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Comprehensive I/L Guide

Update: As of April 22, 2014, this guide will start to be updated again. Do note that it's a rather large work in process right now, and it will not be completely polished immediately.


Hello, and welcome to the Ice/Lightning Guide! I have been maining an Ice/Lightning Mage since 2008. In my time playing this game I have learned a lot about this class and how to optimize its usage, and I hope that I will be able to help you do the same.

What is an Ice/Lightning Magician?

Ice/Lightning is a branch of MapleStory's Magician Explorer class. As the name suggests, it utilizes Ice and Lightning elements. All of their attacks are focused on controlling mob sizes, and this is what the class has been known for. Ice/Lightning Mages aren't the strongest Magician class (and never have been), and they aren't the strongest in support either (and never have been), so their niche has almost always been around mob control. Unfortunately newer classes that are released (Luminous comes to mind) overshadow Ice/Lightning Mages in mobbing as well. RED redid a lot of skills to allow for higher damage and more party support. As a result, an Ice/Lightning Mage may not be the best class in anything in particular, but can do everything effectively.

Pros and Cons

  • Has a lot of AoE skills
  • Can ignore physical/elemental resists, allowing you to do full damage on bosses when other classes have their's halved
  • Can easily slow bosses
  • Has high critical rate and damage
  • Has some invincibility on demand
  • Has decent party support in the form of a bind, damage reduction and status resistance

  • A lot of our mobbing skills are slow and/or have a cooldown
  • A lot of training areas don't play to the mob control playstyle very well, in one way or another
  • We can't really take advantage of our own bind skill
  • Has low stance

To Do List

  • Update skill images to new RED versions
  • Add a few extra details to skills, to give insight on how the skill works and its utility
  • Update the skill builds
  • Update anything else that is currently in the guide that is outdated
  • Add a link skill and character card section
  • Add a training section
  • Add a bossing section (necessary?)
  • Possibly add an equipment section (not just on Elemental Wands/Staves)

Helpful Links

[url=]I/L Accomplishment Thread[/url]
[url=]Magician DPS Calculations[/url]
[url=[KMS][RED]%20Adventurer%20Magician]Ultimate Skill Tables[/url]

1st Job


Energy Bolt: Consume MP to fire a ball of energy that explodes upon contacting an enemy.
[Master Level 20]: -24 MP, deals 309% damage to four enemies. Delay: 840 ms
  • This skill is a projectile and is thus obstructed by walls and non-flat terrain.

Teleport: Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys.
[Master Level 5]: -20 MP, travels 140 pixels horizontally or 275 pixels vertically
  • This skill is integral to Magician gameplay as a whole. Make sure you know how to telecast (teleport while in the middle of a skill animation), and be flexible as to when to do so.

MP Boost: Permanently boosts Maximum MP, as well as increase it based on your level.
[Master Level 10]: Max MP: +20%, MP Per Level: +120
  • Leveling this skill earlier does not have an impact on the total MP boost you have, unlike "Improving Max MP Increase", a skill that was removed in Big Bang.

Magic Guard: Damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage.
[Master Level 15]: -13 MP, 85% damage is taken by MP instead of HP. Lasts for 600 seconds. Delay: 600ms.
  • This skill is unable to be dispelled.
  • This skill is mandatory for survival under several conditions.
  • Most maps have you spawn in spots where you won't get hit upon respawning there. If you disconnect in a map that isn't the case, or you aren't sure, mash the skill upon reconnecting to the game to avoid dying.

Magic Armour: Combine magic into your armour, increasing your Weapon Defense by a portion of your Magic Defense. Requires level 3 Magic Guard.
[Master Level 10]: Convert 15% Magic DEF to Weapon DEF
  • This skill is more useful in later levels when you have more INT and Magic DEF from equips.
  • Please don't ask me to correct the spelling name; I am Canadian.


101 Energy Bolt, 4 Teleport
111 Teleport (maxed), 2 Energy Bolt
12-163 Energy Bolt (18)
172 Energy Bolt (maxed), 1 Magic Guard
182 Magic Guard (3), 1 Magic Armour
19-213 Magic Armor (Maxed)
22-273 MP Boost (18)
282 MP Boost (maxed), 1 Magic Guard (4)
29-303 Magic Guard (maxed)

* Teleport is maxed first to improve Teleport Distance, and decrease MP cost.
* Magic Armour is maxed before Magic Guard because mobs really don't hit enough to warrant it at those levels.
* You are free to max MP Boost before Magic Armour if you think it will benefit you more.

