy light. Cooldown of 300 seconds
Genesis: A holy ray of light shines down from the sky, burning multiple monsters at one time. Deals tremendous holy damage to all targets. This skill has increased crit chance. While this skill is on cooldown, Big Bang's charging requirement is erased.
Hero's Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects.
Buff Mastery: Permanently increases Magic ATT. Duration of all the buffs applicable to self will increase upon learning this skill.
Arcane Aim: Ignores a portion of enemy Defense when attacking. Damage dealt increases with consecutive attacks. Stacks up to 5 times.
Advanced Bless: Greatly increases nearby party member ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, Avoidability, Max HP, and Max MP. Upon using skill, MP consumption will be reduced. Can be stacked with other buff skills, excluding Bless. (Requires Bless Lv. 10).

Bishop - 4th Job SP Build

I would like to make clear that the Mastery Book System has been changed, now certain NPC's in Henesys and Leafre (the ones that sell potions in the general store if i am not wrong) sell Mastery Books for 3m (Lv. 20) and 5m (Lv. 30), they work 100%, including Maple Warrior.

Note I am not quite sure how the new 4th Job build works, because now you get a lot of SP from level to level and max everything much earlier for unknown reasons, still, max the skills in the order they appear. I have to check on this later, for now, stick to this build.

100: +1 Buff Mastery (1); +1 Advanced Bless (1); +1 Big Bang (1) +1 Genesis (1); +1 Blessing Harmony (Maxed)
101-103: +3 Buff Mastery (Maxed)
104: +1 Advanced Bless (2); +2 Big Bang (3)
105-110: +3 Advanced Bless (Maxed)
111-119: +3 Big Bang (Maxed)
120: +2 Genesis (3); +1 Angel Ray (1)
121-129: +3 Genesis (Maxed)
130-139: +3 Arcane Aim (Maxed)
140: +2 Angel Ray (3); +1 Resurrection (1).
141-149: +3 Angel Ray (Maxed)
150-159: +3 Infinity (Maxed)
160-162: +3 Resurrection (Maxed)
163-172: +3 Maple Warrior (Maxed)
173-182: +3 Bahamut (Maxed)
183-184: +3 Hero's Will (Maxed); +1 Unused SP
185-200: +3 Unused/Leftover SP (Up to a max of 52).

Explanation: We start off by putting an SP into Buff Mastery, Advanced Bless, Big Bang and Genesis, Blessing Harmony is maxed automatically once you start the job, max Buff Mastery, as it gives more time for your buffs and this is something you really need from now on, then we go for our support buff Advanced Bless and continue by maxing Big Bang to have higher damage and faster training, then Genesis, it's literally a platform nuke by now. After maxing our main grinding skills, we max Arcane Aim to increase our damage output quite nicely for any circumstances that involve damage.

Now that we maxed our main training skills, we put SP into Angel Ray and Resurrection and around this point, you will start having Hyper Skills (see the information and build below) and we instantly max Angel Ray since around the corner, you're getting your Hyper Skill that allows it to be a bossing skill, and having it maxed is excellent if you actually want to start bossing from now on. We now max Infinity, it works wonders with your damage and scales nicely with Buff Mastery.

At this point, you're going to start grinding at high-leveled places and you already got everything maxed except for Resurrectioin, Maple Warrior, Bahamut and Hero's Will, max Resurection first so you get it out of the way, Maple Warrior goes next since it's your final buff and at this point you might have so much INT that the skill will shine more than if you maxed it much earlier (aside from the fact that people might already have it maxed around the level you're starting to put SP on it). Bahamut and Hero's Will is left for putting SP onto, go ahead and max Bahamut, it's relevance is pretty minor at this point and the same for Hero's Will (you already got Dispell on your hands so it becomes pretty neglible as a skill for you overall).

Job Advancements

Note: The job advancement is the same for every explorer, the only thing that changes is: The Explorer class branch, the NPCs involved in your job advance and the job you currently are.

Beginner to 1st Job

You need to be Lv. 10 in order to be a Mage, when you reach this level, you can go to Ellinia and talk to Grendell the Really Old, he will automatically job advance you into a Magician (in other means, a Mage).