2nd Job


Freezing Crush: Increases your maximum critical damage against enemies that are frozen.
[Master Level 1]: Maximum Critical Damage: +3% for each frozen effect
  • This is the I/L Specialized Skill.
  • This skill is automatically obtained upon taking the 2nd job advancement and thus does not require SP to max.
  • This skill replaces the old freezing effect, slowing monsters down instead of stopping them in their place. The slow effect intensifies as you stack more ice counters.
  • Ice counters last 8 seconds (usually also listed on Ice skill descriptions). Adding a new ice counter, or refreshing them if 5 are already present, resets the duration timer of all ice counters.

Cold Beam: Creates an ice fragment to attack and Freeze an enemy. Can deal great damage to fire attribute enemies.
[Master Level 20]: -12 MP, deals 199% damage three times on up to six enemies. Range: 300%. Delay: 1080 ms
  • This skill isn't very effective due to being slower and weaker than Thunder Bolt.
  • This skill does have nice vertical range if you choose to make use of it.

Thunder Bolt: Creates a powerful magnetic field that fires down lightning bolts on up to 6 enemies.
[Master Level 10]: -30 MP, deals 210% damage three times on up to six enemies. Range: 250%. Delay: 990 ms
  • This is the main training skill in 2nd job.
  • While Cold Beam has superior upward vertical range and slightly farther reach in front of you, this skill's ability to hit behind you allows it to have a better overall area of effect.

Chilling Step: When using teleport, have a chance to freeze the area you are about to move to, damaging and freezing enemies that move onto it, adding an additional frozen effect.
[Master Level 10]: 60% chance to activate. Lasts 6 seconds, deals 1% damage to enemies
  • I don't know why it's a 60% chance.
  • This skill can hit some monsters that are levitating but ones that are too high up from the ground will not be hit by this skill (Hilla is an example of a monster that is too high up to be hit by Chilling Step).
  • At some point while testing I was led to believe that this skill will trigger Damage Reflect if it is placed before the respective monster activates it. I am not sure if this is still the case.

Spell Mastery: Increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack.
[Master Level 10]: Magic Mastery: +50%, Magic ATT: +10
  • Magicians have a base mastery of 25%. This skill boosts that up to 75%.
  • All skills have and need a mastery skill in order to have stability.

High Wisdom: Permanently increase Intelligence through mental discipline.
[Master Level 5]: INT +40

MP Eater: Absorbs the enemy MP when attacking with Magic skills until the enemy's MP reaches 0.
[Master Level 10]: 20% chance to absorb 10% of an enemy's MP
  • When hitting multiple monsters, this skill will attempt to steal from each monster you hit until it successfully absorbs MP.
  • Effectively against 6 monsters it can be treated as a 73.79% chance to proc.

Meditation: Temporarily enhances the Magic Attack of all party members nearby through meditation. Requires Level 3 MP Eater.
[Master Level 20]: -16 MP, Magic Attack +30 for 200 seconds. Delay: 600 ms
  • This is the first party skill that we get.
  • This skill stacks with other skills that increase Magic Attack (ie Advanced Blessing).

Spell Booster: Increases the attack speed of your spells.
[Master Level 10]: -20 MP, Attack Speed -2 for 200 seconds. Delay: 1500 ms
  • This skill is important for boost damage, as attacking more = more damage.
  • See the Formulas and AP section if you are interested in seeing exactly how Spell Booster impacts your casting speed.


301 Freezing Crush (automatic), 1 Cold Beam, 1 Thunderbolt, 2 Spell Mastery
31-323 Spell Mastery (8)
332 Spell Mastery (maxed), 1 Spell Booster
34-363 Spell Booster (maxed)
37-393 Thunder Bolt (maxed)
403 High wisdom
412 High Wisdom (maxed), 1 MP Eater
422 MP Eater (3), 1 Meditation
43-483 Meditation (19)
491 Meditation (maxed), 2 Cold Beam (3)
50-543 Teleport (18)
551 Cold Beam (19), 2 MP Eater (5)
563 MP Eater (8)
572 MP Eater (maxed), 1 Chilling Step
58-603 Chilling Step (maxed)

* The first point in Cold Beam is optional.
* Spell Mastery is maxed before Thunderbolt for damage stability.
* Spell Booster is simply maxed right away due to high delay. You can leave it at a lower level if you feel that's enough time, and finish maxing it after you max Meditation.
* High Wisdom is maxed before Meditation as it has a lower master level, is passive, and INT also provides Magic Defense.
* You can also choose to max Cold Beam over MP Eater; it is just preferrable to max MP Eater as it is passive while you will likely stop using Cold Beam entirely after taking the 3rd job advancement.
* Chilling Step is maxed last as we are generally incapable of taking advantage of Freezing Crush at 2nd job, and the slow effect may hinder training speed.

3rd Job


Ice Strike: Creates an Ice explosion near you that attacks nearby enemies.
[Master Level 20]: -90 MP, deals 335% damage four times on up to eight enemies. 250% range. Delay: 1290 ms
  • Monsters knocked back by this skill always move in the direction you're facing.
  • This is the primary training skill for 3rd job due to AoE and actual ability to spam it.

Glacier Chain: Send forth a frozen chain, pulling in enemies and freezing them before you.
[Master Level 20]: -65 MP, deals 383% damage three times on up to twelve enemies. Range: 495%. Delay: 1050 ms
  • This is a pulling skill.
  • This skill has a small "cooldown" after casting and therefore cannot be spammed.
  • This skill overall does more damage than Ice Strike, if you are hitting more than 8 monsters (needs to hit at least 10 monsters if Ice Strike is maxed and this is only level 14). When in that case you might find it desirable to alternate between casting this and Ice Strike.

Teleport Mastery: When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also, permanently increases teleport distance.
[Master Level 10]: Teleport range +20, deals 340% damage on up to six enemies with an 80% stun rate. Stun lasts for 4 seconds. Range: 120%
  • This is a toggle skill.
  • Telecasting up with this skill active provides you with some extra dps.

Element Amplification: Increases the MP cost and the Magic Attack of your magic skills.
[Master Level 10]: MP usage 150%, damage increases 150%
  • This is a big boost to your damage. Don't worry about MP costs; you have more than enough.

Arcane Overdrive: Permanently increase your critical hit rate and minimum critical damage.
[Master Level 10]: +30% chance to deal a critical hit. Minimum of +25% damage when dealing a critical hit
  • Without outside sources of critical rate, this skill is mandatory to give a purpose to our specialized skill.

Storm Magic: Has a chance to instantly kill monsters with low HP and increases damage when you attack enemies under stun, freeze, darkness, or paralysis effects.
[Master Level 10]: 15% chance to instantly kill a monster when HP is below 30%. 20% damage increase when a monster is affected by freeze, paralysis, stun, or darkness
  • This damage boost is not shown in your range.

Shatter: When attacking frozen enemies, have a chance to ignore a portion of their defenses.
[Master Level 10]: For every frozen effect, +20% chance to ignore 5% defense
  • I'm not entirely sure if it's 20% chance to ignore 25% defense when there are 5 ice counters on a monster, or if each counter has its own individual chance of proccing. Either way the average defense ignored is 5%.

Thunderstorm: Summon a thunderstorm. Deals more damage when attacking fewer enemies. Enemies that stray too far away from the storm will be unaffected by it.
[Master Level 10]: -40 MP, does 430% damage to one enemy; does 30% less damage for each additional enemy hit down to 310% on 5, 30 second cooldown. Delay: 2760 ms
  • This is a summon and thus is not affected by damage multipliers that are not shown in your range.
  • This skill moves at a slower pace than you, and disappears if you move too far away (just under a screen length/width when playing in 1024x768).
  • This skill is somewhat difficult to optimize usage of when not training in a place that allows you to stay in the same spot for extended periods of time (I may make a video to display some possible applications of this skill).

Elemental Decrease: Temporarily eliminates elemental properties of spells.
[Master Level 10]: -50 MP, 100% reduction of elemental attributes. Lasts 300 seconds. Delay: 1500ms
  • This skill is mandatory for a lot of training and bossing purposes.
  • Most classes have their damage halved on several bosses as they resist everything, including physical damage. This skill allows you to bypass that completely, making us effective bossers in context.

Elemental Adapting: Create a barrier of ice and lightning that will protect you from fatal status effects for a short period of time, as well as permanently increasing your resistances.
[Master Level 20]: -190 MP, immune to statuses for 30 seconds, 240 second cooldown. Passively increases status and elemental resistance by 20%
  • This is really important for bossing in later levels, for dealing with annoyances like stun and seduce.