1st Job to 2nd Job

When reaching Lv. 30, you need to come back to Ellinia and talk again to the same NPC (Grendell), he will ask to you what job do you choose, you get to choose 3 ways, which are the Fire/Poison Path, the Ice/Lightning Path or the Cleric Path. You should have in mind what path to choose by now (which is Cleric in this case, if not you're in the wrong guide). After you choose your option, you will be teleported to a map at which certain monsters appear, defeat these monsters to obtain an item (Dark Marble), you need to get 30 of these items in order to exit the map and job advance, when you do so, you need to talk again to the same NPC (Grendell) and he will job advance you from a Magician to a Cleric. Congrats! Long way to go.

How to reach the job fast: Take the Victoria Island Taxi to Ellinia, if you're following my training guide then you should be near Ellinia.

2nd Job to 3rd Job

When reaching Lv. 60, click the light bulb on your left, accept the quest with "Job Advancement" (clearly depicted in red letters) and then move to El Nath, specifically to the Chief's Residence (the house with a portal in it, it's easy to find), there speak to the NPC Robeira, she will request you to pick a certain item, after accepting the quest, go to the map called Ice Valley III, there enter the portal all the way to the top, an NPC will ask you if you want to enter, say "Yes" and enter.

The next map is called Sharp Cliff I, there you will see a white crystal right in front of you, enter it like a normal portal and you will reach a map called Holy Ground at the Snowfield, go all the way to the bottom and click a huge black stone called Holy Stone, you will be teleported to a cave with green crystals all over it, go all the way to the right and you will see a boss (Grendell's Clone), defeat it and pick the item he drops (Black Charm).

After completing the quest, go back to El Nath and talk to Robeira, she will take the item to finally job advance you from a Cleric to a Priest. Congratulations! Almost there.

3rd Job to 4th Job

When reaching Lv. 100, click the light bulb on your left, accept the quest with "Job Advancement" and head to Leafre, there go to the map called "Valley of the Antilope" and enter the "mouth" of a fancy wooden figure on the top of the map, after entering the map (Forest of the Priest) talk to Gritto, it will request 2 items (Heroic Pentagon and Heroic Star) which are dropped from Manon and Griffey, the NPC can teleport you to any of the bosses (you have to head over the next one when you kill the first one, the order to kill is matterless)

The bosses can deal some damage so be sure to heal constantly, and beware of their 1/1 (decreases HP/MP to 1), it's pretty dangerous, don't forget that they can dispell your buffs (excludes Magic Guard thankfully) and they can stun you (the stun cannot be dispelled). When defeating them, pick the item they drop.

Head to the same map you saw Gritto at and talk to that NPC, it will proceed to job advance you from a Priest to a Bishop. Congratulations! You're now officially a Bishop!


This section is about some tips and other things to improve or just only saying some advises about the class itself.


  • You can actually save money on equips, since Tot's Know How Guide gives equipment every 10 levels until 60 (from 20 to 60).
  • If you want to save a lot of money on potions, max Heal earlier when you first strike 2nd Job and have a Jr. Boogie familiar with 3 vitality orbs, this little friend helps you big time starting from 2nd Job, it also saves you a lot of MP potions.
  • Genesis+Big Bang combo is the most best training method for you, be sure to cast Genesis when it's cooldown is gone to keep spamming Big Bang, when you're low on HP, use Angel Ray and your HP goes to full again, simple!
  • Buff Mastery should be maxed earlier because every buff that affects you is affected by this passive.
  • Once more, you can skip the 4th job build, you end maxing everything anyway, just remember to keep using mastery books to max the respective skills, and try not to mess up either, because you will regret it at some point.

Hyper Skills

This is a new additional option added for every class once they hit 140, starting from this point, you will receive Skill Points at certain intervals of 10 levels.

There are 3 tabs in total when opening the hyper skill window, which are:

Passive Stat Boost: Almost self-explaining, boost your main stat and some other few stats you might need, just be sure to put the SP in the hypers you need and that have been unlocked so far.

Passive Skill Boost: Boosts specified skills and their functions, reduces their cooldown, raises their number of hits OR number of targets that the skill can hit, increases damage or adds any other extras.

Active Attacks/Buff Skills: They're used like any other normal skill/buff, most of the hyper attacks are incredibly strong and most boosts give you really good chances of high damage or good endurance.

With that said, i will explain the Bishop's hypers below, they're posted on their respective section, also, the first section (Passive Stat Boost) is almost the same for all classes.