601 Ice Strike, 1 Glacier Chain, 1 Teleport Mastery, 1 Arcane Overdrive
611 Element Amplification, 2 Ice Strike (3)
62-643 Ice Strike (12)
652 Ice Strike (14), 1 Element Amplification (2)
66-673 Element Amplification (8)
682 Element Amplification (maxed), 1 Arcane Overdrive (2)
69-703 Arcane Overdrive (8)
712 Arcane Overdrive (maxed), 1 Storm Magic
72-743 Storm Magic (maxed)
75-773 Elemental Decrease (9)
781 Elemental Decrease (maxed), 2 Glacier Chain (3)
79-833 Glacier Chain (18)
842 Glacier Chain (maxed), 1 Teleport Mastery (2)
85-863 Teleport Mastery (8)
872 Teleport Mastery (maxed), 1 Thunderstorm
88-903 Thunderstorm (maxed)
91-933 Shatter (9)
941 Shatter (maxed), 2 Elemental Adapting
95-1003 Elemental Adapting (maxed)

* Ice Strike is the skill left unmaxed as it's overall usage is less than Glacier Chain's in 4th job. You can max it instead, leaving Glacier Chain at 14.
* Elemental Decrease seems like it might be maxed too early, but Monster Park Extreme does have monsters that resist ice, namely the Ludibrium and Korean Folk Town maps if I'm not mistaken. You can leave this for later if you choose not to train at Monster Park Extreme, or simply choose not to use the maps that contain ice-resisting monsters.
* Thunderstorm is left for later as you might be hard pressed to find a use for it at this point.
* Shatter and Elemental Adapting are left for last as most monsters around this level aren't going to have that much MDR, or cause too many problems with way of status.

4th Job


Chain Lightning: Attacks target with high-voltage lightning attack, stunning the enemy. Chain Lightning has additional critical hit rate, and can chain attack nearby targets.
[Master Level 30]: -44 MP, deals 273% damage 6 times on up to five enemies. 90% chance to stun for 4 seconds, critical chance +25%. Delay: 780 ms
  • This is our primary attack/bossing skill in 4th job.
  • This skill used to be able to hit 6 monsters, but went down to 3 in Big Bang and up to 5 in Ascension. Why it's still only 5 is beyond me.

Frozen Orb: Summon a frozen orb that shatters into several shards of ice, skewering enemies in its path. The orb travels slowly and strikes enemies.
[Master Level 30]: -50 MP, creates an orb for 4000 ms, dealing 220% damage on up to 8 enemies at a 210 ms interval. 5 second cooldown. Range: 260%. Delay: 1530 ms
  • This is the primary, and sometimes only, effective way to stack ice counters on most monsters, as most other skills only generate one at a time.
  • This skill is useful for mobbing in 4th job, as Ice Strike is sometimes too slow and Chain Lightning doesn't hit enough monsters to cut it.
  • This skill is only beneficial to your dps if it as least level 23 and you have as many hyper skills invested in this skill as you do for Chain Lightning (or more). Otherwise it is detrimental (can post calculations if requested) and should only be used once every 13 seconds or so to maintain ice counters.

Blizzard: Summons spears of ice from the sky, showering multiple enemies with a nasty blizzard freezing them in place. While Blizzard is on cooldown, there is a chance to strike a single enemy for extra damage.
[Master Level 30]: -300 MP, deals 900% damage four times on up to fifteen monsters. 45 second cooldown. While on cooldown, 60% chance to deal 220% damage to one monsters. Range: 400%. Delay: 1710 ms
  • You can use this to clear out large mobs if you need/want to.
  • The Final Attack effect does not create ice counters (last I checked).
  • This skill's Final Attack effect seems to proc weirdly. It procs often on skills like Frozen Orb and summons but seldom on Chain Lightning itself.
  • The Final Attack effect does trigger Damage Reflect.

Freezing Breath: Freeze the enemy and yourself with a powerful breath, rending them immobile while decreasing their defenses.
[Master Level 30]: -22 MP, binds up to eight enemies for up to 25 seconds, while decreasing magic defense by 15% and physical defense by 30%. You are invincible during this skill. Range: 530%. 120 second cooldown
  • This is a keydown skill.
  • This skill's cooldown does not begin until you end the skill.
  • The bind part of this skill has no real use to you in solo.
  • Try to make use of the invincibility whenever you feel a need to.
  • From what I can tell the skill's invincibility doesn't start until the dragon is out. Might have just been server lag, I will test more later.
  • Cooldown increases as you level this skill, which decreases the invincibility's utility.

Frost Clutch: Improves Freezing Effect's effectiveness.
[Master Level 1]: Maximum Critical Damage: +5% for each frozen effect
  • This is a buff to our specialized skill, and is thus gained automatically upon advancing to 4th job.