Passive Stat Boost:

Hyper Strength: Permanently increases STR. (By 50 when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 140
Hyper Dexterity: Permanently increases DEX. (By 50 when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 140
Hyper Intelligence: Permanently increases INT. (By 50 when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 140
Hyper Luck: Permanently increases LUK. (By 50 When learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 140
Hyper Critical: Permanently increases Critical Hit Rate. (By 10% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 198
Hyper Accuracy: Permanently increases Accuracy. (By 20% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 158
Hyper Health: Permanently increases Max HP. (By 15% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 192
Hyper Mana: Permanently increases Max MP. (By 15% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 186
Hyper Defense: Permanently increases Weapon DEF. (By 500 when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 165
Hyper Magic Defense: Permanently increases Magic DEF. (By 500 when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 174
Hyper Speed: Permanently increases Movement Speed. (By 10% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 152
Hyper Jump: Permanently increases Jump. (by 10% when learned) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 146

Passive Skill Boost:

Holy Magic Shield - Extra Guard: Increases Holy Magic Shell's guard count. (2 additinal guards) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 183
Holy Magic Shield - Persist: Increases the duration of Holy Magic Shell. (+5 seconds) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 162
Holy Magic Shield - Cooldown Cutter: Reduces Holy Magic Shell cooldown. (-50% cooldown) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 143

Holy Symbol - Experience: Increases your EXP earned when using Holy Symbol. (20% additional Exp) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 168
Holy Symbol - Preparation: Increases resistance to status ailments and all elements from using Holy Symbol. (10%+ of both) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 189
Holy Symbol - Item Drop: Increases your drop rate when using Holy Symbol. (30% additional drop rate) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 149

Advanced Bless - Ferocity: Increases the effectiveness of Advanced Blessing's Weapon Attack and Magic Attack boost. (Increases by 20 on both) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 195
Advanced Bless - Boss Killer: Increases the damage againist bosses by a 10%. Unlocked when reaching Lv. 177
Advanced Bless - Extra Point: Increases the effectiveness of Advanced Blessing's Max HP and the Max MP boost. (+1000 HP/MP) Unlocked when reaching Lv. 155

Active Attacks/Buff Skills:

Heaven's Door: Knocks on the door to the heavens to punish enemies and bless your allies at the same time. Unlocks at Lv. 170
(MP Cost: 500, Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 1000%, Number of Attacks: 8, protects allies from one KO. Cooldown: 180 sec)
Epic Adventure: Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output and max damage. Unlocks at Lv. 200
(MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +500000. Cooldown: 120 sec. Applies to any Explorer class within the party)
Avenging Angel: Fuels your body with the fury of an avenging angel. Unlocks at Lv. 150
(MP Cost: 100, Magic ATT: 50, Monster DEF Ignored: 20%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Damage: +5000000, attack speed increased by 1.
Only works with Teleport and Angel Ray.)

Now, you will wonder, what to add while you level up? There will be some builds below:

Passive Stat Boost:

Hyper Int (this is obvious)
Hyper Critical (more critical = more red numbers = more damage)
Hyper Health (just in case you really think yours is still low)
Hyper Mana (more MP allows us to tank more hits)
Hyper DEF/Hyper Magic DEF (defenses are good for high leveled places, put one on both if you want).

Passive Skill Boost (Training):

Holy Magic Shield - Cooldown Cutter

Holy Symbol - Experience
Holy Symbol - Item Drop
Holy Symbol - Preparation

Advanced Bless - Ferocity

Pasive Skill Boost (Bossing):

Holy Symbol - Experience
Holy Symbol - Item Drop
Holy Symbol - Preparation

Advanced Bless - Boss Killer
Advanced Bless - Ferocity

The build that goes for training makes you use half of your SP for HS' hypers, one to train faster, the other to benefit from drops and the last one is to have a bit more resistance overall, Adv. Bless is to get much more damage while training and to boost your party member's damage nicely too, the cooldown cutter for Holy Magic Shield is also nice because you can cast it more often so you can defend yourself from a few hits (more often).

The bossing build is about the same build but we switch the HMS hyper for another Advanced Bless hyper which in this case is Boss Killer, this way you can buff you and your party member's boss damage to gain more damage while fighting bosses, aside from that, you benefit from their drops and you can endure their status ailments more often this way.

Active Attacks/Buff Skills:

This is easy, you get 3 SP for each skill, so it goes like this:

Avenging Angel: Fuels your body with the fury of an avenging angel.
[Unlocks at Lv. 150] (Put at 150)

Heaven's Door: Knocks on the door to the heavens to punish enemies and bless your allies at the same time.
[Unlocks at Lv. 170] (Put at 170)

Epic Adventure: Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output and max damage. Unlocks at Lv. 200
[Unlocks at Lv. 200] (Put at 200)

Where do I train?