Buff Mastery: Permanently increases Magic ATT and the duration of all buffs applicable to self.
[Master Level 10]: Magic Attack: +30, Buff Duration: +50%
  • This skill is great for convenience factor, but you might find yourself thinking other classes have really short buff durations if you play this class for long enough.

Arcane Aim: When attacking, a portion of enemy Defense is ignored. When continuously attacking, all damage will increase.
[Master Level 30]: All skills now passively ignore an extra 20% MDR. When attacking a monster there is a 50% chance to increase damage by 8%, this can stack up to five times.
  • This is a big damage boost that should not be underestimated.
  • The damage buff from this skill does not last very long, which encourages constant attacking.

Infinity: Enables one to use skills without spending mana, and power stance effect will trigger on hit with a set probability. Continues to recover HP and MP and increases the damage of all attack magic.
[Master Level 30]: -80 MP, 10% HP and MP recovery every 4 seconds, +10% damage increase every 4 seconds; e.g. 10% for the first 4 seconds, 20% the second increment of 4 seconds, etc until a final +100% damage at the last 4 seconds. 50% chance to resist being knocked-back. Lasts for 40 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. Delay: 600ms
  • This skill is unable to be dispelled.
  • Buff Mastery changes all the durations, ie it lasts 60 seconds and the damage increment is every 6 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
  • This overall damage increase is approximately 18.3%, with Buff Mastery factored in. This is factoring the 2 minutes that you spend with the skill off.
  • This skill is currently bugged and stops incrementing damage after 60%. Even then the overall damage boost is 15% (need to check if this is still true).
  • When fighting a boss that knows damage reflect, make sure you time this skill so that they don't activate it at the end of this skill's duration.

Elquines: Summons Elquines for a set amount of time. Elquines can attack multiple enemies at once and upon learning the Elquines skill, your mastery over magic will increase.
[Master Level 30]: -120 MP, deals 380% damage at an interval of 3030 ms, lasts 160 seconds. Passively increases mastery by 70%, to a total of 95%
  • This is a summon and thus is not affected by damage multipliers that are not shown in your range.
  • This summon does not go away unless you run the duration or die.
  • Elquines' attacks do not generate ice counters.

Maple Warrior: Temporarily increases base AP of the party by a set percentage.
[Master Level 30]: -70 MP, base AP +15% for 900 seconds. Delay: 1500ms
  • This skill does not factor in STR/DEX/INT/LUK gained from equips.
  • Effectively this skill is more effect in later levels.
  • When in a party, make sure to not cast this skill if your's is a lower level than another party member's.

Hero's Will: Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.
[Master Level 5]: -30 MP, releases you from abnormal state, 360 second cooldown
  • This should be a last defense sort of skill, since Elemental Adapting can cover you for the most part.


1001 Frost Clutch (automatically gained), 1 Chain Lightning, 1 Frozen Orb, 1 Freezing Breath, 1 Elquines
101-1033 Buff Mastery (maxed)
1041 Buff Mastery (maxed), 2 Chain Lightning (3)
105-1133 Chain Lightning (maxed)
114-1233 Arcane Aim (maxed)
124-1323 Frozen Orb (28)
1332 Frozen Orb (maxed), 1 Infinity
134-1423 Infinity (28)
1432 Infinity (maxed), 1 Elquines (2)
144-1523 Elquines (29)
1531 Elquines (maxed), 2 Maple Warrior
154-1623 Maple Warrior (29)
1631 Maple Warrior (maxed), 2 Blizzard
164-1723 Blizzard (29)
1731 Blizzard (maxed), 2 Hero's Will
1743 Hero's Will (maxed)
175-2003 unused (78)

* While mastery books are available at all times, you might find yourself unable to afford one. In that case, you can choose to save the SP for when you can get it, or simply move onto the next skill.
* This is both a training build and a bossing build in that the skills are maxed by order of how much they improve damage (with exception of Frozen Orb which is maxed early for the sake of mobbing without having to kill your damage).
* Buff Mastery is maxed before Chain Lightning because the range boost it provides is more than that of leveling Chain Lightning up given that your total M. ATT does not exceed 300 by a large amount.
* Elquines is maxed relatively late by general standards of high mastery skills due to not providing as high of a damage increase overall. Remember that most other classes get things like attack, crit rate, crit damage, defense ignore, and/or damage increase along with their mastery skill, which for us is integrated into other skills instead. Elquines itself is rather underwhelming.
* Blizzard is maxed later on because the proc rate is generally less than what it says it is.
* You can move a single point of Hero's Will to wherever is convenient for facing relevent bosses with it, like Horntail.
* Freezing Breath is left at level 1 if you are mainly soloing to allow you to use the invincibility effect more often. Max it if you party boss often to take advantage of the longer duration and stronger defense debuff (you will be maxing it last).

Hyper Skills

There are three types: stat enhancing passives [S], skill enhancing passives [P], and attack/buff actives [A]. As you level up, you will unlock new skills and gain type-specific SP. All skills require only 1 SP to max.

Hyper Defense: Passively increases weapon defense. Required level: 165.
[S]: Weapon Defense +500.

Hyper Magic Defense: Passively increases magic defense. Required level: 174.
[S]: Magic Defense +500.

Hyper Speed: Passively increases speed. Required level: 152.
[S]: Speed +10.

Hyper Jump: Passively increases jump. Required level: 146.
[S]: Jump +10.

Hyper Accuracy: Passively increases accuracy. Required level: 158.
[S]: Accuracy +20%.

Hyper Critical: Passively increases critical chance. Required level: 198.
[S]: Critical chance +10%.

Hyper Dexterity: Passively increases DEX. Required level: 140.
[S]: DEX +50.

Hyper Intelligence: Passively increases INT. Required level: 140.
[S]: INT +50.

Hyper Luck: Passively increases LUK. Required level: 140.
[S]: LUK +50.

Hyper Strength: Passively increases STR. Required level: 140.
[S]: STR +50.

Hyper Health: Passively increases maximum HP by a certain percentage. Required level: 192.
[S]: Maximum HP + 15%.

Hyper Mana: Passively increases maximum MP by a certain percentage. Required level: 186.
[S]: Maximum MP +15%.

Hyper Fury: Passively increases maximum DF by a certain percentage. Required level: 180.
[S]: Maximum DF +50.

Teleport Mastery - Reinforce: Passively increases damage dealt by Teleport Mastery. Required level: 183.
[P]: Teleport Mastery deals an extra 20% damage.

Teleport Mastery - Spread: Passively increases the number of monsters hit by Teleport Mastery. Required level: 162.
[P]: Teleport Mastery can hit an extra 2 targets.

Teleport Mastery - Range: Passively increases the teleport distance. Required level: 143.
[P]: Teleport range + 100.

Chain Lightning - Reinforce: Passively increases damage dealt by Chain Lightning. Required level: 168.
[P]: Chain Lightning deals an extra 20% damage.

Chain Lightning - Spread: Passively increases the number of monsters hit by Chain Lightning. Required level: 189.
[P]: Chain Lightning can hit an extra 2 targets.

Chain Lightning - Extra Strike: Passively increases the number of hits done by Chain Lightning. Required level: 149.
[P]: Chain Lightning hits 1 extra time.

Glacier Chain - Spread: Passively increases the number of monsters hit by Glacier Chain. Required level: 195.
[P]: Glacier Chain can hit an extra 2 targets.

Glacier Chain - Extra Strike: Passively increases the number of hits done by Glacier Chain. Required level: 177.
[P]: Glacier Chain hits 1 extra time.

Glacier Chain - Cooldown Cutter: Passively decreases the cooldown on Glacier Chain. Required level: 155.
[P]: Glacier Chain's cooldown is reduced by 100%.

Absolute Zero Aura: An aura of ice surrounds you, absorbing damage as well as giving elemental and status resistance. Also gives stance to you and your party members. Can be turned on and off by pressing the skill key. Required level: 150.
[A]: -100 MP, Party stance increased by 20%, elemental resistance, damage aborption, and status resistance are also increased by 20%.

Lightning Orb: A ball of electrical current continuously hits up to 15 enemies in front of you. After the duration is over, finish damage will be dealt. Keydown skill. Lasts for 8 seconds. 90 seconds cooldown. Damage cap: 9,999,999. Delay: 960ms. Required level: 170.
[A]: -30 MP, deals 700% damage continuously to up to 15 monsters, hits 1000% finishing damage.

Epic Adventure: Temporarily increases party damage as well as the damage cap. Lasts for 60 seconds. 120 seconds cooldown. Only affects Adventurers. Required level: 200.
[A]: -100 MP, damage increased by 10%, damage cap increased by 50,000.

Hyper Skill Build

As mentioned before, each type of skill gets its own version of SP. You will not get Hyper SP at every level, and when you do get SP, you won't necessarily earn each type of SP. If you find yourself unhappy with your build, you can reset it for a fee.