This section is about training spots, right now, I can't quite point out the best training spots considering that every single thing about this topic got changed, please hang around for future updates since this section is now currently being tested.


Questions and Answers

Like the title says, this is the Q&A section, i will post frequently asked questions about us Bishops as well as some few about things involving us, some questions might not be logical or pretty good, but i see these frequently, so i will post "my answer" to these questions.

Q: Is a bishop worth funding?
A: Depends, a lot actually, the first big thing that Bishop lacks is Element Reset (which I/L and F/P Mage owns, aside from few other classes too), you will get your damage cut at hard bosses and even more cut at chaos bosses or so, which renders your fundings a bit useless in the end, however, there still are a lot of funded bishops out there that do a good amount of damage at bosses.

Q: Which of the 3 Mages is actually better?
A: F/P for bossing, no contest, I/L is in the middle, depends if you fund it or not and Bishop is for resistance and training.

Q: How many extra EXP does Holy Symbol gives?
A: If I am not wrong, Holy Symbol gives 1.5 extra EXP for you and your party members, if you add the hyper passive buff for HS, you will earn 1.7 EXP instead of 1.5 EXP, party members will still get the same amount of EXP no matter if yours is hypered or not. This buff stacks with 1.5/2x EXP coupons, 2x events and other kinds of EXP boosting items, it CANNOT stack with "Friends of Arby" (from Beast Tamer) skill's EXP buff.

Q: I don't like the new Angel Ray much
A: This is from your point of view, I myself find Angel Ray much better than it was before, you're able to boss now and the healing+attacking properties it gives makes you not waste any potion at all! I find the revamp for this skill good, if you know what you're doing, the AR will become like-able at some point.

Q: Does our hyper skill Heaven's Door resurrects dead party members?
A: It DOES NOT, however, it prevents party members from dying once, which is way better.

Q: Is *insert name of the skill* relevant at all?
A: The list of skills with "doubtful relevance" are:

  • Energy Bolt/Holy Arrow/Shining Ray: On their respective jobs, they're your main grinding skill, but on 4th job you get Genesis+Big Bang combo so every other training skill becomes neglible.
  • Holy Fountain: On 3rd Job it might be good for the go, but when you strike 4th Job and see how efficient the heal of Angel Ray is, you will feel this skill becomes useless from that point.
  • Teleport Mastery: This skill is useless from the start, the ONLY good thing it has is the teleport range increase, otherwise, it's useless.
  • Bahamut: It is sad to say that this summon had it's days of glory, but now that you got a lot of offensive skills that make you independant from any summon, then Bahamut's relevance on this job is none at all, you can still summon it, he deserves it.
Hero's Will: For a bishop, Hero's Will is not pretty relevant, it has a long cooldown and the ailments it dispells are actually also part of the ailments Dispell dispells, and Dispell has no cooldown at all (besides, it's much more reliable), thus making Hero's Will neglible as well.
  • Epic Adventure: If you're never going to fund a bishop then Epic Adventure is not entirely relevant, but if you are, then this skill is a complete godsend (on the point at which you stard to hit a high amount of damage and have a high range overall).

When being in a party

You might wonder what IS a party, it's basically a group/team of players, this team allows mutual support and constant activity overall, your job is to buff with your excellent boosting skills and back up the party with your healing and supporting abilities.

If you're training, attack with people, don't "hug the rope/ladder" like most lazy people do, you can also attack, the revamp was good enough to make you strong or at least decent. If you're bossing, soloing requires funding so you might forget about that for now, if someone else is actually bossing and you're just there for buffing, then be sure to keep the person's HP at full, cast Heaven's Door (when you get it) and Resurrection in case it dies and dispell it's status ailments, even if it doesn't seem like it, they probably thank it.


If you don't get to make friends on this game, you're going to get bored pretty quick, remember this is a Masive-Multiplayer Online RPG, so making friends is the main thing here if you want to keep "hyped" while training, befriend people, join a decent, active and helpful guild and have fun with your life on MS!


This guide is completely owned by me, I am the only one whose edits this guide and anyone that dares copy-pasting this guide somewhere else needs permission from me (which is a No because you don't have the rights to steal other's efforts).


I would like to thank:

Mr.Basil for allowing me to post in his site and for being such a nice person, i also thank him for creating BasilMarket and keeping it safe!
I thank the people who helped me and gave me ideas to improve this guide, I owe a lot to you all!

Thanks for reading!