Level[S] Skill[P] Skill[A] Skill
140+1 Hyper IntelligenceN/AN/A
150+1 Hyper LuckN/A+1 Absolute Zero Aura
155N/A+1 Glacier Chain - Cooldown CutterN/A
160N/A+1 Chain Lightning - Extra StrikeN/A
170N/AN/A+1 Lightning Orb
180N/A+1 Glacier Chain - Extra StrikeN/A
186+1 Hyper ManaN/AN/A
190N/A+1 Chain Lightning - ReinforceN/A
192+1 Hyper HealthN/AN/A
198+1 Hyper CriticalN/AN/A
200+1 Hyper Defense+1 Teleport Mastery - Range+1 Epic Adventure

* Hyper Defense can be swapped for a number of skills like Hyper Jump or Hyper Speed.
* Teleport Mastery - Range can also be swapped in exchange for Chain Lightning - Spread.


Formulas and AP

"What stats should I add my AP into?"

Strength [STR]: Do not add into this stat. It does absolutely nothing for you. The only exception would be if you're purposely sacrificing your damage range for a unique build.

Dexterity [DEX]: See: Strength

Intelligence [INT]: This is your main attribute. When you level, add as much AP as you can to this stat. Just remember not to forget about your secondary attribute.

Luck [LUK]: This is your secondary attribute. Do not add into this stat unless you are absolutely desperate to wear an Elemental Staff, and even then I recommend capping at 23. With a new patch in KMST, every item has been changed to having no secondary stat requirements. With no word on whether or not we will get an AP reset yet, it's better to play it safe.

"How is my range calculated?"

Maximum Range: (4*INT+LUK)*(M.ATT/100)
Minimum Range: (.25+Mastery bonuses)*(4*INT+LUK)*(M.ATT/100)

"How is my attacking speed calculated?"

In MapleStory, your speed is assigned a base number (as in without any sort of casting penalties or bonuses) of 6. For I/L Mages, since weapon speed plays no part in our skill delays, our skill delays will always be at 6 when we don't have any sort of speed booster active. Delays at Normal (6) are listed for multiple skills in the guide. But what about when we have things like Spell Booster active? To begin, let's assign a variable to those delays we know of at Normal (6), let's call it B. Furthermore, your attack speed, let's call it S. You attack speed can be found by adding the sum of your speed bonuses to 6 (for most classes, 6 would be replaced by the speed of your weapon, but this isn't the case for I/Ls). It may not be lower than 2. We'll call the speed bonuses N. So basically, the formula for attack speed (not your delay after counting attack speed in) is as follows:

S = 6 + N; S ≥ 2

How do you know what your speed bonuses are? Simple, you just need to know what will affect your speed and what stacks.
Things that will affect speed bonuses are as follows:

Spell Booster: -2
Decent Speed Infusion [dSI]: -1
Speed Infusion [SI]: -2

Spell Booster's speed bonus will stack with dSI or SI. So say you have Spell Booster and SI on, instead of N being equal to -2, it will be equal to -4. Moving onto the actual formula for attack speed, once we calculate our delay, we have to round up to the number to the nearest multiple of 30. The formula for delay is as follows:


For an example, we'll calculate the delay of Chain Lightning with Booster and dSI active.
We know that:

B = 780
N = (-2 + -1) = -3
S = (6 + N) = 3

So by plugging B and S (not intended) into the formula, we get an answer of 633.75, but we still need to round up to the nearest multiple of 30, making the delay 660ms.

Elemental Weapons

"How do Elemental Weapons work? Which ones should I use?"

As an I/L, you want to aim for Wands/Staves 3, 4, 7, or 8 depending on your level and needs.

  • Elemental Wands/Staves do not affect the damage of Summons.
  • Elemental Wands/Staves do not affect the damage of Neutral spells; such as Magic Claw and Energy Bolt.
  • Elemental Wands/Staves do not affect the damage of Dark spells; such as Dark Fog and Killing Wing.
  • Elemental Wands/Staves do not affect the damage over time effect of spells; such as Poison Brace's poisoning effect.
  • Elemental Wands/Staves do affect the damage of spells when Elemental Decrease is active.

Elemental Wands 1-4 (Required Level: 70, Required Luck: 0, Slow [7] speed)
Elemental Wand 1: +10% Fire, +5% Poison, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Wand 2: +10% Poison, +5% Fire, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Wand 3: +10% Ice, +5% Lightning, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.
Elemental Wand 4: +10% Lightning, +5% Ice, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.

Elemental Staves 1-4 (Required Level: 103, Required Luck: 105, Fast [4] speed)
Elemental Staff 1: +10% Fire, +5% Poison, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Staff 2: +10% Poison, +5% Fire, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Staff 3: +10% Ice, +5% Lightning, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.
Elemental Staff 4: +10% Lightning, +5% Ice, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.

Elemental Wands 5-8 (Required Level: 130, Required Luck: 0, Slow [7] speed)
Elemental Wand 5: +10% Fire, +5% Poison, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Wand 6: +10% Poison, +5% Fire, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Wand 7: +10% Ice, +5% Lightning, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.
Elemental Wand 8: +10% Lightning, +5% Ice, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.

Elemental Staves 5-8 (Required Level: 163, Required Luck: 165, Fast [4] speed)
Elemental Staff 5: +10% Fire, +5% Poison, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Staff 6: +10% Poison, +5% Fire, -25% Holy, Ice, and Lightning based damage.
Elemental Staff 7: +10% Ice, +5% Lightning, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.
Elemental Staff 8: +10% Lightning, +5% Ice, -25% Holy, Fire, and Poison based damage.

Link Skills

"What link skills are best to use?"

You can place up to 12 different link skills onto a character. All link skills are good in their own right, but some are better than others. I am listing them by order of usefulness.

Mihile: 90/110/130 seconds of 100% stance, 180 second cooldown
  • The stance is really helpful and almost a must at some points.
  • If you can get your Mihile to level 120, and a Mechanic to level 100 for its character card, this skill will outlast its cooldown allowing you to always have 100% stance

Kanna/Demon Avenger: +5/10/15% damage
  • Free damage is nice.

Demon Slayer: +10/15/20% boss damage
  • Bosses are generally where you usually want extra damage, and this is a nice boost.

Luminous: +10/15/20% ignore def
  • Also good for bosses.

Xenon: +5/10% all stat
  • It's essentially a free 10 levels of Maple Warrior per link skill level.

Phantom: +10/15/20% critical rate
  • We can really take advantage of this.

Beast Tamer: +4/7/10% boss damage and critical rate, +3/4/5% hp/mp
  • This link skill has a lot of good things to bring, and a really good idea.
  • What makes this link skill good is the fact that it's all thrown together, but bear in mind it's about half as strong in any one particular aspect than another link skill that's specialized in that aspect (ie it gives only 7% boss damage at level 2, while Demon Slayer grants 15%).

Cygnus Knights: +2/5/7/10/12/15% status resist
  • More status resist is nice.
  • You can stack the link skills of mutiple characters' link skills.

Mercedes: can go to Elluel with an 1800 second cooldown, +10/15/20% bonus exp
  • Free exp is nice. The transport does come in handy too if you aren't buying Hyper Teleport Rocks.

Zero: reduce damage by 3/6/9/12/15%, and +2/4/6/8/10% ignore def
  • I wouldn't force this on you if you don't need it but it does come in handy. Lower damage is less potions used and more survivability; more defense ignore nets you more damage.

Cannoneer: +5/10/15% HP/MP, 15/25/35 all stat
  • This helps with survivability. Extra INT, while not much, is nice too.

Angelic Buster: +30/45/60% damage for 10 seconds, 90 second cooldown
  • This pairs with Lightning Orb nicely.
  • You can also use it towards the end of Infinity to try and show off larger numbers.

Kaiser: +10/15/20% HP
  • Also for survivability, though doesn't provide any extra damage.
  • The fact that it doesn't give MP like the Cannoneer and Beast Tamer link skills means it's not much of a priority.

Hayato: +10 all stat, +5 magic attack
  • It's not that great but if you have an extra slot it could help.
  • This link skill only goes up to level 1

Jett: randomly increases to all stat and magic attack
  • This is hard to place due to randomness. Can get as high as 30 magic attack.
  • You need to spend nx to keep a certain stat boost, and only up to a year. Otherwise you need to play this class regularly to go for good boosts.
  • Without trying to go for anything it's only +3 magic attack and all stat


"Are there any familiars I should take advantage of?"

Some familiars are really helpful to you as an I/L. Here are some examples of useful familiars:

MP regen:
Jr Boogie and similar
These are great for saving MP potions while grinding. Jr. Boogie is mentionally specifically due to how early it is available and its high drop rate. I personally use a Blue Kentaurus when I choose to use one just to match the blue theme of the I/L class.

HP/MP regen:
Mr. Alli, Mutant Snail
Similar to the above but these also heal HP, so you don't really need to watch that either.

Drop Rate:]
Big Spider, Mutant Ribbon Pig, Wolf Underling
These are great for trying to get the most of your bossing runs. They can be pretty pricy.

You can read more on Famliars here.

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